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Happyx Banned by Crafty

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Hi Crafty

I play my mage on main, learned alchemy and enchant,  im not botting at all. i didnt sold any gold and have no mind to do it.and I would to participate in the activities of the union of 25 other people have 10 people copy, copy of playing team I'll give my teammates free agent, of course I will buy a lot of herbs to do drug mixture, so that will inevitably have some gold trading, trading I don't know where is wrong, but I think this is a game of normal trade, doesn't mean I buy and sell gold, hope you can as soon as possible to unlock my account that I can keep up with the team progress, thank you very much!

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Crafty    37


I had checked your account once again and there's no doubt. Your account was banned for goldselling.

Here is one of many reasons why:
Mote of Shadow x10 for 1050 gold

Appeal declined.

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