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Revathar (Banned by MrCule)

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[b]Character Name: Revathar[b]
[b]Punishment Reason: Writing in Polish in General Chat[/b]
[b]Game Master: MrCule[/b]
[b]Summary: Me and my friends made a custom channel for ourselves and by accident I've typed wrong number for the chat and my message ended up on global chat instead of our custom one, I'm sorry that it happened and will certainly pay more attention to where I write my message, and I know that's against the rules but the message was clearly not meant for global chat and 7days for such a mistake seems a bit rough, please consider shortening it.[/b]
Edited by ᚱᛖᚹᚨᚦᚨᚱ᛬ᛒᛚᛟᛞᚢᚲᛊ

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MrCulé    146

I cannot reduce this ban. Polish players very often "make" mistakes. Please pay attention next time on which channel you type in Polish. 

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