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eloquent    3

In my possession I have lots of Vanilla and Burning Crusade epic Darkmoon Cards which I'm planning to sell.

My stock includes:
https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=19289  x12

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=19290  x8

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=19288  x5

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=19287  x10

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=31859  x3

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=31856  x1

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=31857  x1

https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=31858  x1


Those cards are quite rare on this realm, and they have unique uses to suit all your fantasies. Obviously, as they're not top-level, they're cheaper than their level 80 counterparts.

Currently, the prices are set as: 300g for Level 60 card, 500g for Level 70 card.

Discounts will apply if you're buying more than 1. All the cards were tested and they all work on this realm.

To contact me, PM me in game @Eloquent ; @Decomposed ;

You can also leave a message here, or write me a message on discord @


Thank you, and have a pleasant day.


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