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Feral tank agro way too low?

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darklord88    0

Hey!I think feral druid agro is so low!Ff dont generate agro and aoe tanking threath is very bad.Tried tank in dps gear and still cant get aoe agro with swipe then what can do druid tanks with tank gear?!Any1 experied this problem?

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Dranith    0

I'm currently leveling as a bear tank, and this is my first character, so I'm always broke and in crappy gear with no heirlooms.

The only times I really have threat issues are when hotshot dps in full heirlooms and boe purples don't give me a chance to get aggro.

When people are going full bore and the mobs haven't even reached me yet, that's not my fault if I lose aggro.

I can't speak for if threat is bad later, but at 65 it seems pretty fair to me.

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