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[Guide] ToC (T9) BiS combat rogue list

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Haunterik    13

BiS list for combat rogue for T9 (Trial of the Crusader) season


Head: Garona's Helmet of Triumph 

Neck:  Charge of the Eredar


Shoulders:  Garona's Pauldrons of Triumph 


Back:  Sylvanas' Cunning (Bis even in ICC)


Chest:  Vest of Calamitous Fate


Bracers:  Bracers of Swift Death


Hands:   Garona's Gauntlets of Triumph 


Belt:  Belt of the Merciless Killer


Legs: Garona's Legplates of Triumph 


Boots:  Icewalker Treads


Ring 1: Ring of Callous Aggression


Ring 2:  Planestalker Signet


Trinkets: Mjolnir Runestone +  Death's Verdict 


Weapons: Hellscream Slicer +  Blood Fury


Ranged weapon:  Death's Head Crossbow


If you have any suggestions feel free to write it there, or you can share your own bis list :)


















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