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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all. I lf people which interesting to do kara raid in weekdays. Raids will be starting between 8-10 AM ST. What day? It will all depends what most people will prefer. In this moment i need all clases. If you are interesting pls write here or join discord channel : https://discord.gg/m6mgP56 and write here what you prefer : hours or raid start, days raiding, and what class you will play. Regards Moonylight
  2. New guild With Sunwell EXP leadership from retail, former top 50 US guild raiders. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8PM EST till 12AM EST (2am to 6am ST) currently 9/11 kara 1/2 gruul LF : (updated as of Jan 14th) Weekday raid needs 2 X Warlock 2 X resto shaman 1 X Hunter 1 X shadow Priest 1 X Moonkin 1X ELE shaman 1X resto Druid 1X holy pally 2 x rogue Other exceptional applicants feel free to apply. Have TBC exp or high end exp in other Xpac's thanks For more info whisper Tripel , truckergut or Cixy in game.
  3. The Ashen Verdict reputation rings are posted above. Those are the revered versions, the exalted versions come with a slight bit more stats and an gem socket. Revered is the posted version because it's the first version with the Equip proc. That equip proc is what carries those rings to BIS rings. Now below is a screenshot of the math for ICC trash farming for rep before Marrowgar; As is it can be seen that revered can be reached in 20,500 reputation. (41,250 - 21,000) + 250 *the +250 is because you get the 250 bonus rep from achieving revered with the Ashen Verdict so it only matters for the exalted ring. Also as can be seen in the screenshot above 10m nets 885 reputation and 25m nets 1005 reputation. If we assume the same clear times for the trash then the bottom equation in the above screenshot will tell us how long it takes to achieve revered; Revered 10m = ((20250 - 0) / 885) / 5) = 4.576271186440678 hours = 4 hours 34 minutes 34 seconds Exalted 10m = ((41250 - 0) / 885) / 5) = 9.322033898305085 hours = 9 hours 19 minutes 19 seconds Revered 25m = ((20250 - 0) / 1005) / 5) = 4.029850746268657 hours = 4 hours 1 minute 47 seconds Exalted 25m = ((41250 - 0) / 1005) / 5) = 8.208955223880597 hours = 8 hours 12 minutes 32 seconds *revered bolded because it is half the time of exalted and is the most relevant rep level to obtain. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What I'm trying to do is fill a raid to farm the trash before Lord Marrowgar on Wednesday's release of ICC in the early afternoon US time (my time) so I'd like to start between noon and 1pm CST which if I recall is between 7pm and 8pm server time. If a 25m can't be done easily I'd do it in 10m too as it's 33 minutes more work according to math of 5 instance clears per hour seen above.
  4. In all fairness, I'm doing this to find more ways to gear myself and some of my friends more consistently, but also to bring together raiders that may have fallen through the cracks of their own guilds. If there is a lot of interest, I propose a dedicated set of rules, taking a public Google poll for availability, sign-ups ahead of time, including reserves, raid leader/organizer roles, and an attendance policy. So basically, it would include all the usual policies that a guild would implement to keep things sane, but it's not limited to one guild. In fact, I'd encourage guild officers to practice their social skills by running some of these, assuming that there's enough interest in the first place
  5. kutonapletes

    [Report] Raicer

    Raid leader said it's 2D, when only 1 drake was alive at the beginning.
  6. Hello Sunwell community, I want to make this weekend , probably tomorrow friday 29/06/2018 or Saturday 30/06/2018 at 19:00 ST the most sickest Naxxramas and EoE run. WHY?? would you ask.. well as most of you know the mount from Glory of the Raider 25 will be removed in 2 weeks, which means we have only 2 id's to make this happen. What is the purpose of this run? The main purpose is to get the Achievemnt "Glory of the Raider 25" and one of the best looking proto-drakes in the game with 310% speed aswell which is the Black Proto Drake. This includes the hardest achivement "The Immortal". The rest of the achievments are pretty easy and they can be done within those 2 id's really easily. The main goal will be to do the 20 man EOE & 20 man Naxx (while making our 1st attempt at the Immortal) the 1st week, and to finish the Immortal + EOE 25 under 6 minutes the 2nd week. My requirements will be pretty nasty but I want to gather the best people in the server to get this done. Here is what you need: -Full knowladge of the game bosses + Full Naxx 25 & EOE 25 achievements pre-Sunwell nerf. -4.3k GS (this approximatly, meaning that if you are 4.2k gs but you are a beast player you will have your spot). I wouldnt consider trying to join if you are under 4k GS since this makes me think you haven't done naxx pre-nerf. Most of the people that raided this months Naxx 25 were around 4.2-4.3k GS so that will be my minimum requirement. -You need Discord + Being able to listen & talk if necessary. -If you fail multiple times and makes us fail the Immortal you won't be invited for the next week attempt. -Full gems/flasks/food + enchants will be required as usual. -The inviting system for the 2nd week will be done by calendar and the days will be Friday or Saturday most likely. -The Undying achievement is required + glory of the raider 10 man before Ulduar patch is a big plus. -You need to have time (around 4 hours) , Don't join if you are going to leave or if you have another appointment going on. Good luck for everybody! I think I don't forget anything. If you guys are hyped to do this and motivated. Hit me up ingame and lets make this happen. If you want to add anything let me know over replying on the forums or just /w me ingame. Best Regards Drshen and lets make this happen!
  7. ladyhetfield6

    [EU] [Horde] SKRA

    SKRA is an EU guild looking for exceptional PVE players. Ulduar 10man and 25man (Yogg Saron down) plus all content on farm. Main raids are held every Thursday and every Sunday at 21:00 ST. We also work on 10man (5/9 HM), also we are starting to progress on 25man HM. We are in need for Holy paladins, Restoration shamans, Holy priests and Restoration druids.
  8. <Epidemic> [NA] The last hardcorelul EST guild. Fun hardcore environment. PALAS/boom/lock/mage prior. Rest welcome. Recruiting for HM Uld Progession. 8/9 10mHM, 2/9 25HM. Wed Thu Sun Mon- 7:30 PM EST - 11:00 PM EST. http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com ! Our raid environment is very fun, but hardcore with the goal of progressing to Algalon. Need paladins very badly! Casters in high demand as well. Currently working on XT, Hodir and Thorim. Should be moving on to others Soon TM. Whisper Ragnoreean/Ragnorian/Ragnorbank. Kev/kevbtw, Saii/Bigstrongdad for more info.
  9. Miecz&Kciuk

    Raid id extension

    What the f***?
  10. Nakiri

    <West Coast> [NA] 25m

    <West Coast> About: West Coast is a legacy guild currently playing on Sunwell's 'Angrathar' wotlk server. We have a dedicated & active core who has recently been playing & clearing content on Elysium / Light's Hope Vanilla WoW servers, as well as a little bit on Ares TBC server. Some of our roots even go back as far as original retail Vanilla WoW. Our focus is on developing a positive team-oriented atmosphere with active Raiding and Progression through all the legacy content at the forefront of our accomplishments; with fun times, PvP, and more in between. We are a family style community with a strong core, always looking to grow & strengthen our community, and progress on to new challenges! Having fun with our crew and progressing through epic content is the #1 goal. 25 man raid focus, w/ optional 10 mans. NA based raid times and events (West Coast / PST focused). Current Progress: OS25: 1/1 +1 Drake Naxx25: 10/15 Raid Times [NA]: Sundays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) * Extra raid nights for 10 mans or extra 25 man progression during content releases may arise (likely on Monday or Wednesday evenings). Duration: Raids typically last about 3.5 hours, more or less depending on content and speed (break time included). (Always meet at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time for Invites. Allow extra time to prepare as necessary. Our raid time is our start time, aka zoned in and getting ready to pull.) Loot System: Loot Council What is expected from Raiders: - Play your role efficiently; put in the effort to get optimal gear and maximize your potential! - Maintain excellent raid attendance, generally 80% or above (IRL happens - we understand! Just communicate & notify us if things come up.) - Arrive on time and fully prepared with consumables & reagents for scheduled raid content - Bring a positive attitude (we are here to have fun!) - Be around & active... we are not just a raid-logging guild, we are a family! We do not identify ourselves as a "hardcore" guild, but everyone in our raiding roster is expected to do their part on a daily/weekly basis for the guild to progress and succeed. All members need to be coming prepared with all the required knowledge and consumables to every event in order for us to complete all content smoothly within our scheduled raid hours, and make progression less of a headache. We like to get stuff done while having fun, and so we raid with a semi-hardcore mentality. Slacking and a lazy attitude is not tolerated within our raids. Outside of raids we stay active and have fun hanging out together. Recruitment: High Need Shaman (Enhancement) Feral Druid Medium Need Rogue Warrior (Fury) Shaman (Resto) There is always room in our community for motivated players of all roles, with room to grow regardless of current status. Please do not hesitate to contact any guild leadership in-game or inquire about any further info, and apply if interested! Cheers Contact: Guild Leader - Nakiri Officer(s) - Laralette, Fazerz
  11. <Nihilus Gaming> We are a group of semi-casual gamers who are coming together with one goal in mind: Progression! Our officers are experienced and know what it takes to manage and run a raiding guild. As for raiding times we look to the weekends, for availability purposes. !!CURRENTLY NEEDED ROLES!! -Melee DPS -Ranged DPS -Plate Healer -Cloth Healer We're not really in total need of tanks but, a few extras would be nice. WE WILL FREQUENTLY UPDATE THIS LIST AS WE BUILD OUR 10 AND 25 MAN ROSTERS. If interested, contact me on Discord: CorvOnTheCob#9255