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Question about emblems & pvp weapons vendor

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Brissa    0

I cant find any information about it, got some questions:

1. Shouldnt emblems of valor drop from RHC bosses right now instead of emblems of heroism?

2. How about emblems for ending RHC? We only getting gold reward so far. 

3. Will vendor with pvp weapons for honor only be available in game (like on feronis in dalaran sewers) anytime soon?

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Nadiir    107

Copy paste from our Announcements in Discord:

Kindly note that we'are using the blizzlike progression model for emblem distribution during Ulduar content. Heroic bosses award Emblems of Heroisms, Dalaran dailies award Valor and Conquests, Ulduar 10 awards Valors (Conquests on Hard Modes) and Ulduar 25 awards Conquests. Badge model changes in 3.2 patch.

As for #3 - i'm not sure. Anyone know?

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hijako    13

#3: If we are referring to historical accuracy, no weapons for honor points (or in other words, pvp weapons from previous arena seaons) have ever been available between patches 3.0.8 & 3.3.5 - only from the current season with 2 variants: for 1800 rating (the weaker ones) & for 2200+ in 3v3/5v5 (for the stronger ones).

I remember this was a real pain, as everyone was used to get the previous seasons weps in TBC...

On other WoTLK private servers, they usually implement them in some way (for example, @ Gamer-district, Furious weapons can be bought with vote-points).

Ofc, this system doesnt exactly work here (and I hope they don't try to do it anyway)


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