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secret    1

Hi all,

I made this screenshot when i was part of the guild Royal Bloodline.
Vessler ( guild leader) is making a toc25 semi guild run with some puggers from global.
In the screenshot you can see what he is planning to do with the loot.
I know Sunwell cant ban him but i just post this to show everyone what a f*cktard he is.

Pls let this topic open so ppl can post in it !¡!









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Vessler    5

Because the guild is using DKP system, simple as that, first of all, I do keep all the loot til the very end to prevent puggs from leaving, 2nd, loot that a guildie wins, I am keeping aside in my bag and we're later bidding on it/using our DKP after the final boss when pugs leave the group, but your brain doesnt have 2 cells to process that so don't blame that on me :)

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hijako    10

As long as you tell the puggers BEFORE the raid begins, that the loot will be distributed at the end, I guess there's no issue.

Still, kind of a scummy way to do it...

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