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Found 13 results

  1. Samusin

    The Best Pet

    Hello, I am interested in finding out which pet is currently best for BM and Survival builds on THIS server. Personally, I always used ravager because of its gore ability but this differs form server to server. Have any of you conducted some research or have any experience in this matter? Does your gear or talent spec. has any influence on which pet to choose?
  2. <Game Over> is now recruiting players to build it's 10/25man Core for future progression! Are you looking for a relaxed, yet serious guild to suit your raiding needs? Then i have an offer for you. <Game Over> offers you a core of friendly leaders willing to assist you, regardless of your time spent with World of Warcraft. We want to see you succeed with us, and as thus provide you with the tools and knowledge required to progress towards defeating the Lich King. To ensure the spoils of war are fairly given to those whom are dedicated, we use **DKP** as our distribution system. We are currently looking for those who share our dedication to both progression, and building a friendly environment for all players to apply. All classes are considered, and each application will be looked over to ensure that you have the mentality we are looking for! Don't let the serious tone scare you off, as we are more than happy to teach you what you need to know. Raid Times: **Thursday:** 19:00 - 23:00 ServerTime **Saturday:** 19:00 - 23:00 ServerTime **Tuesday:** 19:00 - 23:00 ServerTime _(Filler)_ How to Apply: Visit: https://gameover.wowhordes.com/ to apply! We hope to see you shortly.
  3. "[Is Probably Stoned][H][EU/NA] Mix of casual and hardcore international raiding and social guild, is currently looking for dedicated, smart, team players to join our core. We raid weekends when both EU and NA can raid together(7:30-11:30pm server time) and during the week we will be building EU and NA specific events. We like people who know what they're doing and can handle themselves in pinch, but can be cool when they don't get their way. We have fun, don't take ourselves too seriously, but try not to waste each others' time while we're at it. If you want to raid right away, 3K minimum gs, working mic with discord and an understanding of English are a must. You should know your preraid BiS, get all required mods, and in general be a good guildie. We are looking for Hunters, Shaman, Lock, Warrior, Priest for 25 man raid core, everyone is welcome to hang out in guild though (being a guildie does not guarantee a raid spot). If interested, reply here or msg Kizzer, Twohands, Viladin or Perpus in game.
  4. We are currently forming our core raid group to blast through Naxx quickly and right into Ulduar and hard-modes.We are always looking for exceptional applicants, regardless of our current recruitment needs. If you believe you'd be a positive addition to our raiding team, we highly encourage you to contact us. About <Remnant>: <Remant> is a progression oriented guild on the Sunwell - Angrathar server. Formed in June of 2018, our founders were united under the belief that competitive raiding should require exceptional performance, not excessive time. The members of <Remnant> set and maintain high standards so that we raid for shorter periods of time while remaining competitive in progression content. They currently consist of mythic raiders who have been playing the game for 10+ years. Raid Times: 7 pm - 11 pm (EST) Saturday Invites go out at 6:45 pm (EST) Given the limitations of a 1-night guild, we expect that all aspirants will be able to fully commit to our raid time and maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible. Our Expectations: We're looking for dedicated raiders with extensive raid experience. Every aspirant should be extremely knowledgeable about the class and spec they have chosen. Consumables, gems, enchants, and even professions should be selected to maximize raid performance. In addition to dedication, all aspirants should have a strong sense of self-motivation and a desire to be the best. Everyone is expected to give 110% effort all the time. That being said; its also important to mesh well with the raiding core. We have a team mentality while raiding and showing up with a poor attitude or a chip on your shoulder is not conducive to good teamwork. The ability to take constructive criticism is an absolute must as well. Basically, those people prone to emotional outbursts or deep cutting should think twice before applying, as there is zero tolerance for that here. If <Remnant> fits your style of play or you have any questions about recruitment, please contact Pyromeld, Bloodbeard, or Barrold in game! Or you can msg Gnomesicle#1586 on discord.
  5. GREETINGS, <Epidemic> is an efficient 25-man North American raiding guild that plans on coming to Sunwell’s Angrathar realm. We are currently recruiting players that plan to strive for the absolute best in terms of performance, efficiency, commitment and rationality. As far as performance goes, we expect you to research your class religiously and to perform your best when it comes down to all aspects of raiding. There is no reasonable excuse for you to not have the ability and time to simply put forth the effort required to learn your class. In terms of efficiency, we ask these simple questions: Will you be early to raid or on time? Help others when needed? Can you take constructive criticism as a factor that benefits you and others? Etc. ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO US! If you are the kind of player that is late to raid or doesn’t show up without letting somebody know, understand we have no patience for that kind of cancer. You will be demoted and benched if no reasonable excuse is given. We just simply don't have the patience and time to have people that will flake after two weeks of raiding. We hope to recruit players that will have impeccable attendance and will stick with us through ‘thick and thin’ situations including progression, strategy changes, and accommodating to buffed content. This is where commitment comes in. We raid three days a week, three hours each raid. As far as rationality goes, please use your brain (hoping it's a healthy one you have) to cause little to no drama if possible, don't be toxic towards others. PERIOD. The last thing we want our guild to have is a bad name that screams "Cancerous guild." *WARNING* - If you are a very sensitive person in general and can't handle banter / joking around then this guild is likely not for you. When we aren't raiding, we tend to have a laugh here and there and although our conversations can be quite amusing and funny, others may find it offensive. If you absolutely CANNOT handle words over the internet, please search for another home. In our discord, an NSFW channel is there for a reason and if you wish to view it you can either accept or decline it if you click on it. Simple as that! PROGRESSION: #1 NA guild on the server *NA First NAXX 25* *NA First EOE 25* ULDUAR 25 - 13/13 ULDUAR 25 HM - 1/9 WHAT ARE WE RECRUITING?: SHAMAN - CLOSED WARLOCK - CLOSED HUNTER - CLOSED DEATH KNIGHT - CLOSED DRUID - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - RESTO] PRIEST - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - SHADOW] PALADIN - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - HOLY / RET] MAGE - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - ARCANE W/ FIRE OS] LOOT SYSTEM: Loot Council RAID DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday TIMES: 7:30 PM EST – 11 PM EST (1AM – 4 AM GMT) EXPERIENCE: <Epidemic> isn’t our original guild name. We are players from several guilds from several different servers. We all were previously in <Pull Your Weight> on Twinstar’s Hades realm. We have extensive leadership from Warmane’s Lordaeron realm. Our guild on Lordaeron was <Envy>. WHERE CAN I APPLY?: http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com/ DISCORD INFO: Add Kev#8652
  6. Hello everyone! <Mint Condition> is opening up for everyone to join! The guild was recently started up again by three IRL friends who raided together way back on retail, and we are seeking to replicate the success we had back then on Angrathar! However, the raiding aspect is something that we will start on this summer. As of now, we are aiming at creating a fun and social environment where everyone can join in. Whether you are doing PvP, random dungeons or questing out in the world you can always find someone to team up with. If you are interested, reply here in the post or in-game (my name is the same in-game). Hope to see you in-game! //Chu
  7. Who Are We? We are a small group of friends that have played on various other private servers and games for several years. Our goal is to share the sense of community that our guild enjoys to the server at large, with a focus on tackling challenging content in the spirit of mutual fun and respect. We're currently looking for all dedicated players to help build up our 10 and 25 man rosters for Ulduar. What-to-Expect An active raiding core that is prepared to tackle all content that WotLK WoW offers led by leadership experienced in HC raiding. A relaxed, patient and mature raid environment that aims to help players get to a raid-ready standard while also expecting results. Fair treatment. Nobody is favoured based on previous friendships or rank. This is reflected in our democratic loot council system which is based on attendance, performance, gear upgrades and personal dedication. Raiding Schedule Thursday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Tuesday: 00:00 - 3:00 Server Time These times may be subject to change if we reach a consensus in wanting to push the raid. How to Apply We initially prefer in-game contact if you are interested in joining us. If you cannot find any officers online however, you can refer to our website to submit an application showing your interest and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact Information Officers: Sylvain (on Discord as Danny#1598) + Szopa (on Discord as Szopa#5213)
  8. Nakiri

    <West Coast> [NA] 25m

    <West Coast> About: West Coast is a legacy guild currently playing on Sunwell's 'Angrathar' wotlk server. We have a dedicated & active core who has recently been playing & clearing content on Elysium / Light's Hope Vanilla WoW servers, as well as a little bit on Ares TBC server. Some of our roots even go back as far as original retail Vanilla WoW. Our focus is on developing a positive team-oriented atmosphere with active Raiding and Progression through all the legacy content at the forefront of our accomplishments; with fun times, PvP, and more in between. We are a family style community with a strong core, always looking to grow & strengthen our community, and progress on to new challenges! Having fun with our crew and progressing through epic content is the #1 goal. 25 man raid focus, w/ optional 10 mans. NA based raid times and events (West Coast / PST focused). Current Progress: OS25: 1/1 +1 Drake Naxx25: 10/15 Raid Times [NA]: Sundays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) * Extra raid nights for 10 mans or extra 25 man progression during content releases may arise (likely on Monday or Wednesday evenings). Duration: Raids typically last about 3.5 hours, more or less depending on content and speed (break time included). (Always meet at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time for Invites. Allow extra time to prepare as necessary. Our raid time is our start time, aka zoned in and getting ready to pull.) Loot System: Loot Council What is expected from Raiders: - Play your role efficiently; put in the effort to get optimal gear and maximize your potential! - Maintain excellent raid attendance, generally 80% or above (IRL happens - we understand! Just communicate & notify us if things come up.) - Arrive on time and fully prepared with consumables & reagents for scheduled raid content - Bring a positive attitude (we are here to have fun!) - Be around & active... we are not just a raid-logging guild, we are a family! We do not identify ourselves as a "hardcore" guild, but everyone in our raiding roster is expected to do their part on a daily/weekly basis for the guild to progress and succeed. All members need to be coming prepared with all the required knowledge and consumables to every event in order for us to complete all content smoothly within our scheduled raid hours, and make progression less of a headache. We like to get stuff done while having fun, and so we raid with a semi-hardcore mentality. Slacking and a lazy attitude is not tolerated within our raids. Outside of raids we stay active and have fun hanging out together. Recruitment: High Need Shaman (Enhancement) Feral Druid Medium Need Rogue Warrior (Fury) Shaman (Resto) There is always room in our community for motivated players of all roles, with room to grow regardless of current status. Please do not hesitate to contact any guild leadership in-game or inquire about any further info, and apply if interested! Cheers Contact: Guild Leader - Nakiri Officer(s) - Laralette, Fazerz
  9. Xemni

    [NA] Alliance - Retro

    Greetings, my name is Xemni, and I am the current guild master of the North American raiding guild, Retro. We've moved over here this time around, since we wanted a go around again with Wrath of the Lich King content. We are North American based, but we don't mind players from other regions as long as they are capable of making the raid days and times, and are capable of accepting criticism, and improving when assistance is offered. Our raid days as of right now are Tuesdays, and Wednesday, at 6:30 PST / 8:30 CT. We typically raid for 3 hours, sometimes, if the whole group is willing, we extend the times, but only if everyone is willing. We expect you to have consumables, and your gear gem'd and enchanted (I understand if you're taking lower end gems or enchants at first, its expensive) You will be responsible for bringing frost resist gear for Saph 25, and for knowing the encounters in the raids. We don't mind explaining fights for those that haven't done them, but we'd like for everyone to have at the least watched one of the many video's available on the mechanics of the fights, to get a basic understanding of what to expect. Do not bring a shitty attitude into my raids. Progression raiding can be frustrating, but pissing everyone else off is not going to make a boss die any faster. We want everyone including our selves to have fun, so try and show up with a smile. We've rolled here around the first of March, and as of right now we've fully cleared Naxxramas 10, and Sarth is dead. Naxxramas 25 has kicked off, with 6/15 on a tuesday, and then followed up with a 11/15 on our first full raid lockout. As of now, we've already broke our record for bosses dead in one raid day on this server, and are likely going to be at Saph on Tuesday. We currently have 2 10 man raiding groups assembled that run each week. We aim to have a third group running soon, and potentially more. Should it be within grasp, a second 25 man may be formed in the future perhaps. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We currently have most of our 25 man rounded out, but we are looking for the following at this time: 1 or 2 mages 1 or 2 ele shamans 1 RELIABLE Resto Druid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules, and things to consider before joining. 1. Don't be a dick to your fellow guild mates. We're building a community, and thus you should respect your fellow peers. If you have an issue that can't be resolved on your own with another member, hit up an officer. 2. You ninja loot, you're kicked. I'm not building a guild to harbor scum bags. If you're stealing gear you have no business taking from others, I wont have you in my guild. If you've ran a group with a guild member of mine, whom has ninja'd anything, please grab a screen shot and hit me up in game or on the forums, and i'll investigate it and take care of it. 3. Don't be a child, and have a back bone. We've never been about policing and censoring other members. We're (usually) all adults, a lot of us in our mid 20's. If words on the internet typically offend you, then we're probably not the guild for you. We're not going to spam the chat with non stop autism, but we promote people talking to each other, and trying to have a little fun, maybe joking around and what not. I don't want a guild with no guild chat, it feels so dead when no one is communicating. 4. If you don't understand something, speak up. We're not going to make fun of you, we understand. Not everyone has realistically done or seen all the content, or played every class. We get that some players have questions, and we have no issue answering them. Do not let us get 3 pulls in on a progression boss, and hit us with the "I don't know the mechanics xD". 5. If you're taking from the guild bank, GIVE to the guild bank. I usually have a few tabs open for general use among the guild, but if you're taking and not contributing, thats a problem. 6. We do loot council here. We consider things like attendance and performance, as well as what is considered your best in slot. If you're punctual, and perform well, you'll get gear. Ez pz no problem. If you vanish every other raid without informing someone, do less DPS than the tanks, and chain afk every pull? Yeah, you'll be the last to get loot, and probably the last to get a raid invite. 7. Notify us if you can't make a raid. 24 hours in advance. I run a 3 strike no say, no show policy. You don't show up without saying anything 3 times? You get the bench on extreme cases, or a loot ban for a few raids, on some not so extreme cases. 8. Joining our Discord is R E Q U I R E D. You aren't going to be forced to speak to people in it and socialize, but we do require you to be in it to receive announcements, and for raiding. A Mic isn't required. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- why choose us, over the competition? We have officers and raiders within our community that have years of experience with this game and its content. Our officers experience varies from high end PvP with some of the best to play this game, to US top 100 Guild Progression while the content was relevant. Our core has already cleared this content on other servers with roughly the same tuning, and already know what to expect going into these raids. We manage to have fun playing this game as a group of close friends, while also performing at a high level of play. We've never been about having a drill sergeant of a raid leader scream orders at everyone during a raid, and we're always about promoting a fun raid environment. All we've ever asked, or ever will ask, is that when it comes time to push content, that you focus up and give it your all. We're also always here to coach a player looking for answers, our raiders and officers are intimately familiar with many classes (In the case of me, i've played a rogue for nearly 10 years) and are always willing to point someone who may not be familiar in the right direction, should they be seeking assistance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Joining? Hit up Xemni, Shatterz, Supfam, Creepingdose, Kaoxic, Thiccdaddy, or Medry. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14/15 Naxx 25 15/15 Naxx 10 OS 10 2D 1/1 OS 25 2D 1/1
  10. <Nihilus Gaming> We are a group of semi-casual gamers who are coming together with one goal in mind: Progression! Our officers are experienced and know what it takes to manage and run a raiding guild. As for raiding times we look to the weekends, for availability purposes. !!CURRENTLY NEEDED ROLES!! -Melee DPS -Ranged DPS -Plate Healer -Cloth Healer We're not really in total need of tanks but, a few extras would be nice. WE WILL FREQUENTLY UPDATE THIS LIST AS WE BUILD OUR 10 AND 25 MAN ROSTERS. If interested, contact me on Discord: CorvOnTheCob#9255
  11. nekomi15

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA]

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA] Recruiting one off tank for our first 10 man group as well as a full Group 2 Core(All Classes) including a raid lead. The guild is focused on 10 man semi-hardcore raiding with the intent to hit 25 mans as well. We intend to raid Wed/Thurs from 830est-1130est roughly. We are a tight-knit skilled group looking for more players to simply enjoy Wotlk and all of its content. We approach the game in a casual and fun manner (as per our guild name) , but have full intentions of progressing through the content fast with a competitive mindset PST me in discord (Nekomi#7153) or Nekomia in game! IF you are looking for a laid back guild that is still committed to raiding.
  12. Greetings, fellow players! Our raiding guild "Missed Lethal" is recruiting everyone interested in raiding in the future with us and establishing a stable core to progress even into the Icecrown Citadel! Our past expirience comes from many successful raids on private Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath servers, and we seek equally capable players to join us. Recruiting: We are currently recruiting players from the European playerbase, all ranged classes(Mages,locks, warlocks) and healers except paladins (resto druids, priests, shamans) Our raiding times are as follows : Thursdays / Saturdays / Sundays : 18:30 Server Time (with the first raid being the moment naxx opens, aiming for trash clear + instructor razuvios and a couple more) Loot rules: Main spec/off spec rolling for the first phase of raiding, DKP implementing if most of the playerbase agrees on it.
  13. Greetings, Following are the classes we are currently in need of: Frost Death Knight, Arcane Mage, Ret/Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Arms/Fury Warrior, Balance Druid. <Energy> is an english-speaking international guild that is now recruiting players of all persuasions! Our goal is to create a guild of friends that can have fun with every aspect of this game, while also having a respectable presence within the raiding community. While we aim to have our core group of raiders that clear content in a timely and efficient manner, we understand that raiding isn't the end-all-be-all for a lot of people, and raiders oftentimes like to do other things as well. Whether you want to raid, run premade battlegrounds, push that 2k rating, achievement hunt, or just chill and socialize, <Energy> is a home for everyone. If you would like to be a part of our core raiding team, below is an outline of what our expectations and schedule will look like. What we expect from you: Be prepared - This means knowing your class/spec, having buff food/flasks/pots, and knowing the encounters we're facing. While the guild will aim to supply members with any food/flasks/pots/etc. that may not always be possible, so make sure to be prepared for that situation. Be punctual - Be online and ready for raid invites at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. Be zoned in to the raid at least 5 minutes prior to first pull. We understand things come up, and real life always comes before games. However, we expect our raiders to give us notice that they may be late, or that they won't show up at all. Be receptive - There are times when constructive feedback is provided and discussed within the raid environment. It is important that you are willing to accept feedback and suggestions as to how to improve performance without becoming defensive or getting offended. Be adaptive - Oftentimes in a raid environment the same strategies don't work for everyone. Be able to quickly adapt to strategy changes, and unforeseen situations within encounters. What we expect from our leadership: Be honest - To be honest in all aspects of the guild, current and future goals. Be respectful - To be respectful of all guild members. Be a role model - To set an example of the standards for fellow guildmates. Be receptive - Everyone within the guild may not agree with a certain decision. Always be receptive to constructive criticism and feedback from guildmates, and bring all concerns to the rest of the guild to decide on a course of action that benefits everyone. Raid times: We plan to raid 2-4 days out of the week, depending on what suits our core group. Our times are as follows: 13:00 - 16:00 GMT+1 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+8 23:00 - 2:00 AEDT 4:00am - 7:00am PST 7:00am - 10:00am EST We understand that these times are rather weird for most people, but we still invite you to join us regardless! These will be the times of our raid team led by myself and other officers in this time slot. If a group of friends or someone willing to recruit your own raid team would like to make <Energy> your home, but requires different raiding times, we can make accommodations so you have the ability to start your own group within your time slot! If anything I've said within sounds appealing, please check out our website: http://energy-angrathar.shivtr.com/ Also, feel free to hop into our Discord for a chat or for any other questions you may have about us! https://discord.gg/jvjN4Ft