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Pally / shammy looking for guild

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berdrek    0



I am returning to the server after only having played a month after release. I have time to actually raid now and looking to play with an organized raid team. I am looking to play my paladin my MS is Holy and OS is ret, but can tank if necessary. I raided and cleared all content in 25 and 10 man including 10 and 25 man H during live, can link my live character armory if needed. thank you and looking forward to raiding ICC again 🙂

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nimeralos    51

You may want to specify the raiding times you'd prefer, and how hardcore your "organized" should be. Assuming EU evenings and not-too-hardcore-but-competent, I'd suggest <Omniscient>, they had 6/7 ICC 25 when there were 7 bosses, perhaps more now. But it's a bit of a blind guess, look in global and ask people for more details about the options available.

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