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Call to Arms model (in 70-79)

CTA model preference   

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  1. 1. What Call to Arms model do you favor the most?

    • Current - Call to Arms lasts 4 days with different battleground every WEEK (i.e 4 days of Arathi basin but only once per 1.5month, WSG for the remaining 3 days)
    • [Rotations] - Call to Arms is EVERY DAY with different battleground every DAY. Battlegrounds rotate so every week there is a different BG on Monday etc.
    • [Random] - Random Battleground option like in the 80 bracket. Different battleground on every pop.

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  • Poll closed on 11/21/2018 at 08:00 PM

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Soslammed    13

I am one of the guild leaders in the 79 twink community, which has significantly grown over the last few months. We play battlegrounds every day & and make the bracket very active. Recently I've taken part in some discussions regarding the way CTA works right now and it seems a lot of us agree about what could be improved to make the battleground experience more interesting.

1. CTA right now and what it means in practice
The current system has a different CTA battleground every weekend, starting with Friday and ending Monday.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, there is no CTA.

In Wrath of the Lich, we have 6 different battlegrounds available.
With the system as it works now, for each battleground of the 6, we get to play it 4 days per ~45 days (8%)
On no CTA days, people queue WSG - that means we get to play WSG at least (it pops on non-WSG CTA too sometimes) 6x3 + 4 = 22 days per ~45 days. (48%).

What above means is that we spend at least half of our time in the battlegrounds playing Warsong Gulch and only get to play battlegrounds like Arathi Basin or Eye of the Storm very, very rarely, even though a lot of people like them the most.

2. Suggestions
I have 2 suggestions that in my opinion (and the people I talked to from both alliance and horde) would prove more interesting to the community of pvpers. Please read the descriptions and participate in the poll enclosed with this thread. I will be posting that link on the guild discords as well to get as many opinions as possible and - if any of the ideas gains support, I will post a request to implement it in the Suggestions section of the forum.

The purpose both ideas carry is to let us play all battlegrounds more or less in the same proportions - that means every week we get to play 1 of the 6 battleground types at least once. 

a) Rotations
In this model, the CTA is every day but the battleground changes too. To illustrate it with an example, this is what it could look like for the next 2 weeks:
Monday - Warsong Gulch (1)
Tuesday - Arathi Basin (2)
Wednesday - Eye of the Storm (3)
Thursday - Alterac Valley (4)
Friday - Strand of the Ancients (5)
Saturday - Isle of Conquest (6)
Sunday  - Warsong Gulch (1)

Monday - Arathi Basin (2)
Tuesday - Eye of the Storm (3)
And so on...

The advantages:
- we get to play ALL battlegrounds every week rather than wait 1.5 month for the opportunity to play our favorite type
- if one doesn't play on certain days of the week, he won't be locked from playing battleground X because of how they translocate by 1 every week
- if you favor AB/EOTS/WSG over other bgs, you always get to play them for entire day every week

b) Random Battleground
This is a system known from 80 pvp. Every day a player can queue a Random Battleground and may get a different one every time.

The advatages:
- we get to play ALL battlegrounds every week (day) rather than wait 1.5 month for the opportunity to play our favorite type
- if you don't like to queue the same BG for an entire day, you now get to play all BG types every day

Please voice your opinions and take part in the poll. I know a lot of people are tired of playing Warsong Gulch so much while only seeing Alterac Valley or Arathi Basin from time to time.

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Zlobiva    1

Greetings to all huntards and hi to all other twink pvp players! I pers. really like the general idea of alternating BGs every day. Could be def. refreshing change.

Cya fellow allies , Hordies be so kind and send my regards to the spirit healer. :P No harsh feeling :D he is a really nice guy.


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