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[Report - Ninjalooting] Holyloly

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Aevi    0

Topic content: Holyloly soulbinding an item he didn't win.

Your name - Avedis
Reported player's name - Holyloly
Date - 8/11/2018
Rule that was broken - Not following loot rules
Description - I won roll for Flowing Vestments of Ascent in Toc25. 2nd roller, Holyloly, gets the item. (Screenshot 1)

RL (Docbg) tells him to trade me the item. (Screenshot 2)

But Holyloly puts a gem in it and makes it soulbound and acts as if it's a mistake. (Screenshot 3)
Evidence -





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Asureuz    107

Opinion #1:

Player Holyloly should be punished. He saw that didn't win the roll, additionaly adding gems by "mistake" isn't enough explanation.

In the case when item is deal out in wrong way, the person who will recive that item must to give it back to Raid Leader, and then Master Looter could dispence the item in correct way. Otherwise that person will be regarded as a ninjalooter.


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