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[Report] Antbank

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Soslammed    13

Your name: Soslammed

-Reported player's name - AntBank

Date -01-09-2018
Rule that was broken - 11
I would like to report Antbank for repeatedly giving up battlegrounds and inciting others to do the same, which is a violation of rule nr #11 that forbids losing on purpose. Enclosing screenshot of a chat in WSG game that has lasted less than 5 minutes. Earlier that day he also queued SOTA, where he gave up and encouraged others to let the opponents win without struggle.

Evidence image.thumb.png.c2e580ad663d58f8eb1ce0fa76c9a8b2.png

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Nadiir    110

Thank you.

If it continues please make an ingame ticket and we can investigate while he is doing it. 

I don't think this warrants a 7d ban. But if it continues we will take action. Thanks.

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