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Few questions about future stuff.

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Vorczu    0

Hello there, i want to ask about few things.   (FIRST TL;DR)
- First is about implementing web armory for TBC realm.
- Second, TBC ADDON Center like WOTLK.
- And last but not least, the Dev forum I mentioned earlier in this post.
- Sunwell launcher for wow servers.

What you think about this and there is any plans for this in near future?

For armory i mean graphic style armory like blizzard one one, of course without 3d models, i know it's hard to implement in front/back end but imho there is many people who want to look on others build and eq's and its also great thing for you to have your own web armory.
For ADDONS Center, ye i know there is many many other sides when you can find ADDONS, but really? :)
I want to play on Sunwell and use all what Sunwell have to offer, also help in ADDONS finding, besides its better to find everything in one place. 
(i'm not a lazy person x.x)
About Devs forum i write in post so i will don't spam same text in this post.
And yea! Sunwell launcher for wow servers, i want to do one for my guild but then i realized it's a good idea for you to do that launcher where you can post any news and changelog like in Bnet :)  you have experienced devs so...

i'm waiting for your reply what you think about this stuff :)
Have a nice day!

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