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srsbsns banned by adrestiah

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senfglas    0

Good Evening,


me and my 3 Friends got banned 1 hour ago. We all 4 got banned at the same time. We 4 play at my house right now (LANParty).

My Char: Srsbsns

Friends Chars: Xoco, Geraix, Karthaz

I was farming frost cloth in grizzly hills. My friends were in the barrens. Suddenly we all got a disconnect and were all banned permanently.

The Reason is bot, but we are 400% human, for sure .

Can this be checked again please? We would like to continue our party please.



//edit 1 -> Why was not written to us? We would have written that we are not bots. We cant accept this ban for all our 4 accs.


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Adrestia    2

Hello there,

Unfortunately I will not be lifting your ban. All of these accounts were 400% bots. I watched one of them (Karthaz) follow the same exact path, with jumps at the exact same timing each time for 5 minutes. The other accounts were also confirmed bots.

Appeal rejected. 

edit: I will reduce the ban time on all of your accounts to 7 days each. Know that I will be checking up on you in the future.

Edited by Adrestia
Ban reduction
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