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Fury Warrior Raiding Guide for WotLK + Best in Slot lists T07-T10

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WoW WotLK Warrior Class Guide - Fury
Two two-handed mean meat mincer.

Greetings dear reader! Few years past I have started writing Warrior Class Guide Compendium for Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and here you'll read the Fury part, though its a bit different than in the original document. Like all of my guides, the emphasis lies on the word detailed. If you're looking for a pocket guide that will tell you in short order what to take without any explanations of why, then either stop reading right now or be smart about it and look at the most important bits - bolds and colour.
(Being all three spec guides in PvE and PvP alike, the complete length of the entire document is over 120 word pages long...so yeah, no way I will post all of it under one topic!)

True teaching lies not in telling what to do, but in periodically asking questions and giving examples until the student comes to the real conclusions themselves. It “etches” differently in our memory and it becomes our instinct, and more. I cannot be there for you so I have given reasons and provided examples, which that is the very reason why this guide is “long”. If you do something without in-depth awareness it's all for naught if you truly want to become serious.

Before we begin, I’d like to emphasis that this is a guide. The way of doing things I will present to you is not the only way. If you have found this guide helpful and/or think I should change or add explanations on something, do contact me! All feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated! Now let’s begin, we all know warriors slash & smash and don't read.

Note: Due to wrong version save, BiS gearsets are not complete.


Table of Contents
*Use [keyword] to quickly navigiate to wanted section.

[F0] Basic Fury Warrior information 
[F1] Fury talent spec For 80 PvE raiding
[F2] How to DPS
[F3] Your place in the raid group
[F4] WotLK Warrior Macros
[F5] Addons
[F6] Race, Professions & Gearing
[F7] Best in Slot Gearsets (incomplete)



Basic Fury Warrior Information
[F0] (and some general class stuff as well)

This is actually important. To say it short, you’re plate mdps that has AoE ability inside a rotation; you can interrupt spell casts, maneuver fast around the encounter area; and you can act as an “emergency tank” (as I like to call it, ET). Fury belongs to specs that heavily rely on their gear in order to give out an efficient performance. Being a warrior you use a lot of macros, even as Fury; and if you're walking around without a shield in your bags I'll  bitch slap you like Shiva!

To be more detailed:

  • By the word "plate" I mean to say that you can take some punishment unlike cloth that gets one shotted (but even you cannot survive a single "slap" on hardmode/HM without CDs). Additionally, you can reduce healing strain by using Shield Wall (65% damage reduction total); Shield Block and Enraged Regeneration help too.
  • By having AoE ability inside your rotation, I meant to say that you should watch out when you must not break CC or when your allies are mind controlled. No one likes seeing warriors’ Whirlwind crit on them and no one likes it when someone wipes the raid doing something as stupid as that. It's an instant lootban or worse.
  • You can interrupt casts with Pummel or Shield Bash, so never go below 10 rage on encounters where your interrupt is important! 
  • Utilize your Intercept, Intervene and possibly Heroic Fury to maneuver fast around the encounter and lose as little dps time as possible. Additionally, Intervene reduces target's total threat by 10% from all mobs in the battle (and intervenes one physical attack done against them), so keep that note somewhere in the back of your mind, it can be useful on encounters such as Sindragosa.
  • Emergency Tanking aka "ET"-ing is when the tank either dies or you are able to take over the tanking role for a short period of time. This behavior will be covered under its own section. It's worth saying that it's nothing that expected of you to do, merely that your class is capable of doing.

What is Rage? How does it work?
Rage is warrior’s ability resource. Rage is generated by doing damage with auto attacks, getting damaged from any source, or by using rage-generating abilities or talents. Additionally, Rage is an unlimited resource – meaning that warriors don’t get “exhausted”, not needing (mana) breaks. Warriors stop when they DIE! However, reckless ability usage & stance dancing leads to rage starvation, a point when you can’t do anything until some generation occurs. You avoid doing that by thinking in advance. Worst-case scenario(s) you can find yourself in is not having rage, having no rage-generating abilities available and are unable to attack. You. Do. Nothing.

Excluding normal melee weapon attacks – and getting damaged – there are several talents and abilities helping us with rage. Bloodrage and Charge are your only two default rage-generating abilities. You can increase your rage gain from physical sources for a small amount by using Berserker Rage, but that cooldown is ideally saved to prevent fears and other effects from affecting you. That being said, special notice goes to two offensive abilities – Heroic Strike and Cleave. They change your main hand auto attack into special attack, preventing rage generation from auto-attack source (fury has offhand weapon to generate rage with). It’s why they’re called rage dumps.

Lastly, there’s stance dancing to be mentioned (changing your stance to use special abilities and losing extra rage). This term is mostly for PvP, but even in PvE, a badly timed stance dance can lead to bad results (e.g. Fury Warrior going to Rend and losing rage generated by auto attacks, that’s bad!). Warriors keep 10-25 rage per changing stances depending on Tactical Mastery talent (passive Stance Mastery is learned on level 20). Unless the situation you find yourself is “now or never”, you aim to dump any excess rage before swapping. Goal is to avoid finding yourself rage-starved – or rage capped. There’s nothing wrong in having 100/100 rage, but any rage you “lost” over the cap or to stance swap should have ideally been going into HS/Cleave or any other viable ability usage; whereas having small amount of rage can leave you handicapped for the moment. Learn when it’s ideal to change stance for different ability usages and pay close attention to your weapon swing timer (via addon, I'm using Quartz myself).

There is an equation which determines just how much rage you are generating when you hit or are hit, but I won't be bothering you with it and simply state that the harder you hit and the harder you are hit, the more rage is generated. If you want to know just how much you generate, go hit a target (not a dummy) and take note.


Fury Talent Spec For 80 PvE Raiding


This Commanding Presence build (click me!) is the one that I recommend everyone to use when you're the only Fury Warrior in the raid. If you're second, then I suggest you this  (click me!) Improved Demoralizing Shout build. The difference is in taking Commanding Presence for highest HP/AP buff and taking Improved Demoralizing Shout to help tanks survive. In general, these two builds are the best come-and-go builds, however, neither spec is set in stone, as you can take on different approach depending on your need. Here I will mention only one and that's Improved Rend. I tried Rending and it didn't work out for me. If you want to try Rending or are convinced that Rending is a great way to increase your damage output, then by all means ignore my Deflection 4/5 and take two points off for Improved Rend 2/2.
NOTE: I am covering the first build with Commanding Presence.

Armored To The Teeth 3/3
Booming Voice 2/2*
Cruelty 5/5

Throughout the whole game, the armor will reward you AP value close to your own Battle Shout. Booming Voice is best picked to reduce the frequency of shouting (read: reduce your rage loss). Cruelty needs no explanations.

Improved Demoralizing Shout 0/5*
Unbridled Wrath 0/5*

Priority is to have Commanding Presence. If your raid group picks two Fury Warriors, the second warrior should talent into Improved Demoralizing Shout. Reason is very simple: it is almost like giving tanks 60 more stamina against physical damage. Unbridled Wrath doesn’t REALLY increase your dps because your strong offhand swings and raid damage should really be enough. It’s way more beneficial for your raid group to talent Commanding Presence instead. More on it later.

Improved Cleave 3/3*
Piercing Howl 0/1*
Blood Craze 0/3
Commanding Presence 5/5*

Improved Cleave is as optional talent as it is mandatory. It’s not increasing your single target dps, but most encounters have a few adds or bosses have multiple targets to themselves, making Improved Cleave the best choice in all tiers – but not strictly mandatory; it's simply the best you can get overall. Piercing Howl is a useful utility if the raid doesn’t have a hunter or someone else to slow down the adds. More info on it later.

Dual Wield Specialization 5/5
Improved Execute 0/2
Enrage 0/5*

You want your offhand to strike stronger to both increase your rage gain via increased offhand attack damage and to increase Whirlwinds’ damage. Improved Execute has nothing you want; the reduced rage cost doesn’t mean anything for Fury. Enrage is generally not used – it won’t proc off environmental damage, so its worthless (more info later) – and while you are hit from time to time by adds, getting this talent is often not advisable overall (you lose Precision and Commanding Presence).
*Note: Your offhand on default deals 50% of weapon damage. Let’s say that your offhand auto attack swing deals 1000 damage. 25% of 1000 equal 250, totaling 1250 damage on offhand.
*Note: Enrage might be bugged on your server and grant its buff through environmental damages (here we need clarification).

Precision 3/3*
Death Wish 1/1
Improved Intercept 0/2
If you have the hitcap from gear alone, you can remove points from Precision for other talents. Although do remember that auto attacks while dual wielding require 27% total hit rating not to ever miss, so this is still a very good talent even if you find yourself hit capped for special attacks. Death Wish is warriors’ dps cooldown. Improved Intercept is not needed in PvE, but it can be useful.

Improved Berserker Rage 0/2*
Flurry 5/5

Flurry is a constant 25% attack speed increase with full raid setup. Rage from Zerk rage is only useful while doing dungeons, taking other talents for raiding is a better call. It’s worth noting however that you can cap your rage pre-pull, but Bloodrage and white attack swing from both weapons should give you plentiful to start; the gain of other talents is more valuable all things considered.

Intensify Rage 3/3
Bloodthirst 1/1
Improved Whirlwind 2/2

I will say the following because I saw many warriors do it and it’s horrible to look at – Do not take points from Intensify Rage to get other talents! Death Wish must remain on 2min CD!

Furious Attacks 0/2*
Improved Berserker Stance 5/5

20% more Strength is a LOT and you also gain increased threat reduction. If there is no one with healing reduction available, taking Furious Attacks could solve the problem. However, it’s nothing reliable as sometimes it’s hard keeping it up – taking this talent is the guild’s last resort, and most would prefer you to go Arms anyway (Hunters and Rogues can give it naturally).

Heroic Fury 0/1*
Rampage 1/1*
Bloodsurge 3/3

Heroic Fury is a handy CD to have in many raid encounters for a number of reasons (how & when to take it will be explained at the end). Bloodsurge adds Slam to the table, so don’t skip points from this one.

Unending Fury 5/5
Titan’s Grip 1/1

Do /flex while having your both two-handers up and make all rogues and DKs jelly. Well, not really because they get increased dps from other sources and mechanics & will often out-dps you until T10 BiS, but they can only dream of having it and imagine big numbers with it. -10% damage penalty from Titan’s Grip becomes -4% with your final talent points in Arms. Unending Fury talent increases the damage of most of your dps abilities by 10%, so keep it full.


All following points go to Arms tree.

Improved Heroic Strike 3/3
Deflection 4/5*
Improved Rend 0/2*

Heroic Strike is warriors’ primary spam ability for excess rage (single target naturally). Three rage per every attack combined with the glyph means a lot. And here we’re at a second crossroad. If you plan on using Rend, then by all means, talent it. 

Improved Charge 0/2
Iron Will 0/3

Tactical Mastery 3/3
Once tanks engage the boss, you’re in combat – you can’t use Charge at all. Iron Will? It doesn’t help with raid-wide stuns, if any happen to be present. You want Tactical Mastery to resume dpsing smoothly after some stance dancing for cooldown use or after you’ve done with ETing, or applying Rend.

Impale 2/2
Anger Management 0/1
Deep Wounds 3/3
Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 3/3

Impale affects special attacks only. Deep Wounds proc off any critical attack you land with melee weapons (including Heroic and Shattering Throw). Deep Wounds is part of the reason why fury warriors are crit loving beings, with crit damage increase as every other dps class gets it. Two-Handed Weapon Specialization reduces the penalty of having two two-handers to -4% as mentioned, down from -10%. All other talents are not increasing your dps. Anger Management could help, it is 30 rage per minute, but other talents are better to be had (this talent kind of equals Unbridled Wrath 5/5, for just one talent point).

Possible alterations to the tree:

To recap: Both presented builds are "best" for raiding in general, pug or guild. You are advised to roll around with Commanding Presence (+600 HP on everyone is no joke; it's two stamina gems!) and only go with Improved Demoralizing Shout when you're in a guild with another Fury Warrior. And for the third and last time, if you plan on using Rend, talent it.
Now, how to free your talent points (from guild member's perspective):

  • If there is a Feral Druid in your raid, you can un-talent Rampage. Best replacement choice is Heroic Fury; or if your 10man has no hunter or shaman for AoE slow, Piercing Howl is great.
  • If you want any extra talents, deduct points from either Precision and/or Improved Cleave. However, again, be mindful how hit is still a nice deal of overall dps even with hit cap.
  • If you're using 2nd build, remove points from Booming Voice over above mentioned.

Therefore, if the raid needs Healing Reduction and you don't want to go Arms, you know what to do. If the raid doesn't have but needs AoE slow at mdps area, you know what to do. If you want Heroic Fury to remove root at Hodir and reset Intercept CD at any point in the entire game, you know what to take.

I do not advise on abandoning Booming Voice and Commanding Presence for Unbridled Wrath and be left with two extra talent points (like with Demo shout). Post T7 you won’t find encounters where you lack rage for almost constant heroic strike or cleave spam (on fights where high dps is required) and that one extra point from your offhand swings (special attacks do not generate rage, remember?) won’t make any impact on your damage, where your improved shout(s) save lives. You don’t believe me? You will.
(it actually does take lives when you cast it on Anoob hc and it expires, but we won't get it that yet)

Enrage is generally skipped because it should only proc when you'd get damaged from a direct attack, "environmental" damage should not proc it. And... when do you get directly hit? Absolutely rarely. So is it worth it? No. However, most realms have it bugged and proc's off environmental damage. If so, you should know that that is bugged and should not work.


Fury Warrior Major Glyphs:

  • Glyph of Whirlwind
    “Reduces the cooldown of your Whirlwind by 2 sec.”
  • Glyph of Heroic Strike
    “You gain 10 rage when you critically strike with your Heroic Strike ability.”
  • Glyph of Cleaving
    “Increases the number of targets your Cleave hits by 1.”

Fury Warrior Minor Glyphs:

  • Glyph of Bloodrage
    “Reduces the health cost of your Bloodrage ability by 100%.”
  • Glyph of Command
    “Increases the duration of your Commanding Shout ability by 2min”
  • Glyph of Battle
    “Increases the duration of your Battle Shout ability by 2min”


There are no better alternatives, and the glyphs are set in stone. Glyph of Whirlwind to reduce CD, Glyph of Heroic Strike to minimize rage lost and Glyph of Cleaving to hit one more target. You want minors to increase your shout durations and make Bloodrage safe to use.

There are two more glyphs to consider when your single target damage comes to mind. Those are Glyph of Execute (increases Execute damage as if you had 10 additional rage) and Glyph of Rending (increases Rend duration by 6sec (to 21 sec total, it gets two more ticks)). Execute is least useful for overall damage done, but it is increasing the damage you do in execution phase some tiny bit. Rend would be better than it for overall damage done, but neither is really necessary. Glyph of Cleave is more convenient to have because every single raid has encounters where you want to hit those three that you can, where having Glyphs for Execute or Rend won’t mean a thing in the real point of view.

Besides, unless you’re a devoted Fury Warrior with double DPS specs – one with Commanding Presence, the other with Improved Demoralizing Shout, and having one spec with Improved Cleave and the other with Execute/Rend glyphs, you will end up constantly swapping glyphs during the raid. Cleave is just all-around more valuable. Think of it in this way: the hardest encounters in any raid, how many enemies are you attacking? The answer varies, but usually it IS three or more present, and that is especially felt when you’re doing 10man. When talking of those heroic / hardmode fights, these are the prime examples:

  • In Ulduar, it are Yogg-Saron HM (you can cleave multiple tentacles, and damage multiple adds in p3), Mimiron HM (you can Cleave all three body parts in P4) and other encounters (Freya, Hodir, etc.).
  • In Trial of the Grand Crusader, you can attack both Anoob’arak and two adds on the side that you’re on.
  • In Icecrown Citadel, you can cleave Marrowgar and two nearby Bone Spikes. Damage the whole squad of adds at Lady Deathwhisper. Attack two Blood Beasts on Deathbringer Saurfang. Attack the Lich King and two nearby Valks...



Fury Warrior - How to DPS
[F2] I stick them with the pointy end, right?



WW, BT, BT > WW, BT >> Slam proc > Execute
Heroic Strike / Cleave as rage dump

Whirlwind is your main priority. It’s on 8sec CD, and Bloodthirst is on 4sec. After first WW, you can use two BT. Then your second WW is just ready and you’re waiting on next BT.  As your third WW is coming off CD, so is BT – and you’re back at square one. That’s your cycle. Dump any excess rage with Heroic Strike for single target or Cleave if attacking multiple enemies. Note, Cleave is multi-target functionality, not an AoE ability (yes, there’s a difference).

Further elaboration:
So, your rotation is WW, BT, BT > WW, BT >> Repeat. Due to global cooldown, it looks more like this:
WW, BT, [empty moment], BT, [empty moment], WW, BT, [empty moment] > Repeat.

When it comes to “empty moments”, you:

  1. Refresh your Sunder Armor debuff (if you're keeping it).
    Never allow your Sunder Armor to expire, that's the most messed up thing you can allow to happen.
  2. Use Slam on proc.
  3. Use Heroic Throw (hey, it’s like having an extra trinket with huge damage proc!).
  4. Use Recklessness if viable (Death Wish and trinket procs are up).
  5. Use Victory Rush!
  6. Use Execute if there’s nothing else to do.
  7. Consider Rending if appropriate*.
  8. Cast or refresh any of your shouts if they’re expiring shortly (BS, CS or DS).
    Damage comes first, therefore refresh BS/CS 20-40sec left before expiring latest and DS near expiration, lest you miss e.g. Slam proc.
  9. If talented, use that Improved Berserker Rage to replenish 20 rage.

What are Fury Warriors’ raid consumables?
Flask: Flask of the Endless Rage (+180 Attack Power)
Potion: Indestructible Potion (~106 bonus AP for 2min) > Insane Strength Potion (+120str for 15sec)
Food: Dragonfin Filet (+40str +40stm) // Hearty Rhino (+40ArP +40stm) > Fish Feast (+80AP +40stm)
Other: Have some Runic Health Potions handy for healing intense encounters. In case you need a scroll, it’s Scroll of Strength VIII (+30 strength). You can’t use it with druid buff or DK horn/shaman totem.

When should I use Death Wish?
If it's up to you, it's best used when most/all of your trinket & enchants proc are up and/or when Hero/BL is cast. So in simple words - you either save it to dps something important mid battle or you aim to use it as often as possible. The encounters however, complicate it.

Start with considering their length. You want to use Death Wish as often as possible, but not in vain! Therefore, if the raid is opening with Hero/BL, you (if need to, stack SA to 5, and then!...) pop DW and hack & slash away. If the raid will use Hero/BL within two minutes of encounter start, you save it for Hero/BL. And if the raid won't use Hero/BL within 2min, you open with Death Wish. And as a last example, raid leader will sometimes ask the raid to blow their personal cooldowns to deal with the first burst and have Hero/BL solo to deal with the second burst.

And always, if you ever feel insecure about the timing, ask your raid leader.

When should I use Shattering Throw?
It stacks with Sunder Armor effect. First one is best used just before Hero/BL. Multiple warriors should chain its use. If the raid will open with Hero/BL, try to cast it so it lands just as the encounter starts. Use macro and follow it with Bloodrage. Don’t lose auto attack swings to Battle Stance!

How do Heroic Strike and Cleave work?
I talked about this at the very start of the guide! You generate rage by dealing auto attack damage (and getting damaged). Your Heroic Strike & Cleave make your next main-hand auto attack into a special attack and it therefore won’t generate rage (your offhand will still hit normally). In addition of it dealing more damage, special attacks benefit from Impale. Improved Heroic Strike talent and Glyph of Heroic Strikes make your Heroic Strike cost “only” two rage (if it crits). However, since it’s not a white hit anymore, you lose the rage generation that would’ve come with it…so they cost quite a bit. Don’t spam ‘em when there’s no option to. Fire away when you’re on overload.

If there are multiple enemies around me and the boss, should I use Cleave or Heroic Strike?
The only times you don’t want to Cleave is when it would serve no purpose. If the adds are not important (Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas), you’re using Heroic Strike. If the adds are important (OS3d), you always Cleave for maximum damage output. You don’t Cleave at Iron Council in Ulduar because the second target would regenerate HP, making you lose effective dps. You use Cleave on Mimiron’s fourth phase to damage all three body parts. You use Heroic Strike on LK25hc in phase 1 (because ghouls and horrors don't matter (OT takes care of them)) and Cleave when Valks / spirits are in range.

Do I prioritize Execute or Heroic Strike?
That is a really good question! If you were to compare your Recount’s report on damage, you would see that your average auto attack swing and Execute do not outdps your Heroic Strike (at least not critical, never forget Deep Wounds!) in damage-per-rage ratio. The main issue at hand is that Execute has HORRIBLE scaling with your attack power, and only scales good with ArP – where your auto attacks and Heroic Strikes are affected by both. In general sense of rule, you only use Execute when Heroic Strike spam doesn’t rage starve you. If you want to use Execute and keep your main hand free for rage generation, you should consult with combat data off raid encounters and do the math (NEVER use dummy for this!). At lower gear levels it’s advisable to prioritize Execute and let your mainhand auto-attack, but not always.

When is it ideal to use Recklessness?
When Death Wish is already activated and all procs are up (Death Wish and trinkets). Because both are on global cooldown, you have to watch and ideally use it during your “empty moment”. You hear and see folks talking about using it before this or that ability, but the truth is, since it's on GCD, you (ideally) time it just so you don't ruin your rotation. Have Death Wish up and and trinket proc up and use it, regardless of which ability comes next. Ruining your rotation timing to use it before your wanted ability is a dps loss rather than gain.
And... do be careful not to have it up when high raid damage is happening, okay? 20% more damage taken is no joke!

How to properly manage Sunder Armor?
First off: you are not using it if there's a protection warrior in the raid (and attacking your target).
That being said, you manage it best by casting five sunders right off the bat, before doing any dps ability. If there are multiple warriors, all should contribute to stacking it up. In case of a bigger gear gap, the weaker warrior will be keeping it up, otherwise make a deal. You should be doing it even in ICC heroic, some physical dps do not have ArP caps (DK, Ret, Assass, Enhance) and fights are long. In addition, tanks will do more threat and everyone loves that!

How do I use my consumables best?
Don’t eat the Fish Feast, eat your own food (to min-max). Use a scroll if your 10man setup is not ideal. If you have only Indestructible Potion, use it just before the pull. If you also have Insane Strength Potions at hand, then you can open with more potent burst (but less overall damage done), but it requires raiding-guild level coordination. The idea is to use Indestructible Potion ~61sec before the pull, so you can use Insane Strength Potion just before the pull happens, pop Death Wish and hack and slash away. Best results come when the raid opens with Heroism / Bloodlust. After 2min you can use your 2nd Indestructible Potion as if nothing happened - but note how Indestructible Potion lasts for 3min now instead of 4. This "trick" is only for the burst opening.


How and when do I use Rend?
I saved question for last because of its...complicity? There are five important things that must be true to make its usage viable. Before that, let’s repeat one thing first: To perform Rend, you need to be in Battle Stance (or Defensive). It means that swapping stance will make you lose any rage above 25. Performing Rend costs you 10 rage, leaving you with 15 as you swap back to Berserker Stance. Now to break it down:

  1. It has to be during that “empty moment” inside your rotation.
    Otherwise you ruin your damage output by ruining cooldown timers. Congratulations on reducing your damage output.
  2. You should be below ~30 rage.
    All rage above 25 will be lost. Once you apply Rend, you will have 15 Rage as you swap back to Berserker Stance and wait for that auto attack to land.
  3. Your auto-attacks with both weapons (yes, BOTH OF THEM!) must be longer than one second before you strike.
    Because if you strike with either weapon while in Battle Stance, you will only retain 25 rage once you swap back (congratulations on reducing your damage output!). Bloodrage can compensate for your mistake, but that again is a dps loss since it’s used to recover rather than harm.
  4. You need to have Improved Rend talented. Having Glyph of Rend helps.
    It will never out-damage your critical strikes, but the gap itself rises the higher your ArP rating is.
  5. You need to have Feral Druid in the raid group, or rare Arms Warrior breeds.
    Because +30% damage on Bleed effects is a must for the most effective use, and only then is the dps increase noticeable… if all four points above were true.

So, is it worth it? If you have nothing more important to do during your empty moment in your rotation, if you won't lose extra rage to stance dance and if you don’t lose white melee hit to Battle Stance – it’s good! Even without Trauma / Mangle debuff, it will be a dps increase, albeit a small one.

But that's exactly the problem - the dps increase is low – and you have to be on lookout for your rage and swing timer in addition to other "empty moment" factors. It's driving a small bit of your focus away from the raid. The more Armor Penetration you have, the less effective it becomes to use Rend; to the point that Rend will either just barely out-damage non-critical white melee swing (if at all!), let alone a crit plus Deep Wounds; let alone Heroic Strike. When doing any calculations, take into consideration that in Battle Stance your strength is not increased by 20%.

To summarize it: Yes, it is effective to use it during those few empty moments when you have nothing smarter to do, but the slightest mistake you do will ruin your damage output rather than increase it; and even when it is done perfectly, the damage increase is nothing big (three white melee hits per minute). Using Rend is not mandatory, simply welcomed if the opening is given. Furthermore, all the most difficult of encounters welcome Glyph of Cleaving more than Glyph of Rend. If you really wish to experiment with it, build your 2nd spec to Improved Rend, get the glyph and find a Feral Druid to take as a pet with you into raids and have fun!


Which buffs, debuffs and auras are increasing my dps?
In ideal 25man raiding environment, you have all these at your disposal.


  • Horn of Winter / Strength of Earth Totem +155 Strength & Agility (Death Knight / Shaman)
    All Enhancement and certain Elementals Shamans can buff +178.
  • Gift of the Wild +51 all stats (Druid)
  • Blessing of Kings // Drums of the Forgotten Kings +10% all stats (Paladin) or 8% (drums)
  • Blessing of Might / Battle Shout  +687AP by Ret Paladins and Fury Warriors (who have it talented)
  • Rampage / Leader of the Pack +5% crit aura – Fury Warriors and Feral Druids
  • Trueshot Aura / Unleashed Rage / Abomination’s Might +10% AP (MM, Enhance, Blood DK)
  • Improved Icy Talons / Windfury Totem +20% melee/ranged haste (Frost DK, Enhance Shaman)
    Default Windfury Totem is 16% haste, requires talent in mid Enhance tree for 20%.
  • Improved Moonkin Form / Swift Retribution +3% haste (Owlkin, Ret Paladin)
  • Arcane Empowerment / Sanctified Retribution +3% damage (Arcane Mage & Ret Paladin)


  • Sunder Armor / Expose Armor -20% Armor (Warrior & Rogue)
    Rogues should not be made to use Expose Armor as their finisher; their dps loss is noticable. If there is no protection warrior in the raid, use Sunder Armor as I have described.
  • Faerie Fire -5% armor reduction (Druids)
    Warlocks are capable of providing the debuff themselves, but they'd lose too much dps.
  • Heart of the Crusader / Master Poisoner / Totem of Wrath +3% crit increase
    (Retribution>Prot Paladin / Assassination Rogue / Elemental Shaman)
  • Mangle / Trauma +30% bleed damage – (Feral Druids & Arms Warriors, who are a rare sight in PvE)
  • Savage Combat / Blood Frenzy +4% physical damage done (Combat Rogues, Arms Warriors)


  • Tricks of the Trade – Rogues can boost your damage by 15% for 6sec (10 if glyphed).
  • Hysteria – 20% physical damage increase, buffed by Blood Death Knights; 3min CD.
    This buff is given to raid’s top physical dps. Note: It doesn’t stack with Death Wish! /sad
  • Shattering Throw – 20% added armor reduction, used by any warrior before the burst.
  • Heroism [A] / Bloodlust [H] – 30% attack speed increase for 40sec, buffed by Shaman.
  • Devotion Aura, bonus armor from druid buff and any armor gained via agility buffs increase your AP slightly (~80AP increase from passive armor buffs and auras).
  • Raid Consumables – Don’t forget your flask, fish feast or personal food, and your armor pots.


Your place in the raid group
[F3] I will crush! I will destroy! I will…oooh, shiny!


Depending on your talents, you are there in the raid group to provide the best Commanding Shout for HP or Demoralizing Shout for damage reduction (Ret paladins take care of Attack Power bonus). You’re raid’s top pick to interrupt spells. Where 10 more or less rage doesn’t impact your dps much, rogues feel the energy loss, and “problem” with DKs and enhancement shammies is that they need spell hit for effective interrupting (of the melee department). Elemental Shamans can interrupt perfectly; and Mages are the last choice to interrupt since their interrupt is on 24sec cooldown, plus they have to stop their spell casting to do it. Therefore, if you need to interrupt during the encounter, do not go below 10 rage!

Same how mages are the last choice to interrupt; you’re the last choice to dispel buffs off enemies. Swapping weapons ain’t so friendly to big numbers, but if it has to be done and there’s nobody else – perform Shield Slam! It’s worth mentioning that once you’re skilled enough, you can try ETing. Why not save the raid from wiping?

That’s for the class itself, but if you’re new to dpsing, heeds these words:

Rule number one of mdps: always be (behind) on your target and do not over-agrro the tanks. Ever! It doesn’t matter if your dps is awesome or if tank sucks. Boss will turn to you and bitch slap you like Shiva and you’ll die. Dead dps does zero dps. Tanks sometimes need to swap targets often and maybe even keep AoE threat – you as fury warrior do not have any building up, you jump into the fray and spam cleave and whirlwind until your muscles go all sore. Don’t be reckless… wait just a bit. Get Omen3 threat meter addon! TidyPlates can help with threat visibility as well.

Secondly, develop your raid awareness. Do not just hump down boss and the adds, observe what is happening. Fights have mechanics, and dps is often on the lookout to react in time. Flame is on the floor? Move out of it (or in for more rage?)! There’s some aura that makes you take damage if you attack? You stop attacking. There is link between players? Connect it. Or break it? You got debuff that makes you spread fire where you stand? Run the hell away from the raid! You got debuff which will explode for AoE damage soon enough? Get away from the raid! Your character is looking at something which is making you take damage? Turn sideways/away and strafe to your location! Etc.

Thirdly, but no less important, know your positioning. In other words, know the tactics. 90% of the time you want to be behind the boss/adds so your attacks can not get dodged (npcs can dodge from behind but we cannot, rip WoW skills), but you need to be prepared to move on time instead of following someone and lagging behind. Plus, a big amount of bosses have frontal cleave or cone attacks, you want to be away from their front (there are few exceptions; Freya in Ulduar is the best example, you should be in front of her). And then there are drakes and dragons. Dragons have breath & cleave and tail swipe – you get either shredded or burned if you're in front or tossed/stunned if you're behind - you need to stand at the side of the dragons to dps them. Drakes only have breath attack and can't use their tail. Whelps are “normal” mobs, try to be behind them.

And for Light’s sake, do not overwrite Greater Blessing of Might and keep Commanding Shout up! That can happen on servers that don’t have “more powerful effect is already active” working and you will overwrite GBoM. Not that’s terrible if you overwrite while having Commanding Presence 5/5; it’s just that you only use Battle Shout if there are no rets and if there’s no need to keep CS up – or, naturally, if there are two warriors in the raid, and no rets besides); or if there is only one paladin in the raid and the raid wants AP increase + drum kings.



ET – Emergency Tanking

Sometimes things just go wrong. Fury is able to assist with some tanking (healing?) troubles. Let’ see what they’re all about.

What exactly is this “emergency tanking”?
Emergency tanking is when you as a non-tank take over the tanking role for a brief period of time. Most usual reason is the tank dying. It also counts in as soaking a single or few attacks, or debuffs. Other reasons include having noobs in the raid or mistakes happening with add handling.

Why me?
You are using (mostly) plate armor and you have a shield, totaling around 50-60% physical damage reduction. You have Defensive Stance’s -10% damage taken, Shield Wall for -60% damage taken (65% total, after your high armor value from plate) and you have Shield Block to mitigate some damage further. Damage is further mitigated via various healing effects.
*My bind for ET macro is N; AoE taunt is on H while in defensive stance.

How do I do it?
You have to react fast. The moment the tank dies – as boss is turning to the next person on the threat meter to bitchslap them like Shiva – do you double-tap given ET macro. You will go to Defensive Stance, use Shield Block, Shield Wall and use taunt ability of choice, all in one swift instant. Do one Shield Slam, Revenge, and then it can be good to activate Berserker>Bloodrage and use Enraged Regeneration. Hold threat until tank gets revived, buffed up and healed up (~three seconds max after being revived). Once all is fine again, consider using Intervene on the dps with the most threat, then use “dps ready” macro, pop Bloodrage and resume dpsing (use Intercept if you used Intervene on ranged dps). You also do this if your tank is a druid and his combat ress is critical.
^This is the reason why I suggest taking Deflection 4/5 over rare-if-ever used Rend.

Additionally, you can do the above when tanks run out of defensive cooldowns. This requires coordination from raid as you will need heavy heals instantly. This is not possible on all hardmode or heroic encounters as bosses may hit too hard and some bosses or adds may be immune to taunt. You can additionally soak one attack for the tank, or anyone with agrro by using Intervene (while being protected by Shield Wall, ofc.). However, Intervene buff lasts for 10 sec. Unless the player you have Intervened to protect has “/cancelaura Intervene” macro line bound somewhere, you have to stay walled up until they are either hit or the debuff expires, lest you get hit for full damage. In a similar fashion, you can take any loose adds and get them to the appropriate tank (e.g. tank got mind controlled or some other crap). You have (double?) Intercept and an Intervene to maneuver around the encounter, two direct taunts and one AoE taunt.

And lastly, you can take one debuff stack (or more). Sometimes it’s good enough only to Taunt from max distance at perfect half a second before debuff is about to receive a new stack, and sometimes you’ll have to tank it. Sometimes Intervene will be enough.

Remember, this is only something that Fury Warrior is capable of doing; it is not something that’s expected of you to do!! It's better if you have some tanking experience! If you don’t know how to do it and/or the raid is incapable of coordinating, then just don’t (bad pugs and/or no voice communication). No one has any right to be angry at you - you're there to dps.



Some ability notes that you should keep in mind:

  • Demoralizing Shout – Keep it up during the encounters when there are no warrior tanks or bears (some paladins can do it too, but it’s not AoE). If you ever played tank you would know that that tiny ~140-300 less damage taken could mean a lot, so don't laugh at it.
  • Sunder Armor – Keep it up if there are no protection warriors, as explained earlier. This boosts raids’ physical dps by nice amount. Raid damage from those SAs should out-do whatever it is you’d do with your ~30rage a minute spent on refreshing. Keep doing it even if you’re ArP capped – not all physical dps is, and tanks will do more threat.
  • Shattering Throw – Use it before Heroism / Bloodlust. Save your Bloodrage for when you swap back to Berserker stance. You can also use it just as the tank is pulling or when you're just about to engage a newly arrived add. 
  • Heroic Throw – Use it whenever you can for best dps gain.
  • Shield Slam – It dispels one magical effect. Sometimes it will up to you to do it.
  • Disarm – Some adds can (must be!?) be disarmed.
  • Shield Wall and Shield Block – Use it to reduce the damage you take on heavy raid damage mechanics. You can also use it to walk over the fire in desperate moments when using your intercept or intervene won’t do the job. Always use when ET-ing.
  • Enraged Regeneration – Another CD to use during high raid damage. This counts as having an additional HoT on you. Always use it when ET-ing, but activate it last – and you might be forced to use Bloodrage or Berserker Rage to activate the heal (best Berserker, you want Bloodrage for swapping back!).
  • Intervene – Your second choice ability to cover distances. You will “eat” next physical attack done against the target, so be careful whom you will intervene to. Combined with ETing, you can save a tank, or any other raid member, from death. It is also reducing target’s total threat by 10%, so in those few situations when there’s nothing to attack and someone is dangerously close to drawing agrro, consider a friendly intervene. Avoid doing this while dpsing, it results in mean dps loss – raiders need to take care of their threat, yourself included.
    *Intervene buff lasts for 10 seconds, keep yourself safe.
  • Intercept – Your first choice of abilities to cover distances with. Also stuns the enemy, use that mechanic if you must. Note, this is one of the shorter stuns in the game – if the longest stuns are what the raid seeks, try not to intercept at all (not to invoke diminishing returns) but rather intervene to the location instead.
  • Berserker Rage – Makes you immune to things, fear being the most common of all. Use it on time to prevent bad stuff from happening. E.g. don’t use it when fear happens, use it BEFORE fear happens, especially if you need to interrupt or make critical positioning.
  • Bloodrage – Use it whenever you’re low on rage. However, save it if you know you have to stance-dance at some point for whatever reason (e.g. after using Shield Wall to reduce damage or using Shattering Throw to increase raids’ damage).
  • Piercing Howl – if there are no hunters to lay down slowing traps or rogues to utilize their crippling poison; and shaman earthbind totem can’t do the job properly, it’s good to have it if it is of critical importance (best example are Saurfang in ICC and Freya in Ulduar).
  • Heroic Fury – Frees you from roots and resets CD on Intercept. Time to maneuver!
  • Hamstring is applicable to most adds. It's rare that an adds wants to be slowed, but if it needs to, you can contribute.


WotLK Warrior Macros
[F4] To access macros, type /m or go to game menu and select Macros.


Warrior is one of those classes that use an extensive amount of macros, regardless of spec. Macros listed in this guide are those which I am personally using, adapted to my keybind and ability layout, therefore they are here mostly as examples. Consider them and make your own versions that are more suitable to your playing and keybinding style. There are also some personal macros afterwards. If you run out of space to make new macros, get BindPad addon, or others if you know of them and prefer them instead.
Note: Some macros are designed to work with Protection and Arms specs, so they might look weird - it's so to avoid having multiple macros.

General Warrior Macros
Macros that every self-respecting warrior needs, regardless of spec. Remove any lines for racial or profession usages if you’re playing with different ones – they’re in here as examples anyway.

#showtooltip Bloodrage
/cancelaura Enraged Regeneration
/use Bloodrage

Berserker Rage
#showtooltip Berserker Rage
/cancelaura Enraged Regeneration
/use Berserker Rage

Enraged Regeneration
#showtooltip Enraged Regeneration
/use Enraged Regeneration
*You can consider adding a mod key for Stoneform if you’re playing Dwarf (PvP).

Heroic Throw + [engi pyro/hyperspeed enchant]
#showtooltip Heroic Throw
/use [nomod] 10
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] 10
/use [nomod] Heroic Throw
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] Heroic Throw
*This macro will use both Heroic Throw and activate your engineering enchant (hyperspeed or pyro rocket launcher). Remember that if you’re prot warrior that Heroic Throw is your ranged silence!

Shattering Throw
#showtooltip Shattering Throw
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/use [stance:2/3] Battle Stance
/use Shattering Throw

#showtooltip Recklessness
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/use [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance
/cancelaura Enraged Regeneration
/use Recklessness

#showtooltip Retaliation
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/use [stance:2/3] Battle Stance
/use Retaliation

Intimidating Shout
#showtooltip Intimidating Shout
/use [nomod] Intimidating Shout
/use [mod:ctrl, @focus] Intimidating Shout
*Warrior’s fear breaks on any damage received. Better not risk it, don’t you agree?

#showtooltip Disarm
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/use [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/use [nomod] Disarm
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] Disarm

#showtooltip Pummel
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/use [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance
/use[nomod] Pummel
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] Pummel

Spec swap + Equipset swap + Stance swap
/use [nocombat,spec:1] Battle Stance
/equipset [nocombat,spec:1] PvP
/usetalents [nocombat,spec:1] 2
/use [nocombat,spec:2] Berserker Stance
/equipset [nocombat,spec:2] Fury T08
/usetalents [nocombat,spec:2] 1
/s Swapping spec, sec.
*First three lines are for swapping into your offspec (in this case, Arms). Lower three lines are for swapping into your main spec (in this case, Fury) and puts you into appropriate stance and equips set itemset in question.
*If you have Jewelcrafting profession and have dragon eyes in different item slots, you will by default have to click on set equip two/three times – therefore, this kind of gear swap won’t be possible. You will have to bind equipset macro to a different key or place it under a modifier. Personally I have swap on alt numpad 3 and equipset on ctrl numpad 3.
*Don’t use this macro’s kind to swap to your “main” weapon & stance, use the macros I will provide for each spec. Why? Sometimes you might require having different items equipped and it could mess up your performance in PvE and PvP alike, all the more if you’re an engineer…that’s my thought on the matter.


Fury Warrior Macros (PvE)
These macros are exclusively for PvE variation of Fury. If you’re the odd bird that’s PvPing in Fury spec, consult with Arms variations and make suitable hybrids.

DPS Ready!
/equipslot 17 Fork of Truth
/equipslot 16 Spoon of Hope
/cast [nostance][stance:1/2] Berserker Stance
*Equips your two dps weapons and goes to berserker stance. Ready to dps!
*Notice slot 17 being first – this is important if you will have two weapons with the same name!

#showtooltip Whirlwind
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Intervention
/use Whirlwind
/use 10
*Starts auto-attack if you start with Whirlwind.
*Friendly Paladins often HoP their physical dps friends to cripple their damage for laughs…even if it means taking their life away. I was there. Guilty! <3
*Use 10 is for hand item slot usage if you’re an engineer with Hyperspeed Accelerators.

#showtooltip Slam
/cast Slam
*This will only use Slam if Bloodsurge proc is up so you don’t need to fear of pausing your auto attack.

Death Wish
#showtooltip Death Wish
/cancelaura Enraged Regeneration
/use Death Wish
/use 13
/use Stoneform
*/use 13/14 for first/second trinket slots of you have any; /use your dps racial.
*Add /use Stoneform or /use Blood Fury or /use Berserking if you’re dwarf/orc/troll.
*You may consider adding in pot usage, but bounce it out if you’re conserving them.

Shattering Throw
#showtooltip Shattering Throw
/castsequence reset=290 Battle Stance, Shattering Throw, Berserker Stance, Bloodrage, Berserker Stance
*This makes it really fast and easy!

#showtooltip Intercept
/use [stance:1/2] Berserker Stance
/use [nomod] Intercept
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] Intercept

#showtooltip Intervene
/use [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/use [mod:CTRL, @focus] Intervene
/use [mod:shift, @Treewheel] Intervene
/use [nomod, help, nodead] Intervene
/use [nomod, harm, assist] Intervene
*First use will go to Defensive Stance if you're not in it.
*Nomod will cast Intervene on your target if friendly or target's target if hostile (boss's target is...).
*CTRL mod will cast Intervene to your focus, shift to a specific player (write down their names).
*If you have auto-assist enabled, you can remove the last line and remove “help” from first nomod.

Shield Wall
#showtooltip Shield Wall
/use [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/equipslot 17 Poor Man's Shield
/use Shield Wall
*To reduce incoming raid or specific damage.

Shield Block
#showtooltip Shield Block
/use [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/equipslot 17 Barrel Bottom
/use Shield Block
*Use when you take agrro of many weak adds and you need to mitigate damage not to die; and not waste Shield Wall because you KNOW that they don’t hit too hard.

Shield Slam
#showtooltip Shield Slam
/equipslot 17 Poor Man's Shield
/use [nomod] Shield Slam
/use [mod:ctrl, @focus] Shield Slam
*Sometimes it is only you who can dispel something. Ouch.

Spell Reflection
#showtooltip Spell Reflection
/use [stance:3] Defensive Stance
/equipslot 17 Barrel Bottom
/use Spell Reflection

/cast [nomod, stance:2] Challenging Shout
/cast [nomod, stance:1/3] Commanding Shout
/cast [mod:shift] Battle Shout
/cast [mod:ctrl] Demoralizing Shout
/cast [mod:alt] Commanding Shout
*This is one of those example macros.
*Nomod will use Challenging Shout when you’re in Defensive Stance (when you’re ETing) or Commanding Shout otherwise. If you have Piercing Howl or Heroic Fury, place it instead of nomod Commanding (?). The rest of the shouts are added in order to conserve action bar space.

#showtooltip Rend
/castsequence reset=4 Battle Stance, Rend, Berserker Stance, Berserker Stance
*In case you decide to use Rend.


#showtooltip Shield Wall
/use [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/equipslot 17 Poor Man's Shield
/use Shield Wall
/use Shield Block
/use Taunt
*You "cannot" add /use Enraged Regeneration, you need to have an Enrage effect active first, and only Bloodrage is not on global cooldown (and that's the Enrage you want to avoid using for this).
*Consider making a second macro with Challenging Shout, or have the bind ready. It’s easy to recover the situation by tanking the boss only, but when the adds start running in eight directions…

/use [nomod] Taunt
/use [mod:ctrl, @focus] Taunt
/use [mod:shift] Mocking Blow
/use [mod:alt] Challenging Shout
*Just an example macro.

Shield Bash
/use Shield Bash
/use [mod:ctrl,@focus] Shield Bash
*Use only when you have a defensive ability used (you’re not in zerk stance) and you need to interrupt (usually only when you’re playing ET).
*If you end up in defensive stance for whichever reason but you need to PUMMEL your target (10sec CD instead of 12), then Pummel!


Lazy DPS #1a
#showtooltip Whirlwind
/cast Whirlwind
/cast Heroic Strike
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Intervention

Lazy DPS #1b
/showtooltip Bloodthirst
/cast Bloodthirst
/cast Heroic Strike
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Intervention

Lazy DPS #2a
#showtooltip Whirlwind
/cast Whirlwind
/cast Cleave
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Intervention

Lazy DPS #1b
/showtooltip Bloodthirst
/cast Bloodthirst
/cast Cleave
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Divine Intervention

One Button Rotation A
/castsequence reset=8 Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst
/cast Heroic Strike

*You can also try reset=target?

One Button Rotation B
/castsequence reset=8 Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirst
/cast Cleave

If you belong to players who like playing like this, here you go. You mash one button, allowing smoother gameplay, but be wary; you cannot spam HS or Cleave all the time! Have normal WW and normal BT bound somewhere safe so you don’t ruin your rage generation and lose WW or BT’s availability. And by the Light, DON'T KILL RAIDERS UNDER MIND CONTROL!!! When MC happens, drop the macro and lay off that Whirlwind!


My Personal General Gameplay Macros
It doesn’t matter which char I am playing, these macros make my WoW life more enjoyable. If you don’t understand why one would want any of these lines – I want them keybound, as simple as that (some lines or addons cannot be bound via “keybinds” options in the menu, I blame lazy developers).

Atlas Loot (addon)

Clear Target
*Blizzard made a silly oversight. Sticky targeting is there, but no keybind to drop target? Geez (there is ESC for that, but it can conflict with other actions).

Grays Delete
/run for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, 32, 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end; end; end
*Deletes all gray items in your bags.

Grays Sell
/run for bag=0,4,1 do for slot=1,GetContainerNumSlots(bag),1 do local name=GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("- Selling "..name) UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end
* It will sell grays to vendor if valid vendor window is opened.
*WARNING: It will equip all grays if no vendor window is opened. Ooops!
*I suggest you to use a lightweight addon to do this simply to have it more convenient.

RBS (Raid Buff Status, addon)
/rbs toggle

Spec Swap
/usetalents [spec:2]1;2
*Swaps your talent specs hence and forth with one keybind.

Equip Item Set #1
/equipset name
*Equips your saved set. Spelling must be correct (if your set is saved as “PvP”, typing “pvp” in macro won’t equip your saved item set; e.g. it should be “/equipset PvP”.

Equip Item Set #2
/equipset [spec:1] PvP
/equipset [spec:2] Fury
*An example of above macro; added spec-specific equip set to be more convenient.

#showtooltip Mead Basted Caribou
/use Mead Basted Caribou
/use Conjured Mana Strudel
*My food bind. If you have any strudels in your bags, it will eat them first.
*If it doesn’t work as intended for you, try reversing food order.

Drink (three drinks in one keybind, for your caster friends)
#showtooltip Honeymint Tea
/use Star’s Sorrow
/use Honeymint Tea
/use Conjured Mana Strudel
*This is drinking variation for casters. It will attempt to consume strudels first. If there are no strudels, it will attempt to use normal drink. If you’re in arena without strudels, you will drink PvP drink.
*If it doesn’t work as intended for you, swap Star’s Sorrow and Strudel locations.

Queue-RBG (random battleground)
/run TogglePVPFrame()for i=1,GetNumBattlegroundTypes()do local _,_,_,iR,_=GetBattlegroundInfo(i)if iR then JoinBattlefield(i)end end TogglePVPFrame()
*This macro queues you for random battleground.
*The macro “glitches” ONCE after first win since last relog. The game automatically swaps PvP panel tabs after you finish a battleground. Fixing the glitch is simple: open PvP tab (default H) and set the tab back to “Battlegrounds”. Done! Queue again infinitely with a single keybind, pronto!

Arena Point show
/script local a={0,.76,.88,0,1};for t=1,3 do local p,z,r=GetArenaTeam(t);if p then if r>1500 then p=a[z]*1511.26/(1+1639.28*2.71828^(-0.00412*r));else p=a[z]*(.22*r+14);end DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(('%gv%g (%g): %g Points'):format(z,z,r,p));end end
*Displays how many arena points you will get this reset.

Trinket 1
#showtooltip 13
/use 13
*When you swap trinket via click or keybind, you will only ever replace the upper trinket (unless you are using a macro “/equipslot 14”). Therefore, by default your “passive” or “general” trinkets are in your 14th slot – such as PvP trinket or a passive one for PvE. This macro is designed to show and use the trinket that is currently equipped in slot 13.

Trinket 2
#showtooltip 14
/use 14
*Displays your 2nd equipped trinket slot and activates equipped item.

/use [nomod] Ironbound Proto-Drake
/use [nomod] Swift Zulian Tiger
/use [mod:ctrl] Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
/use [mod:alt] 15
*This will use your flying>land mount depending on the zone you’re in, including Wintergrasp (and again, if it doesn’t work, reverse the order). My shift modifier with this is auto-run, ctrl is to bring out tundra mammoth to make use of its vendors, and mod alt is to use cloak if my character has engineering for slow fall with parachute.

Cancel Aura
/cancelaura Path of Frost
/cancelaura Water Walking
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Recklessness
/cancelaura Spell Reflection
/cancelaura Retaliation
*Bind to remove all unwanted buffs in one swift bind or click use, regardless of your spec. First two lines save you from dying to careless/trolling shaman/DKs in your party. In PvP, HoP can protect you from physical harm and will also dispel Blind. Once you’re safe, remove it. You want to cancel Recklessness if you’re about to get punished. You sometimes want to stop Spell Reflection on Polymorph. You want to cancel Retaliation when striking back at the enemy would mean trouble (Mark of Blood, Shield Block, certain rogues that can exploit it with Setup talent, etc.)


PvE Targeting Macros
These macros help me target things in PvE to quickly interrupt, taunt, etc., without any fuss.

/tar [exists,nodead] Tenebron
/tar [exists,nodead] Right Arm
/tar [exists,nodead] Leviathan MKII
/tar [exists,nodead] Storm Lasher
/tar [exists,nodead] Acidmaw
/tar [exists,nodead] Fjola Lightbane
/tar [exists,nodead] Valanar
*Targets “first” target priority or second available target.

/tar [exists,nodead] Shadron
/tar [exists,nodead] Right Arm
/tar [exists,nodead] Ancient Water Spirit
/tar [exists,nodead] VX-001
/tar [exists,nodead] Dreadscale
/tar [exists,nodead] Eydis Darkbane
/tar [exists,nodead] Taldaram
*Targets “second” target priority or second available target.

/tar [exists,nodead] Vesperon
/tar [exists,nodead] Left Arm
/tar [exists,nodead] Snaplasher
/tar [exists,nodead] Aerial Command Unit
/tar [exists,nodead] Keleseth
*Targets “third” target priority or third/last available target.

/tar [exists,nodead] Sartharion
/tar [exists,nodead] Heart of the Deconstructor
/tar [exists,nodead] Life Spark
/tar [exists,nodead] Eonar's Gift
/tar [exists,nodead] Saronite Animus
/tar [exists] Nether Portal
/tar [exists] Infernal Volcano
/tar [exists] Bone Spike
/tar [exists] Kinetic Bomb
*Targets encounter-specific important targets.


[F5] Dem useful gadgets!


Not to get into too many details, I can recommend you on getting these addons to enhance your gameplay. In this "adapted" guide I won't write anything about UI as of yet.

  • Addon Control Panel (ACP) enables you to manipulate addons without the need to logout.
  • DBM helps every raider with announcements. 
  • Purgeatory displays information in either chat channel or you locally when you defensively or offensively (Including spell steal) dispel a spell, as well as when the dispel fails, as well as announcing interrupts, and few things more.
  • Lose Control displays the icon of what’s “controlling” you, complete with expiration timer.
  • Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text (MSBT). Optional addon, replaces floating combat text – recommended to clear the middle of your screen.
  • Omen displays threat list. Crucial for PvE.
  • Quartz castbar addon – while you have no spells to cast, it displays your swing timer – and that is VERY crucial to know as a warrior.
  • Weak Auras / Power Auras / Need To Know / Tell Me When adds visuals to your screen. From showing trinket/ability proc/usage/CD, enhancing your raid frames to giving you selected “warnings” (e.g. debuffs or buffs active on you), and many more things.
  • Recount (or Skada) tracks combat statistics for real time or later review. Note, hide it during the fight. Tactics > whoring tables. Pay attention!
  • Sexy Map is an addon I always recommend for two reasons - you can hide minimap icons; and it displays name of the player pinging.
  • Snowfall Key Press makes your actions trigger on key press rather than release.
  • Tidy Plates / Plate Buffs enhance nameplates to display selected debuffs, better castbar and can change plate colour according to agrro, and more.

    There are more addons I could recommend, but these are the basic core of enhancing your UI.


Fury Warrior – Race, Professions & Gearing


Alliance Races

  1. *Draenei - Heroic Presence (+1% hit for party) + Gift of the Naaru (HoT)
  2. *Dwarf – Stoneform (clears poison, disease and bleeds, increases armor by 10% for 10sec > increases AP via Armored to the Teeth talent); Mace Specialization (+5 expertise)
  3. Human – PvP trinket, Sword and Mace specialization (+3 Expertise)
  4. Gnome – Escape Artist (escapes all movement impairing effects)
  5. Night Elf – Shadowmeld*
    *Shadowmeld is bugged on most TC servers and it will stop PvE combat in raid encounters. Utilize that for free extra pot, and/or if engineer, to try reviving someone with army knife. Also, if that bug is present, it makes Night Elves the supreme dps choice. Pots will reset every 2min.

Horde Races

  1. Orc – Blood Fury (+322AP for 15sec every 2min), Axe Specialization (+5 expertise)
  2. Troll – Berserking (+20% attack speed for 10sec, 3min CD)
  3. Tauren – War Stomp (AoE 2sec stun, 2min CD)
  4. Undead – Will of the Forsaken (clears fear and incapacitating effects, 2min CD)

If you're Alliance, your "best" varies. The general go-to is Draenei for the hit bonus. But if you already have a Draenei in your party, Dwarves come first; what for the small AP gain, mace expertise is powerful. Or maybe Human it is for sword expertise? BiS weapons for T7 are Axes, T8 it are swords, T9 axes again and T10 has mace before LK25hc, when its sword again, and total BiS is Shadowmourne, an axe. Gnomes or Night Elves don't get you much; Gnomes are sexy at Hodir and Sindragosa if you get unlucky and that's about it; and as a Night Elf you run fastest in back after a wipe, or Shadowmeld not to wipe if you're last man standing - or to drop threat when you over-agrro (Shadowmeld should not reset raid encounter battle).

If you're Horde, your best race without question is Orc. More Attack Power to use with Death Wish, good weapon specialization. Trolls come second (you don't care that much for haste, it's still very good though!). As a Tauren you can stun some "small" adds and as an Undead you get anti-fear CD. Neither increase your damage output.


  1. Jewelcrafting (best custom stats, be it ArP, strength or other)
  2. Blacksmithing (2nd best custom stats)
  3. Engineering (Goblin) – Hyperspeed Accelerators (+~10% haste for 12sec, 1min CD) + Goblin's Global Thermal Sapper Charge
  4. Tailoring – Swordguard Embroidery (back enchant, 400 AP for 15sec, 45sec iCD) + nets for small adds
  5. Enchanting, Inscription, Leatherworking, Alchemy (+80 AP)
  6. Skinning (+40 crs)

Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing come first because you can socket for extra Armor Penetration or Strength. Engineering comes next with its bombs and hyperseed accelelators (it’s only a dps increase if you use bombs!). Tailoring follows after with powerful Swordguard Embrodiery (extra berserking enchant, and this time without 5% armor reduction, so full pure 400 AP).

The other listed professions give you 80 AP bonus, which is very inferior to JC&BS combo. Alchemy can fool you with its bonus – Flask of the North *IS* 40 Strength (same bonus as BS), but you are using Flask of Endless Rage in raids – attack power! Alchemy enhances the AP gained from the flask (and increases its duration). Raw strength or armor penetration gain is better.

Skinning doesn’t increase your attack power, but it’s increasing your critical strike. Crit plays a huge play in your dps output, so it’s not too bad of a profession, but as you reach crit caps…


Gearing up

Your ideal items are Plate > Leather > Mail items with armor penetration rating and critical strike rating (or hit). Every raiding tier has at least one plate item that’s not ideal and taking up AGI item with more ideal stats is the best choice. Why is that? Because agility stat adds LOTS of critical strike bonus that compensates for the AP lost, and some plate items might not have Armor Penetration stat and have Haste instead.

Warrior is all about having strong attacks. All talents focus on enhancing your attacks and abilities, topping off with Impale and Deep Wounds. Haste only increases your attack speed (and gcd) - haste has no procs to affect, no special benefits. Warrior doesn’t want to hit faster – you want to hit stronger and strike as many crits as you can. Therefore, it's Strength (attack power) and Armor Penetration that you look for. I'll explain why Strength > raw Attack Power under gems below.

Stat order is:

  • Hit and Expertise are your main dps stats. With Precision 3/3 you need 154 hit rating (5%) not to miss with your special abilities, and 247 rating (8.03%) without. Because you're dual wielding, your auto-attacks need total 27% not to ever miss, but going for that is overkill and unnecessary. You need 200 expertise rating (26) (6.5%) to prevent bosses from dodging your attacks (NPCs can dodge from behind).
  • After that it’s Strength and Armor Penetration what you’re hunting for. Strength is more valued than raw attack power. One point of strength gives 2AP (and 0.5 block value) and do not forget your +20% str modifier + raid buffs. Armor Penetration rating cap is 1400 (100%). Every point after 1400 is a wasted stat. You can’t decrease armor into negative. It’s the lack of Armor Penetration why certain agility items are better than what plate can offer in all tiers. 
    *Formula for ArP softcap: 1400 – ArP trinket proc value = softcap. (“No shit, Sherlock!”)
  • Critical Strike is kind of equally important as your total attack power is. You get critical strike rating as an “equip” stat and/or you’re getting it through agility. 
  • Haste is the least wanted stat. Every tier has 2-3 haste items in BiS, you don’t want any extra.

Fury Warrior Enchants:
If you have special profession enchants that increase dps, use them instead.
*Only note goes to engineering – use grenade belt over pulse generator and hyperspeed over pyro rocket.

Head: Arcanum of Torment (+50AP +20csr)
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe (+40AP +15csr)
Back: Major Agility (+22 AGI)
Chest: Powerful Stats (+10 all stats)
Wrist: Greater Assault (+50AP)
Hands: Crusher (+44AP) > Precision (+20hit)
Belt: Belt Buckle
Legs: Icescale Leg Armor (+75 AP +25csr)
Feet: Greater Assault (+32AP) // Icewalker (+12crit +12hit) // Cat's Swiftness (+8%MS +6AGI) > Tuskarr’s Vitality (+8%MS +15STM)
Weapon: Berserking ×2 (400 AP on proc)
*Best feet enchant is +8% movement speed for overall usefulness. You take Cat over Tuskarr only if you want to min/max to the fullest.
*Berserking is slightly less than 400 AP since we get 5% reduced armor and therefore lose some via Armored to the Teeth talent. Double proc is -10%.

Fury Warrior Gemming:
Below are epic gems; if you're playing prior 3.2 patch, use rare gem variations.

Meta Socket:
Relentless Earthsiege Diamond (+21 Agility, +3% bonus critical damage)

Red Socket:
Bold Cardinal Ruby (+20 Strength)
Fractured Cardinal Ruby (+20 Armor Penetration Rating)
Precise Cardinal Ruby (+20 Expertise Rating)

Yellow Socket:
Bold Cardinal Ruby or Fractured Cardinal Ruby
Rigid King’s Amber (20 Hit Rating)
Etched Ametrine (+10 Strength +10 Hit Rating)
Inscribed Ametrine (+10 Strength, +10 Critical Strike Rating)

Nightmare Tear (+10 all stats)
Bold Cardinal Ruby or Fractured Cardinal Ruby

How do I decide which gems am I to socket?
Ideally you have Relentless Earthsiege Diamond in the meta gem socket, Nightmare Tear in the blue over yellow socket that’s yielding the most Strength – and have Bold or Fractured Cardinal Rubies in every other available socket, depending on your current gearing. However, if you’re ever lacking hit or expertise, opt for gemming them, but ultimately avoid it.

When should I start gemming for Armor Penetration over Strength?
Once you can softcap it from gear usage alone (T9 and T10 only; T8 accepts softcap only with BiS). Once you get decked in 277 items and reach the 1400 cap, gem for Strength again. It’s that simple.

How exactly is strength better than raw attack power?
In an example when you’d be gemming five Bold Cardinal Rubies or five Bright Cardinal Rubies, this would be the difference:
100 STR + 20% (talent) = 120 + 10% (BoK) = 132 str >> 264AP + 10%AP buff = 290 Attack Power.
200 AP + 10% AP buff = 220 Attack Power.

The difference is quite distinct, don't you think? The positive thing about your leather armor replacements is that you compensate the AP lost with a greater increase in critical strike (besides gaining ArP over haste).

How does Armor Penetration work?
It's actually quite "complicated", but not to write two A4 pages I won’t explain the following: First off, ARMOR stat is a subject to diminishing returns, requiring higher and higher rating for each 1% damage reduction obtained – meaning that the more Armor Penetration you have, more damage reduction is bypassed with every point onward. Secondly, ArP kicks in second – you are reducing the armor that other effects (such as Sunder Armor) have already negated. Because of how Blizzard designed the game, even if you’re at 100% ArP, you would still get a dps increase by using Sunder Armor. Plus, again, not all dps is ArP capped even in T10, so for the third time now, don’t dawdle with using SA on the bosses at any point in PvE.

And even when bosses have Sunder Armor and Faerie Fire and you 100% ArP, you would not be decreasing ALL armor. Blizzard did it weirdly. But the more you have it, the better you're off. And lastly, you cannot reduce the armor into negative, therefore any rating after 1400 is a wasted stat (which is the reason why in T10 BiS you return to gemming strength again).


Best in Slot gearsets



I saved wrong document version on external HDD! :o /facedesk
The lists are not complete nor 100% accurate!
I'll edit this as soon as I can!

Lists are made from personal experience, my head telling me what would be the best in theory. RAWR was not used to build these item sets, nor was it checked. If you disagree with my choices, contact me with all information on hand, I’m always up for healthy discussions! There are both 25man and 10man item builds.

BiS List Example & Explanation:
*Item Part: Name (from where it is obtained)
*// means the items are equally or near-as good (it has different stat mix of hit/exp/crit/ArP)
*> means that an item is better than another overall; but take into account different stats (hit, expertise, etc.)

Self Buffed: Rampage, Battle Shout
Raid Buffed: Rampage, Battle shout, Improved Icy Talons; Gift of the Wild, Swift Retribution / Moonkin Aura, Strength of Earth Totem (talented), Blessing of Kings, Trueshot Aura; Flask of Endless Rage and Dragon Filet + armor from Devotion Aura.
NOTE: Never forget raid debuffs and other active raid effects!
*Crit rating is the same for all attacks, you get +3% chances to crit via debuff but you have to deduct
-3% because you’re attacking boss level target.
*Haste XX is with haste increasing auras, (XX is with Flurry talent active // flurry + BL/Hero)
*Hit and Expertise are always capped.
*Calculation includes JC+BS combination bonuses. Keep that in mind!
*Indestructible Armor Potion = ~100+AP for 2min; reduced with Berserking(s) active.

Character Model: Bladesong
Base Strength: 217
Base Agility: 118
Base Attack Power: 660
Base Critical: 13.08%
*These stats are affected by talents!

How do I know if I should take plate, mail or leather item?
By doing your homework and realizing what would be the best gearing itemization for you. Plate items are generally better, but if leather item has high agility gain and the item slot in question lacks plate with Armor Penetration, it’s a very close call due to ~1.00-1.80% more crit per every leather item you equip. Thankfully for you, I have done my homework and I have posted all the lists just below. You’re welcome. :)


Pre-Naxxramas Best in Slot:
[T07a] [Gearscore: 3768]

Head: Tempered Titansteel Helm (BS) > Chitin Shell Greathelm (AN)
Neck: Titanium Impact Choker (JC) > Pendant of the Outcast Hero (EoH) > Gold Amulet of Kings (UP)
Shoulders: Spaulders of the Giant Lords (SoH) > Sprinting Shoulderpads (OK)
Back: Shroud of Revebration (HoL) // Cloak of Bloodied Waters (BoE) // Cloak of Gushing Wound (VH)
Chest: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Battleplate (T7) (EoH) 
Wrist: Wristbands of the Sentinel Huntress (EoV BoE) > Bindings of the Tunneler (UK) // Golden Limb Bands (AN)
Hands: Heroes’ Dreadnaught Gauntlets (T7) (EoH)
Waist: Jorach’s Crocolisk Skin Belt (EoH) // Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle (Nexus) // > The General’s Steel Girdle (HoL)
Legs: Legplates of Bloody Reprisal (Wyrmrest Accord) // Legplates of the Oculus Guardian (Occ) //Staggering Legplates (UK)
Feet: Death-Inured Sabatons (Ebon Blade) < Iron Spring Jumpers (Naxx BoE)
Ring1: Hemorrhaging Circle (GD)
Ring2: Ring of the Kirin Tor (Dalaran Jewelry Vendor) > Titanium Impact Band (JC) > Band of the Frosted Thorns (Nexus) > Mobius Band (CoS)
Trinket1: Mirror of Truth (EoH)
Trinket2: Darkmoon Card: Greatness {STR} (Inscription BoE) // Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood (Nexus)
Weapons: Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver (HoL) // Titansteel Destroyer (BS) > Sword of Justice (HoS) // Argent Skeleton Crusher (Argent Crusade)
Ranged: Drake-Mounted Crossbow (UK) > Lillehoff’s Winged Blades (EoH)

Nightmare Tear ×1
Bold Cardinal Ruby ×5
Precise Cardinal Ruby ×1
Etched Ametrine×1

Total Stats (self buffed // raid buffed)
Hit: 5.03% (ArP: 132 – 9.43%)
Strength: 1521 // 2028 (AP: 4923 // 6835)
Agility: 440 // 735
Critical: 36.17% // 40.89%
Main-Hand Damage: 2296-2567
Weapon Speed: 3.22-3.22 // 2.48 – 2.48 (with Flurry: 1.99- 1.99 // + Hero/BL: 1.53 – 1.53)

*Stats were with epic gems socketed, oops! I'll have to re-do this at another time!

This is for progressive WotLK realms where you’re gearing up in heroics for T7 content.

Total stats calculation presented comes from having all first listed items, and in this case that includes dual wielding Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver. Titansteel Destroyer, in this case, overcaps hit and offers less crit, but it’s good item nonetheless. If you’re unable to get EoV BoE wrist or don’t want to spend gold (since it’s not T7 BiS) get item from UK. Additionally, while double Skull-Clad is the best choice, don’t focus on that – get any combination of level 80 weapons, including double Argent Skeleton Crusher which is just a weaker version of Colossal. I personally enjoy dual-wielding Sword of Justice. Any combination will work for pre-raid. Any! Naturally, consider your racial expertise traits. Orc? Axes. Dwarf? Maces. Human? Doesn't matter, but swords or maces.


Tier 7 Best in Slot (25man):
[T07] [Gearscore: 4404]

Head: T7.5
Neck: Favor of the Dragon Queen
Shoulders: T7.5 // Shoulderguards of Opportunity
Back: Drape of the Deadly Foe > Aged Winter Cloak
Chest: Chestguard of the Recluse
Wrist: Bracers of Unrelenting Attack
Hands: T7.5
Waist: Girdle of Razuvious
Legs: Legplates of Double Strikes
Feet: Melancholy Sabatons
Ring1: Ruthlessness
Ring2: Greatring of Collision
Trinket1: Grim Toll
Trinket2: Darkmoon Card: Greatness (STR) > Mirror of Truth
Main Hand: Betrayer of Humanity
Offhand: Betrayer of Humanity
Ranged: Envoy of Mortality

Nightmare Tear ×1
Bold Dragon’s Eye ×3
Bold Cardinal Ruby ×6
Precise Cardinal Ruby ×1
Etched Ametrine ×1

Total Stats (self buffed // raid buffed)
Hit: 5.22% (ArP: 402 – 28.72%)
Strength: 1332 // 1820 (AP: 5256 // 7159)
Agility: 516 // 819
Critical: 42.50% // 47.35%
Main-Hand Damage:  // 2485-2808
Weapon Speed: 3.29-3.29 // 2.53 – 2.53 (with Flurry: 2.03- 2.03 // + Hero/BL: 1.56 – 1.56)

*Stats were with epic gems socketed, oops! I'll have to re-do this at another time!

Tier 7 (4) set bonus is not worth obtaining. You cannot softcap ArP without sacrificing a lot of stats, so don’t gem for it. If you’re an Orc, you’ll be over-capped on Expertise. Aim for different hand, wrist or ring item(s). I have to admit that I haven’t done my homework on this one of what would be best. I'll edit it on another date


Tier 8 Best in Slot (25man):
[T08] [Gearscore: 4816]

Head: T8.5
Neck: Frigid Strength of Hodir
Shoulders: Shoulderplates of the Celestial Watch
Back: Drape of the Faceless General
Chest: T8.5
Wrist: Solar Bindings
Hands: T8.5
Waist: Starfall Girdle
Legs: T8.5
Feet: Melancholy Sabatons
Ring1: Brann’s Sealing Ring
Ring2: Brann’s Signet Ring
Trinket1: Mjolnir Runestone
Trinket2: Darkmoon Card: Greatness (STR) > Mirror of Truth // Wrathstone
Main Hand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion
Offhand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion
Ranged: Twirling Blades

Nightmare Tear ×1
Fractured Dragon’s Eye ×2
Bold Dragon’s Eye ×1
Fractured Cardinal Ruby ×5,
Bold Cardinal Ruby ×14
Inscribed Ametrine ×1

Total Stats (self buffed // raid buffed)
Hit: 5.31% (ArP: 738– 52.73%)
Strength: 1963 // 2514 (AP: 5906 // 8013)
Agility: 444 // 740
Critical: 39.28% // 44.02%
Main-Hand Damage:  // 2930-3305
Weapon Speed: 3.55-3.55 // 2.73 – 2.73 (with Flurry: 2.19- 2.19 // + Hero/BL: 1.68 – 1.68)

*Stats were with epic gems socketed, oops! I'll have to re-do this at another time!

Tier 8 (4) set bonus is worth obtaining. You can softcap ArP, so go for it!
Darkmoon Card: Greatness (STR) is still the best trinket you can have. If you’re unable to purchase it, retain Mirror of Truth. It’s better than Wrathstone (more uptime), but Wrathstone comes on CD with Death Wish, so if you need/want a controlled burst for the encounter, consider equipping it instead. If you’re Human, get Bitter Cold Armsguards and socket one Precise Cardinal Ruby.



Edited by Vaxsysl
Word polishing.

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Vertazwar    16

Looks great, just a quick note: Heroic throw stops auto attack for 3s so when you have free gcd, you should only use it at start of mh melee Attack, max at mid of refresh of melee Attack when you have enough rage.

Edited by Vertazwar
Didnt have time to check your whole guide, just what I saw.

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Vaxsysl    8
On 11/06/2018 at 12:53 PM, Vertazwar said:

Looks great, just a quick note: Heroic throw stops auto attack for 3s

It indeed does. Ha! Thank you, it didn't on my previous server(s). I edited the post.

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Dolice    2

T8 BiS list is slightly off i've done calculations in Rawr and Grim Toll is 47 more dps than DMC Greatness and i wouldnt get that neck either as i think Pendulum is better
my bis list is

Head: T8.5
Neck: Pendulum of Infinity
Shoulders: Shoulderplates of the Celestial Watch
Back: Drape of the Faceless General
Chest: T8.5
Wrist: Solar Bindings
Hands: T8.5
Waist: Starfall Girdle
Legs: T8.5
Feet: Melancholy Sabatons
Ring1: Brann’s Sealing Ring
Ring2: Brann’s Signet Ring
Trinket1: Mjolnir Runestone
Trinket2: Grim Toll
Main Hand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion
Offhand: Vold’Rethar, Dark Blade of Oblivion
Ranged: Twirling Blades

T8 Warr.jpg

Edited by jrothwell

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Kiszh    0

In landsouls the bis lists for both tiers are way off. And it is not worth gemming for ArP as fury yet. In the spreadsheet it's close but not quite there, at the end of the day it might be worth it for burst windows, however.

The one linked in the OP is giving giving me 7225,2201 dps

My own list is giving me 7426,8861.

Both lists got the same buffs applied and heroic strike buff turned off, as it doesn't work on this server.

I attached a picture of the setup and the stat weights.


bis fury uld.PNG

stat weights uld bis.PNG

Edited by Kiszh

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Vaxsysl    8

I expected that they're not optimal. This is my old guide, from 2012 and back when I was not raiding Ulduar. I stated so in both the start and again under the section. I'll find time eventually.

Edited by Vaxsysl

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Dolice    2
On 16/06/2018 at 3:05 PM, Vaxsysl said:

I expected that they're not optimal. This is my old guide, from 2012 and back when I was not raiding Ulduar. I stated so in both the start and again under the section. I'll find time eventually.

yea i did read it wasn't optimal, i wasn't trying to be a dick i just decided to show my old BiS List to compare to yours

On 16/06/2018 at 2:52 AM, Kiszh said:

In landsouls the bis lists for both tiers are way off. And it is not worth gemming for ArP as fury yet. In the spreadsheet it's close but not quite there, at the end of the day it might be worth it for burst windows, however.

The one linked in the OP is giving giving me 7225,2201 dps

My own list is giving me 7426,8861.

Both lists got the same buffs applied and heroic strike buff turned off, as it doesn't work on this server.

yea my gems i had were full str i agree it's a waste to gem arp atm also i think solar bindings are way better than the armbands of bedlam and one thing to note with the new bis list i made just now is your bis list is identical to mine every way except for the solar bindings, i also have engineering enchants aswell as 20 STR gems instead of 16 as there technically available even though expensive atm with the stormjewels also I've simmed every realistic buff in a 25m setup except for lust (cos it counts it as 100% uptime) and i'm getting 7795 dps, i'll post images of buffs to compare to, your JC gems are the same 3 also to note have full 20 str gems, 1x 16 exp gem 1x 8 str / 8 crit gem, relentless earthsiege diamond as the meta, enchanted tear in the blue requirement slot in the chest  and 2x 8 str/8 hit gems yours will be close to mine if you change the gems etc but imo i still think the solar bindings are BiS also where are you getting your 2 x blue requirement for your meta? and techically i can get higher dps with replacing the 16 expertise gem for 20 str and replacing both 8 str/8 hit gems for 2x 20 str but i like to be fully capped.



Edited by jrothwell

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Vaxsysl    8
18 hours ago, jrothwell said:

i did read it wasn't optimal, i wasn't trying to be a dick i just decided to show my old BiS List to compare to yours

Don't worry, no ill meant, no harm done, on the contrary, thank you for the info! :D I'll work on it as soon as I get the time on my hands! 

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Kiszh    0
On 19/6/2018 at 5:52 AM, jrothwell said:

yea i did read it wasn't optimal, i wasn't trying to be a dick i just decided to show my old BiS List to compare to yours

yea my gems i had were full str i agree it's a waste to gem arp atm also i think solar bindings are way better than the armbands of bedlam and one thing to note with the new bis list i made just now is your bis list is identical to mine every way except for the solar bindings, i also have engineering enchants aswell as 20 STR gems instead of 16 as there technically available even though expensive atm with the stormjewels also I've simmed every realistic buff in a 25m setup except for lust (cos it counts it as 100% uptime) and i'm getting 7795 dps, i'll post images of buffs to compare to, your JC gems are the same 3 also to note have full 20 str gems, 1x 16 exp gem 1x 8 str / 8 crit gem, relentless earthsiege diamond as the meta, enchanted tear in the blue requirement slot in the chest  and 2x 8 str/8 hit gems yours will be close to mine if you change the gems etc but imo i still think the solar bindings are BiS also where are you getting your 2 x blue requirement for your meta? and techically i can get higher dps with replacing the 16 expertise gem for 20 str and replacing both 8 str/8 hit gems for 2x 20 str but i like to be fully capped.



The epic gems are unique equipped, you can only have one of each. Thats why I only have one 20 str and one 20 hit.

I tried the Solar Bindings setup in the beginning, and while it does give more DPS, it leaves you one expertise rating undercapped, which means you are left with 0.25% chance to get dodged. The spreadsheets don't actually account for this correctly, as points of expertise just get a flat value, but the value doesn't actually have any effect untill you reach the next breakpoint. You could gem 8 exp 8 hit to cover for the 1 exp (wasting 7), which in turns just drops you below using the bedlam. The best setup I've found so far is simply gemming my expertise and using the Bedlam bracers. Atleast that seems to be the best option outside of not being expertise capped.

There is no 2x blue req with the correct meta (21 agi 3% crit damage). It's just one

Edited by Kiszh

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Dolice    2
On 21/06/2018 at 12:08 AM, Kiszh said:

The epic gems are unique equipped, you can only have one of each. Thats why I only have one 20 str and one 20 hit.

I tried the Solar Bindings setup in the beginning, and while it does give more DPS, it leaves you one expertise rating undercapped, which means you are left with 0.25% chance to get dodged. The spreadsheets don't actually account for this correctly, as points of expertise just get a flat value, but the value doesn't actually have any effect untill you reach the next breakpoint. You could gem 8 exp 8 hit to cover for the 1 exp (wasting 7), which in turns just drops you below using the bedlam. The best setup I've found so far is simply gemming my expertise and using the Bedlam bracers. Atleast that seems to be the best option outside of not being expertise capped.

There is no 2x blue req with the correct meta (21 agi 3% crit damage). It's just one

you had the crit + 3% crit gem in your post you did in landsouls and yea i forgot you could only equip 1 stormjewel of each type that was an oversight on my behalf and i agree the 8 expertise / 8 hit would be a waste maybe yours is optimal i'll get round to looking at it when i can be bothered as rawr takes like 15 mins to load up and another 15 mins to load a item setup but these BiS lists are just a general guideline anyways cos people are dreaming if they think there going to get every single item on any BiS list pre end game.

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Kiszh    0

You're right, that is definitely an oversight by me. The 21 agi and 21 crit ones are right next to eachother, I must've picked the wrong one. With changing the meta to the correct one you drop 6 dps, but you obviously get out of having to use another blue socket, which is a net gain

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