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Report Harrasment and Bully

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rodriggio    0

My name - Rodrigo
Reported player's name - Molested
Date - 16/05/2018
Rule that was broken - Insulting and Bullying.
Description - Joined LFG for  Oculus and the the healer with bossy attitude called us to use all the amber drake, i asked the group to use another one because i need the achievement. Molested's answer was: you take bronze and I dare you to do it, trying to be a bully because everyone knows that 2 votes you could be removed from party, taking advantage of his guildie bigbootyjudy (which name is prohibited because against the rules for being obscene) kicked me after the 1st boss for no reason.

Then i got locked and had id so couldnt finish the run, several people from their guild are always like that, i would report them in the future but forgot to take proof of it.
Evidence - attached 



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