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Battlegrounds: levelers vs twinks. Issues and suggestions

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Artar    2

Hello, as a new player on this server i like many aspects of it, and being a passionate pvp player i embraced the exp granted by BG, especially from level 70 and beyond. One thing i noticed though, and that is detrimental to new players and especially levelers, is the extended number of lvl 79 twink in BGs, often organized in guild premades, which often polarize the competition. This can result very frustrating for new players who may want to join BGs for exp/fun and will instead find full geared 79 chars premades as opponents. This may even cause the dropping out from the server, because levels from 70-79 are the most difficult (1x exp) and BGs are a way to get much exp. If BGs stop to be an option, everything gets much harder. These opinions are shared by many fellow players inside my guild and even outside of it. 

To solve this issue, it could be implemented the same mechanism which was adopted on retail before level scaling, which is a separated queue for twinks, based on average ilvl, for every bracket inferior to 80 (10-19 to 70-79). This will have the quality to attract many new twinks on this amazing server, who will be recognized to dedicate them more game space, but without affecting levelers. It could be initially introduced with a test period and then possibly made permanent. 

I hope these suggestions may help the server improve its friendliness to new players and thus increase its greateness

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Vaxsysl    8

The suggestion, while valid, would be impractical due to the fact that the quantity of players who queue is not high to begin with and this would induce a further strain.  Simpler solution would be better,  say, if losing a BG rewards more experience than it does now so that even if you repeatedly lose (reasons being irrelevant) you know that you will still get something out of it as in that you won't feel like your time has been wasted. Twinks who like to dominate and need to feed their ego have fun, twinks who enjoy a good "war" have fun and levelers feel that the time went along good enough, won or lost.

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