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Warlock Shadow Cleave {Metamorphosis} is not scripted well

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yalazemi    0

It seems that when I metamorphosis and spam shadow cleave while casting, it is casted {highlighted until cast ends} and the next press on it, it stops {unhighlighted}. Plus, when im casting and pressing it, it doesnt go off after the cast, my character doesnt use shadow cleave after cast is done. I played retail wow and the way it should work is as follows:

When it is being spammed while casting another spell, it should remain highlighted {pressed/casted} all the time. It is not supposed to be highlighted when I press it the first time and unhighlighted when I press it the second time.

Second, it should instantly goes off right after cast. But the way it works here is that you have to wait for a couple of seconds until it goes off like a cast.


Thank you


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Faldal    2

There were already several posts on the bugtracker regarding this issue.


Edited by Faldal

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