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Rogue Assa LF Guild

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Slayerx    0

Hi, Im looking for pve guild focused on progress icc 10/25. I'm rogue assa 5k gs, on previous sunwell; icc 10/25 hc 11/12 (all but lk on heroic), togc10/25 insa. I'm going to make alt Priest Shadow as i played on previous realm. Only one thing is that i live in USA, so i cant join any europe guild because time zone. Free time every evening in the week and all weekend. Hit me here or in game Slayerx.

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nimeralos    51

There're just a few NA guilds, I think it's way easier to ask global for their names (I know RankWatch) than to advertise here.

I think there might also be a EU weekend raiding guild or two, and <Bam Olda> used to be a one-day raiding guild, but I think they have a different name now.

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