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Alliance PvP-focused Guild/BG Group

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Laff    0

This post is a combination of guild recruitment and just looking for people outside the guild to PvP with, especially since BGs are so dominated by horde. Being able to group up will make the honor grind easier and faster. Also good to have a community of strong PvPers for more arena comps. So if you’re one of the few people on the alliance side who’s more interested in PvP, you’re in the right post. 

<But idk tho> is the guild, currently only a small collection of friends who have PvP’d together in WoW for a long time. Two of us, myself included, are former rank 1 legend titled players from TBC, WOTLK, and Cata.

Ideally you’ve at least hit gladiator in previous arena seasons, but not necessarily a requirement. You know if you’re good or bad at PvP lol, so if it interests you we might be the guild or group of people for you. We plan on raiding more casually as well because PvE gear is very good in arenas. 

And finally, if you want to stay in your current guild but are interested in grouping with good PvPers, feel free to hit me up as well.

My in-game character name is Laff.


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Laff    0
6 hours ago, qwuozer said:

Hi Laff,,


it is an EU Guild?

Asking because of the Timezones :)

Hey Qwuozer, we’re mainly US. Having said that, our hours tend to be all over the place so don’t think you’d have much issue time-Wise with us.

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