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Engineering on mage pve ?

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SoloTop    1


i`m mage arcane i already have jc 450/450 

Engineering 211

i know better jc with mining but now thinking to remove  Engineering and start over worth ?

JC with mining or tailoring or enchanting ?


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Ulthar    1

If you want to max your dps, forget about mining - it gives no damage amplifying bonuses.

You should choose then between engi and tailo. Tailoring gives decent amount of spellpower on procc, enchanting gives stable 46 sp, and engi gives spellpower enchant for cloak, pure crit ench for.your boots+ rocket speed and last, but not least, hyperspeed enchant for gloves. Also adds utility like mailbox or Jeeves - really fun profession. If you already started engineering, imo - go for it. When it comes to dps,only tailoring can compete with engineering.


I can't give you exact numbers of gains from every profession, I am on mobile phone now.

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