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Yasha - inappropriate 2v2 team name

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Spicyee    11

Your name - Spicyee
Reported player's name - Yasha
Date -04.06.2018
Rule that was broken - 17. Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insulting, shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member. The same goes for guild names, pet names, arena teams, etc.
Description - inappropriate 2v2 team name - in case you don't know what KYS stands for, it means kill yourself and it's punished instantly in games like for example League of Legends btw. This player's mentality is all wrong, he is also a reskiller of low level players (unfortunately I experienced that myself too), so it pretty much describes everything about him. I feel like he would need atleast few days vacation from WoW to clean his head from junk.


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