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Madcom Mute Appeal (Muted by Adrestia)

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stillfly    0


Character Name: Madcom

Punishment Reason: Toxic behaviour + Thunderfury link

Game Master: Adrestia

Summary: I was muted for 2 justified reasons and was considering sitting out my entire mute because it was quite refreshing not being able to emote and flame in bg chat/world/raid. However i have come to notice how much WoW gameplay suffers by not being able to communicate with others. This includes joining and creating pug raids, selling items to other players and making positive tactical advice.

Furthermore realising how much my gameplay is affected by the lack of communication i can see that my negative communication with others affects their gameplay and enjoyment of the game. I  do not apologise for linking Thunderfury because i think that is a stupid rule, However i will no longer break the Sunwell code of conduct if anything as an act of self preservation but also an attempt to not spoil people's enjoyment of the game.  





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Adrestia    20


Thanks for the appeal, looking through your history this is the second time I have muted you for linking Thunderfury. 

I will not reduce any future mutes.

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