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Help Rotation SP

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Dissei    0

Hi, im new in this class and actually i don't know if im doing good rotation or not.

My rotation is this

Start boss: Vampiric Touch > Shadow Word > Devouring plage > Mind Blast > Mind Fly

With DoTs: Vampiric Touch > Devouring plage > Mind Blast > Mind Fly until need renovate Vampiric and Plage.


In most dungeons Im the last DPS (tank usually win me xD) doing about 2k in boss with 3.1 gs.

So my question is.... SP is bad in this patch? or just im bad? xD


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KimmoKM    22

Here's the Elitistjerks guide for Shadow from Archive.org, including the opening sequence. The idea behind those opening sequences is to get full stacks of Shadow Weaving before casting SW:P that is then refreshed (with that damage bonus) with Mind Flay.

However, this is from raiding context in which bosses don't drop in half a minute or less so the value of this sort of theorycrafting knowledge is questionable (and, of course, you might have full stacks from trash to begin with). Not having checked (or played shadow priest for a while), my intuition has it that devouring plague ticks higher than SW:P so it probably should take priority over SW:P. Moreover, I believe your DoTs would have to be able to tick thrice (for devouring plague, twice, due to its initial damage component) for them to be worth reapplying: trying to play "by the book" like that might not be the best on such short fights and damage done on 5-man ""bosses"" often comes down to getting one extra ability in before the boss dies (if it wasn't for SW: Death doing the same thing but better, you'd be hitting them with Devouring Plague just to get that one extra bit of instant damage, just like demo/affliction locks might cast Shadowflame as their sole source of instant damage even though it hits for fifth of Soul Fire or execute phase Drain Soul tick). As for trash, this is WotLK so you press the AoE button. Mind Sear is definitely the way to go with three targets.

I didn't give exact answers for the rotation (since I don't remember the numbers exactly) but I hope it's something to think about. Your objective is not to execute the rotation that would be optimal in 5min simulation but to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the boss before it dies and ignore all but the very small handful of relevant mechanics and caution (say, letting the tank properly grab the boss, those few seconds during the pull might be 20% of the potential DPS time) because this is WotLK. 

As for your other question, unfortunately shadow priests are very much focused on DoTs, don't have noteworthy DPS cooldowns and have mediocre AoE so you get shafted on 5-mans. Odds are you aren't doing everything possible to get high on meters, but on the other hand, you shouldn't be able to beat a demo lock popping meta+immolation aura or arcane mage being able to dump their entire mana poolduring the short duration of the fight, and on trash losing to prot pally is business as usual. Then again, given that some bosses and trash packs may be soloed by some specs even at gear level currently available, performance in 5-mans ultimately isn't of much interest. In raids shadow is somewhere in the lower middle of the pack in pre-raid gear (and getting better over time with gear, although never becoming a class to stack). It's decent enough (and one of either shadow priests or moonkins is "required" for the +3% spellhit debuff):  you don't need to worry about having picked a worthless class and raid leaders won't be kicking themselves for having a shadow priest in the raid, but if there's time to min/max the raid composition on a boss, don't expect there to be more than one shadow priest spot.

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darkmiao    0

I think maybe better that you do the shadow word: pain after you get the 5-stacks' shadow weaving so that the shadow word: pain can get the 10% dmg boost for the whole time.

Shadow priest is one of the best classes in this patch, have some faith in shadow priest.¬¬ 

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Iamthedoll    3

Shadow priest do not have a rotation. It has priorities. 

Prio list is like(up to late t9-t10):

Shadowfiend>VT>devo>swp (5 stacks of weaving)>MB each cd>MF.

Or opener when you know there will be lustism at start (plus you have proccing trinkets):

MF>MF2>VT (so it benefits from haste and 5 stacks)>devo>swp>1 MB> spam MF until dots fall off

Standard opener:


Swd used when needed to move or when it is not worth casting MF or MF2, use MB every CD, refresh dots as soon as they wear off (refreshing when there is a 1 sec of dot on the target is major dps loss), do not clip MF unless you have to reapply VT when trinkets proc. Shadowpriest is all about good timing and proper use of all the procc's. Maybe not as hard as enh, but mastering spriest is a piece of cake and it is really rewarding.

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bongo_bg    44
On ‎13‎.‎02‎.‎2018‎ г. at 4:17 PM, darkmiao said:

Shadow priest is one of the best classes in this patch, have some faith in shadow priest.¬¬ 

"Patch" is the correct word - that would be 3.3.5. The content now though is way back in the days where items were tuned to whole different setups. Yes, in ICC you're beast. In Naxx you struggle with the ele shammies and the tanks for the last spots in Recount. As ARP classes need ARP to be useful, you need haste - pre-TOC you don't get enough haste to be the beast within. Your BiS weapon for example has mp5 stat on it and half of your other items chase your hit-cap. Sad story... :/ (not to mention the mana issues and with this buffed bosses - even sadder story). Yes, that's the case with most of the classes. But you just can't compare with DKs, hunters and rogues for example at this stage.

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