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Protection warrior

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daze413    1
On 5/3/2018 at 4:24 PM, TriHard said:

You can start by rerolling another class that's actually viable as a tank :)

I've been tanking OK while RDFing to 70... Is there something wrong with warrior tanks in the end game content? Can you ellaborate more?

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Iamthedoll    3


- no criitical life saving abilities (Ardent for pallys, WotNP for DK's),

- relatively low HP-pool and avoidance,

- VERY skill dependant,

- low threat generation (can be compared to bear's - maybe slightly more than druid's)


RDF's are nothing compared to raiding (well maybe except naxx10 which is just 10man RHC), so don't judge class with only one place where you could check it out ;)


+ one of best tanks on anub's adds,

+ can cast vigilance

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