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hello i am a priest that has some questions about the rotation of a shadow priest. i have read alot of forums about the rotation/opener. but one thing i see is that all the openers are different. i have played around with a handfull of openers

as for now i use: (VT > MB > MF > SW.P > DP) or (VT > DP > MB > MFx2 > SW.P) but before i start that i usually use Renew a few sec before pull, to proc trinkets etc, then i use Inner Focus > Shadowfiend > Opener

i have 4.150gs and i get at max 3.8dps on a dummy with only my own buffs(no flask or potion). however i did get 4k dps on a dummy(my buffs) once back when i had worse gear(i think i had around 3.8/3.9gs) i just think that i got lucky with procs or whatever, but i believe my class has more potential.

Bonus Damage(spellpower) 2267, (2077 unbuffed)
Hit Rating: 266(Im Draenei)
Crit chance: 11.06%/193 Rating
Haste: 607/18.51%


what im asking is if other shadow priests or someone who knows the class would like to share their opener, dummy dps, and stats and additional helpful information



im not sorry for bad english

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Brissa    0

I dont see a reason to use Inner Focus before Shadowfiend, which is free mana spell anyway and I dont think 25% crit bonus works on him because he is pet not spell.

Also renew pre pull to proc trinkets is unnecessary and might actually drop your dps because heroism/bloodlust is often use not instantly at the begining of boss fight but after a while, so u can easily waste trinket procs that way.

As for opener I like to use this one: VT > DP > MF (u got 5 stacks here) > SWP > MB

Keep in mind MB damage is increased if u got SWP on target, also always remember to cast SWP only on 5 stacks of shadow weaving so u get most damage that way.


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Iamthedoll    10

T84p gives MB 240 haste that's why you should start MB VT DP MF2 SWP. Without it VT DP MF SWP MB is good. Using renew is useless like previous post states. Also IF is useless on shadowfiend and DoTs.

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