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sunshinea banned by pixie

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Dear pixie game master:

Thanks for your reply this morning about my appeal,.What I want to say is yesterday one player named rain, when we collect the mine, he fail for some times, may be he report me.what i want to say is i really not use botting,from the middle of wintergrasp ,you frozen me for a saussurea involucrate flower to can not move for the next same flower .middle have about 4 flowers.this is the first time i met such situation, i do not know what happened then i use other skill and furnace stone, all can not move. the process i said right?i all play my character, but i donot know what happened .then i go out for a smoke about 5 minites, when back banned,pls check my character,my friends id mesue medusha eatman and gangban we all play together for several years they can prove we never use any bug or botting at any game. 

plz check and help me to see my account.

thanks and best regards

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