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<Washed Up> [NA] 10/10 T5 Server First Recruiting

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Ken    1


Current Progression: 10/10 T5 Progression


We are here to have a good time and down content. We don't need the serious name, serious post, and serious application. We will recruit and we will thin our ranks based on performance, not words. 

Every player including the core community is not guaranteed a raid spot. Raid spots are determined in the following order ---
Class need > Ability > Attitude > Reliability > Seniority . 
We don't want cry babies, loot whores, flakes, excuse mongers, or unskilled non-gemmed, non-flasked, handout taking raiders. We aren't in a position where we need to deal with entitled players that cannot play well with others, so we simply do not tolerate it. Overall guild atmosphere is chill, but take raiding serious as to not be wasting time of our other members wanting to progress. This guild is meant to build an environment that you would want to be a part of in the long-term and across game platforms.

Information & Mission:
We are a group of North American players that have been playing private servers together for a number of years. We are home to players that have been with us throughout multiple projects, including some retail expansions. Guild leadership is headed by players that have had experience leading high caliber raiding guilds on both the retail and private server scene. We have a stable track record of providing our community with the means to continue fulfilling their WoW goals, and we enjoy playing many versions of the game together. Our community is one that is meant to be dynamic and iterative, fostering an ideal that members should feel like they are part of a guild they lent a hand to help build rather than simply joining. We always strive to create a community where higher caliber players feel like they can excel in and progress towards their individual goals.The leadership style involves organized and thorough management with a drive to develop a raiding environment that will accomplish our goals while enjoying our time together. We don't care if you haven't played wotlk since retail. There will be videos/forum posts teaching boss fights and class gearing/spec. Don't be ashamed if you don't know fights/spec. But we expect you to have a clear understanding before raids and knowledge of your role. We also expect you to have a relatively high game and raid IQ, this just means that we expect you to have some basic ability in WoW that you're able to transfer over regardless of actually knowing specific WOTLK fight mechanics. This game/guild is meant to be fun, but it is not fun to wipe, and if you don't perform you will be benched until we help you figure it out. Raids will be organized but not facist. We will not be elitist, but expect you to read elitist jerks.

Recent Private Server Accolades:
Warmane Outland TBC : Alliance First Guild/NA First Guild
Sunwell Angrathar WOTLK: Alliance First Guild/NA First Guild
Sunwell Nightbane TBC: Server First Guild (Vashj First, Kael First, 8/10 Server First T5)

Raid Start Times:
PROGRESSION: Thurs/Fri/Sun 9:00 pm EST - 12:30 am EST (2:00 am - 5:30 am SERVER TIME)
3.5 hours from start time will be expected, using another half hour for progression pushes. Invites are usually sent out 30 minutes before start time, this time is used to clear trash so we promptly pull our first encounter by raid start time


Loot system:
Loot Council. Loot will come, you will get geared, we don't need to waste time doing DKP or acting like children. Loot disbursement will be tracked and posted in a loot document for everyone to see as to keep transparency and fairness. Gearing the raid's need will always outweigh greed. Main tanks get priority on needed tier pieces. Attendance, willingness to help, general attitude etc. will have minor weight factors if there is competing gear. But attendance, reliability, drive to better your character and performance dictates your queue for an item. 

Class needs:
We are currently recruiting any high caliber player and the following classes/specs for T5 Farm Content to prepare for Hyjal. We urge all exceptional players to apply, as we have open spots in our upcoming 2nd 25 man group:

druid.jpg.131f1c838cca375ec7d71a7822cb927b.jpgFeral Bear
hunter.JPG.56d6dfac3c31263f3d60145f00cfa37c.JPG OPEN
mage.JPG.9365ab83bb2b74d7ec7f06149c3a7ce7.JPG HIGH
paladin.JPG.92ef000e7e4099cf5209a7ae659c8bca.JPG HIGH
priest.JPG.4f77f50467fbf95f1ecda47e80ce19f6.JPG HIGH (Shadow) (Holy) (Disc)
shaman.JPG.65f036d68e8cc0f27a0900d2135e101c.JPG Open (Resto, Enh)
lock.JPG.f0ebc3f422850287d1d18bef9118c8e4.JPG HIGH
warrior.JPG.4f727fa817ef1d7694914f480fcdf1be.JPGHIGH (Fury)

We are also now opening recruitment to any undergeared player as social

If you are applying to the Hyjal progression core team, you will have to deal with competition for your raid spots. Plenty of time to prove that you're worthy of our progression team. You are required to be on-time, correct spec, consumed and knowledgeable of fights. Infractions could result in replacement of your raid spot. We don't need your full life-story or some bull**** lie to get in, hit up an officer in game and we'll hand interview, no one does guild applications anymore. 


Once you've filled out the form, navigate to our Discord by following the link below and post in our "Applications" text channel or contact an officer. You may also contact Ken, Drkael, Bigshake, Tetz or Futureboy in game on Nightbane for inquiries about joining.




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