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Found 8 results

  1. Neutral Auction Police

    [Report] Desith

    Hello, Your name - UncutReported player's name - DesithDate - July 30th, 2018Rule that was broken - Harassing, toxicity, hate speechDescription - Unwarranted hate speech and bot accusation.Evidence - Screenshots of chat log below
  2. Kittens

    [Report] Azthil

    Your name - Dzikikittens Reported player's name - Azthil Date - 29.07.2018 Rule that was broken - 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. Description - Toxic player. he insulted me after I rolled need for a trinket (general chat). Also he insuleted healer right at the begginig (party chat) Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/ruqpFPr
  3. Zayik

    [Report] Yuga

    We were running Scarlet Monastery pretty fast and efficiently, dps were managing aggro and tank was keeping aggro. No one was saying anything then at the last pull a BoP Spell Power neck piece dropped that was level 30 with 9 Stamina, 5 Spell Power. I'm a level 32 Frost mage and didn't even have a neck piece equipped yet. So I rolled need and so did the level 29 Warrior tank... Then he said all these mean comments toward me.
  4. Spicyee

    Animesuckk - toxic

    Your name - SpicyeReported player's name - AnimesuckkDate - 9.7.2018Rule that was broken - too lazy to findDescription - "kys" means kill yourself and it's perma bannable in games like League of Legends for example.Evidence -
  5. Spicyee


    Your name - SpicyeeReported player's name - WaydDate - 7.7.2018Rule that was broken - guess so Description - toxicity - N wordEvidence - other 4 screens are in CZ language + whispers (which you don't care about I guess- just to see how toxic he is.)
  6. Before anything, these are my personal experiences from the alliance side (both end game and leveling) and the point of this thread is to get more opinions to know if this is just me or more people have these problems or even if you don't have them, you can let us know your opinion on the matter. Been playing here for about 1 and a half months and I noticed a pattern in how the community/admin side is. And overall, the bad experiences were more than the good ones. - a lot of ninjaloot. Sometimes nobody cares, sometimes you get kicked even if you open a chest in a dungeon that's locked with key. - a lot of sensitive people. They will report you for anything. From jokes to how you pull mobs/heals. - the polish community will unite against you even when you uphold the server rules. TLDR -> report people for talking in polish in rdf, they get muted, they kick you after that, GM says just put them on ignore. Why am I punished for following the rules? - GMs will mute you within minutes usually if someone reports you just for your language. But they say they do not have the manpower to deal with ninjalooting, allowing it until you hit 25 man raids. The priority is kinda fucked there. - You get into an argument with someone, and they insult you first and you just go along with it, but then you see that you get muted because he reported you. This is fucked up considering the other person started it and GM didn't take the time to check the logs and relies on half truths. Both should be muted. - People que rdf (while leveling) in certain specs but got different gear/talents. Sure, it's ok until you reach like level 60. Then you just become a burden on the party. Tanked/healed/dps-ed through it, and it was not easy. In the end, I would like to congrats the server for the good things. GMs respond very fast, they try to keep the gold sellers and bots under control. Sometimes they moderate the global chat, keeping it clean. I'd like to know your experiences and how do you see these things that I mentioned, even tell us some of your experiences and try to look at every1 so we could say if overall the server is toxic or not. Maybe it's just me with bad luck in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. Tablecloth

    [Report] Holylol

    Your name - Pandamonk Reported player's name - Holylol Date - 21.03.2018 Rule that was broken - Rule II.6 Description - We were in Oculus HC and our tank Holylol pulled Eregos with 1 guildmate unmounted and i fighting an add which attacked me while on the dragonmount. We wiped and he started to insulting us. I responded by saying that you dont pull when people arent ready and he became extremly toxic. Attached is a screenshot with the worst insults from the "conversation". Evidence - See screenshot.
  8. meek

    [Report] Ahilison

    Your name : Meek Reported players name- Ahilison Date : 08-02-2018 Rule that was broken - Hate speech, regarding death, disease, etc, to me and family. Description; We were doing random Heroics. His friend the druid ninjalooted an item before that wasn't proper for his spec, but I needed it for my spec. I said w/e, not right but it is what it is. He was mad during the dungeon too, I asked him why he got kicked from his guild, (apparently griefing previously) and then he started trashtalking them saying they're 14 year old backpeddler trash, then we kicked him after a while of flaming. Then he whispered me this: Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/nvhWn