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34. Mysthic

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Earlinde    1

Your name: Katona

Reported player`s name: Mysthic

Date: 21.10.2018

Rule that was broken: I don`t know

Dear Game Master,
I experienced an unpleasant situation, namely I was on the Ulduar 25 raid, after killing leviathan I asked for a roll for engineering, no one answered, then loot was changed to Group Loot and in the same second someone took the loot. When i asked again if the roll on engi will be, a friend of raid leader replied that no one cares about engi. I don`t know how to act to avoid similar situations in the future. I`m asking You for advice and possible justice.
Greetings Katona


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Tide    102

Opinion #1


I agree with you .. its ninja looting and player should be punished


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