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GM's attitude against the toxic players

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bongo_bg    45

Hey guys,

Again, first of all, great job with the server - awesome work!

Now cut to the chase - I couldn't miss some reports where a rule has been broken but no punishment follows up althought it's somehow stated within the 'Rules' section. As you can guess from the headline - the community has these toxic players where just in my opinion are the worst. And pretty much the low numbers of them is the reason why I enjoy WotLK as old patch and other older games. In comparison with LoL for example where not a game passes by without someone swearing you. You see my logic - if someone is hacking or botting or whatever - he's not affecting my game, he doesn't bother me. But when he 'wishes' me stuff - that bothers me big time.

Few examples from just Page 1:

How is that not 'swearing' (+Polish which also reminds me of bad memories in Feronis)?

And we have a rule:

Now, I'm neither one of the reporters but if I was, I wouldn't settle with "i will also have a word with him". Ignoring is a post-factum feature - it will block him for further swearing to me but it can't undo what he has already written and I've read.

Please guys, we deal with enough lack of justice in the real world. Can we please keep the community a bit more civil?


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Direction    29

While some of us don't announce punishments, that doesn't mean these players go unpunished. Honestly we do take these pretty serious even if it doesn't show.

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