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Envyme(flashback) ninja in eoe25

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Elajtenzors    0

Your name - Bigdykdeeps
Reported player's name - Envyme
Date - 2018-06-11
Rule that was broken - Ninja

I did EOE25 man yesterday and won the roll for Frosted adroit handguards as seen in the pictures i will link to you. After their rogue friend dyinxx (which is an alt of a guy in the same guild as envyme called dyinx) lost the roll they tried to convince me that it's a rogue item etc. I clearly won the roll untill the resto druid(tyrandaa) from out of nowhere(also in the guild) randomly rolls higher and is now apparently feral. This roll obviously happened after their failed attempts to convince me that its a rogue item. I was kinda tired so i didnt even think about the option that they would ninja so i hope this proof is enough,i took a bunch of screenshots afterwards. This happened yesterday at around 12 am as can be seen in the pictures. I wanted more proof so i waited untill today and on the armory page you can clearly see that the rogue is using the hands today. His resto druid friend gave it to him.

I have two different imgur links with photos. Not the best order but you can clearly see what happens. Hope its enough!

Edit: Also forgot to write that i asked the druid to equip the hands but instead he ignored me as you can see in one of the pictures.

Evidence -



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Tide    101

Hello not enough evidence

please use this format

My best regards 

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