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[Report-Ninjalooting] Mlynasek

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Jaggie    0

Your name - Logicxx
Reported player's name - Mlynasek
Date - 6.11.18
Rule that was broken - Ninja Loot
Description - Normal ToC25 raid with MS>OS>Diss, with Death Choice reserved leaded by Mlynasek. On Jaraxxus the 2-Hander "Dual Blade Butcher" dropped and was rolled for. Happily rolling for it even tho i just rolled a 16, knowing that no one in this raid is needing this 2 Hander, until the Frost DK " Timakrisz " decides to switch his " MS " from Frost Dualwhield to Blood and rolling on that item. Even after people spoke up for me telling him he is Dualwielding Frost and cant just change MS whenever his desired items drops, the Raidlead still gave it to him.
Evidence - Screenshots         https://imgur.com/a/tTczTtW





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Asureuz    107

Opinion #1:

Raid leader should be punished. Player Timakrisz is in frost spec and I don't see any informations about different roll rules of this player. Raid leader should be banned for 7 days, then added to our ninjalist, additionaly https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=47285 should be deleted.

The default loot rules are Main Spec > Offspec > Disenchant.

The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports.


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