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Anillusion    1


8 hours ago, MrCulé said:

Hi @Sushi! Join our Discord and find this player: 


That's me! Yep. I am starting early on recruiting to get a hold of all the dedicated and interested people early. For anyone that reads this and is interested in joining, shoot me a pm on the forums or go ahead and join this non-expiring discord link and tag @minehem or @crankles. We both will be leading the guild, and raiding. Talks between us are leaning towards him leading the weekday core group if interest comes close enough.
Don't feel like you can't join if you don't live in the NA or don't have a ton of free time to raid. Remember, our guild is a COMMUNITY, not a grind machine!

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Psychobilly    3

In the latest Angrathar update video, it was stated that several members were experiencing anywhere from 90-150ms coming from NA. I am located in eastern timezone and can say I have experienced an average ping of around 130ms.

I hope this helps!

Here is the video, skip to the 3:00 minute mark for ping information


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Hondo    0


I'm an American player, and I'm playing Horde on Angrathar. I'm 28 years old, and very polite/easy to get along with. I started playing WoW right as WoTLK was released, so I'm having a BLAST getting to experience this glorious expansion all over again.

I have experience raiding Naxx, Ulduar, TOC and ICC (almost all of WoTLK content), and I've also done most 40 man raids from vanilla like ZG, Onyxia, AQ20/40 and old Naxx. PvP/Arena is one of the main reasons I play, but I also really enjoy raiding and running dungeons, or farming/grinding mobs for whatever(drops,rep,etc).

My problem is that I have few friends that are into Warcraft. I have only two friends in real life that like playing World of Warcraft with me, but it would be cool to meet more [mature] players that cherish the friendships developed in-game, prefer playing with others regularly (instead of alone), and are open minded to making new friends or allowing new faces into their circles.

So, if you are also looking for other American bros to game with and you are not an asshole, then let's chill doods!! <3

Lvl 47 Blood Elf Paladin

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