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Found 20 results

  1. Hey sunwell, my Dear Cule and others. We have so bad situation on the server with some kind of scripts like pqr and patches.mpq. Can u start doing something with that? Everytime i play arenas, im playing vs pqr players or range hack players whos hittin me from like 10yd, its fair? It's fair that ppl with that kind of stuff getting high ratings and getting prizes? Why u doin nothin, i'm reporting evertime on tickets if some1 abusing it, warriors like Unexpectable, Casein, Dinozzo those are 100%. Can't record that shitt because i have so bad computer stuff and laggy everthing. It's for real so annoying to play, like second warmane. It's so hard to watch few arenas (10min) to check this out if someone report? Or do some serverside hack check? Don't ignore PVP sunwell, we are here too and want to have fun with that. Thank's
  2. Girthygoob

    Interrupt Bar that works???

    Downloaded the Interrupt bar from sunwell.pl/addons, also tried DLing all 3.0-3.3.5 Interrupt bar addons from various sites and none of them seem to work. Anyone have a link to a good version of this?
  3. zapalka

    PvP titles for HK

    Hello! I have talked about this subject with GM, but they are not interested in introducing such a system to the game. As I know, on WotLK realm this system work, so I don't understand why they don't want it on TBC realm. It's about introducing PvP titles for your Honorable Kill as it was on Vanilla. It is an opportunity to stimulate of the world's PvP and BG, and thus give more fun to the game. I think you'll admit that it's better to kill Sergeant or Warlord than Scout / Private or just nobody... What do you think about it? Should they introduce such a system into the game?
  4. Yo sup, anybody knows how exactly the mmr system here works? I always thought that after some time, it would just q you against anybody (maybe increasing the mmr range progressively). Now we have been waiting in queue for 8 minutes and two teams few hundreds mmr below us are playing against each other x times in a row. So I´m just curious what´s the rule here?
  5. Yo, this is not a bug report and I know how to report bugs, but since this is a global problem I just want everybody to share their experiences. Plus the thing it´s been reported for months with zero response doesn´t help either, but that´s another issue. Anyway, all warlock players have noticed that pets are close to useless. What I´ve noticed - 1) Can´t use their abilities when not in LoS- it just says "Target not linen in sight" instead of the pet running to use desired ability and returning as it should be.) 2) Doesn´t transfer combat to warlock- When you send your pet to attack enemy, warlock should be in combat. That basically means no sap. The cherry on the cake for me is when I´m in CC, my pet is literally hitting an enemy player and I get saped. 3) Generally weird behaviour, you send it to your target, it returns for no reason, sometimes it walks retardedly slow, etc. I´m not sure if this applies for other pet classes as well, so feel free to contribute so that we can create a thorough bug report.
  6. Hi to all, I want to ask about the PvP status on this server. I've read about a balance big problem, because Alliance are more and better than Horde, but this was a month ago. So, exist that problem already? or is more balanced now? I know that Alliance is "more PvP oriented", especially because humans have 1 more trinket, but I've read about a 90% alliance victory, and this is to exaggerated. I always have played in Alliance, and I'm starting in this server as a horde, but if I will have this problem, I think I will play in alliance. I don't want to play in the winner horse, I only want to have fun in PvP, starting in BGs for the first gear, and preparing to arenas. I know that I can find a PvP guild to improve the experience in Horde, but I'm a academic student, and I haven't got time, so I need to play in randoms when I have time. Please, I want yours honest opinions, I think 90% win rate for Alliance is almost impossible and is a exaggeration, but I don't know. So, is fun to play PvP in the Horde? Pd. I see that a new PvP season start soon, can this change the PvP balance? Thanks to all, and i'm sorry if anything is written wrong, I'm from Spain and I try to write without the Google translate (it's so bad) for practice my English.
  7. Mrsony1981


    Battlegrounds are not fun most of the times it eather ally afk or horde... Im sick and tired of it. The problem is ppl with 2k gs can play with Gladiators and its retarded if u ask me.
  8. _______________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION TALENTS GLYPHS STATS ENCHANTS GEMS PROFESSIONS POISONS RACES MACROS CHANGELOG _______________________________________________________________________________ 1. INTRODUCTION 2. TALENTS 3. GLYPHS 4. STATS 5. ENCHANTS 6. GEMS 7. PROFESSIONS 8. POISONS 9. RACES 10. MACROS 11. CHANGELOG
  9. Knewklear

    International - PvP - Feel Bad Inc

    Recruiting anyone with an interest for PvP. That means no level or skill req. We are the only pure PvP guild here. Premade BGs, arenas, WG, WPvP, For the Alliance raids, twinking, etc. You name it, we do it. Whisper me in-game for info or an inv or message me here.
  10. Hello, I am looking for players to create a guild based on a social game. Our main assumptions are: 1. No power leveling and multiboxing 2. We do not use Heirloom items 3. Focus on collecting achievements 4. Moving the classic-bc-wotlk content with the level stop / for achievements and future transmogs 5. Invasions to strategic horde villages 6. Guild Battlegrounds 7. Instances and raids at weekends 8. PvP events with cash prizes 9. Maximum 1 alt per one person 10. Active help and a common game Our expectations: 1. Be friendly and have a positive attitude 2. 100 Quests Completed 3. Become an Artisan in a profession It will not be a massive guild - the number of seats will be limited to 30-35 for the start. All interested please send a private message to the forum.
  11. Hello, I was wondering about what soft-caps u need as affliction pvp lock in the current expansion. Some of them I do know, but when it comes to others I have no idea what is better at this very moment. So I'll list them all here so people can see/correct and use for the future. Legend: *= i'm not sure, it's the most common answer I got Hit = 5% (actually u need 2% if you took the affliction hit talent 3%) * Spell penetration = 130 * Haste = ? (what are the soft caps?) Resilience = ? (a soft cap?) Crit = ? (I know you don't really need this as affliction but some items like pvp wrists only have either crit or spirit, so dunno what's better between them) Spirit = ? Spell Power = ? P.S. As for the meta gem, I use spell power + reduce stun by 10% but I see that some people use crit and increse crit dmg.
  12. <Valium> the critically acclaimed PvP/social guild is looking for new recruits!!! (INTERNATIONAL GUILD / ENGLISH SPEAKING) As some of you may know, Valium kind of died but is now under new leadership. We hope to revive the community that we once had by recruiting more blood-thirsty Horde players, and putting an emphasis on creating social/friendly environment for players of all skill levels. Please whisper Xandronius or Deltafox in-game for an invite!! We have tabard, guild bank, discord and about 50 players at the moment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for reading!! FOR THE HORDE! Best Regards, Xandronius
  13. gosposia29

    Arms LF Heal 2s [ A ]

    Hi A War Deadly 2h / Greathnes 3,8 PvP Gear Nice arena EXP LF Nice and chill Heal, easy take 2,2+ Farm AP > Take Gear. Pref H Pala / R Dudu /w Paulina
  14. Hey! I freshly came here and i found only one bug yet on my adventure. When i heal -so drop out boomkin form- my character DISAPPEAR for a very short time. so i don t see a nelf or a boomkin too. The suggestion In case that boomies are very weak in pvp i recommend to healing spells and mounting do not drop out from boomkin form,and maybe it gonna help that be a viable choice in pvp. in bg-s it doesnt matter, but in duels and 2v2 even i think 3v3 it could be very important,and maybe it could be better and more playable since we have serious mana issues,survivability problems etc. Thanks so much! Have fun
  15. Up until recently I was under the impression the unfortunate queue times my friends and I had attempting to group queue as 5 or more was simply unlucky due to NA pop being less. After seeing multiple European players complain about the same issue however has led me to believe the examples aren't purely anecdotal. A dev can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong however it seems the queue system is prioritizing groups VS groups, which is fine. However according to some players an addon named "Preform AV Enabler" is being used which will soloQ a raid group so they don't register as a group per se. Again, this wouldn't be an issue if the people who queued was perfectly balanced but its not. Alliance using this will seldom get their whole group into the same BG meanwhile the horde who use it will very often get the intended result. This has led to a state of prem VS pug farm even though there is an entire group ready and queue'd up but don't get a pop. Now working towards a solution, with the private servers I've played on, eliminating prem VS prem priority is not the way to go about this because those games are the most enjoyable form of BG for a lot of pvpers. I'm also not sure about banning the addon because there are other ways of replicating what the addon does. Made this post so hopefully the Devs can monitor it and check out other people's suggestions because I'm sure I'm not the only one saying I enjoy joining a queue with friends and would like to not get skipped for hours when there is another available group of players who are just avoiding. Feel free to post suggestions.
  16. My name - SemperReported player's name - Well, it's a group behaviour so I can't list names because it's on the dozens.Date - 06 - March - 2018Rule that was broken - 7. Bug using is strictly prohibited. The players should report bugs (through the BugTracker). The default punishment for bug-using (exploiting the bugs for own profit) is 30 days of account suspension, though it can be increased or decreased by the Game Master solving the case, taking into considerations things such as: (...)Description - People in Alterac Valley are exploiting the state of Marshalls. From my perspective, Horde players ignore towers and other BG mechanics and rush to alliance base to single pull and kill Marshalls one by one before engaging boss. I already made the report on bugtracker and it was tagged as such, but while it's getting fixed the AV is being completely made a joke of by ignoring BG strats with blatant abuse by pretty much every AV group on horde side.Evidence - https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues/676 <-Report I made on 25-Feb-2018 Screenshot This is collective behaviour, but I can easily keep taking SS with and posting them here. Since it's RBG, it's never the same group of people but players overall who are doing this every BG they can. Either fix the bug, warn the players to stop doing this or close BG till it's fixed. But you shouldn't have an open BG where people can simply ignore objectives and win by abusing an easier way every single time. Otherwise both factions will start doing the same as a whole and ignore each other to just go towers. I've already read some people in Ally saying we should CC the Marshalls and kill Horde General with all towers up. Edit: Another BG with different players doing the same.
  17. Will the rewards be as same as on feronis? So saison glad for 2s rank1 and 3s rank1 or will there be just rewards for 3s?
  18. Athel

    Level 60 Twink

    Hello, anyone interested in lvl 60 twinking, with later progression to 70, and later to 80? (69/79 levels too .. both pvp/pve ) EDIT: For any of you interested in lvl 60 / 70 twinking, join me in guild Valar Morghulis (GuM : Zesu) - ALLIANCE SIDE! Let's make a community grow!
  19. Goldelian

    Gladius and Intrrerupt Bar

    Anyone has found a working version for Angrathar? Thanks!
  20. Hi, Mats to rare gems for 10k honor will be added ? I'm twink 79 with 75k honor since 2 weeks and this will help me a lot .