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Ban on ALL chats

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Loghain    0


Locorum has reported player Pulapka speaking Polisch on BG chat. And i have ban too on all chats for 7 days?! Are u insane? this was Polish server before and anyone can "forget" for a while to not speak in our languag. Never before have mute or something. I know on global chat or BG chat ban but seriously i can even tell my friends in guild nothing the same party or whisper.

1. Im not reported player

2. 7 days is too long 

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Ysolte    6

Hello Loghain.

Angrathar is international server with main English language since release. 

Rules are equal for everyone. 

We were warning polish community so many times, now we're using shock therapy. Its useful by the way. 7days is enough to teach you, how to use appeal template. 

Cheers, GM Ysolte. 

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