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Ninjalooter (no roll allowed): Ranih (repost)

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I couldn't reply to last post where you asked me to fix screenshots so I made a new post instead. Sorry if this is the wrong protocol but there wasn't much other choice.

Instance: Ulduar 25 Man

Boss: Flame leviathan

Item: Freya's Choker of Warding

Summary: I was invited to FL 25 man, I knew it was only for first boss, and I was questing when I was invited so I didn't bother changing to my main raiding spec because you can do that boss in any spec. An intelligence base piece drops and the raid leader loots it to someone without rolling. Their reasoning was because I was not in healer spec, and it was a healer item so I wasn't getting to roll. However my main spec is healer and if you notice, the item that was rolled before was also a healer item that they let me roll on and didn't say anything. 




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