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Found 21 results

  1. Nasce la gilda nameless

    Buonasera a tutti gli italiani. Oggi 17 settembre nascono i nameless lato orda...gilda formata da italiani. Chi avrà giocato su shard italiani sicuramente si ricorderà di noi. Abbiamo intenzione di fare progress con la gilda dal Leveling fino ai vari raid, fare tutto a step. Qualora abbiate interesse ad aggregarvi a noi wispate nabborco tossix e freddolinha. P.s. for the horde.
  2. Arms PVE BiS

    I'm looking for the current bis gear for arm's warrior. I tried my best with RAWR to make a list for the current state. This is what came out of it. https://gyazo.com/9192f613f12e1acf831ffa356933f8fa I'm very insecure about the trinkets and the Wep, because that would mean losing the crit of axes. My only other option would be the pole weapon of General or the one of Yog Both bring worse numbers than Voldrethar(https://gyazo.com/fc002f52b3cb449f067f8f9ff9c43e16). Furthermore he recommends 4 arp gems which would make me have 100% arp at procs. How wrong or correct is this all? The equipment on the picture is t 8.5 helmet, shoulders, chest and hands neck of hodir Faceless general back bracelets of Bedlam Voldrethar Twirling blades Belt of colosal rage yog hardmode leather pants EOE 25 shoes Branns Signet Ring and Band of Lights Gems are Mostly STR but Hands and cloack which is STR + CRIT and meta is CRIT+3%dmg.
  3. < K H A L I L>

    When you going to read our topic please play this song while you reading our topic thank you so much. K H A L I L is a newly formed guild with a long history on other servers, we are trying to balance out fun and progression with a lot of inside jokes, chatting and fun raids. A lot of people are asking us why this name. For us Khalil means friends and love; helping each other and loving each other P.S. no homo, keep it peace! We're making our own guild because we have our unique atmosphere in the raids along with laughters and jokes. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds on the server but that journey requires a lot of energy and patience from our members. Our leadership can lead you into glories but also teach a lot of things and meet you with meaning of leadership in our vision. Khalil has always preferred friendly environment over raid success, we would like to become better and better and be rated as one of the best guilds, which we are slowly trying to get to. We are currently looking for friendly people capable of both speaking and understanding English language that either know their class and the tactics, or are willing to learn from the people that are more experienced. For now, we have only had one raid in which we managed to clear the entire Naxxramas 10man and Obsidian Sanctum 10 with 2 drakes alive. MOAR INCOMING!!! The loot system we'll be using is EP/GP mixed with council loot on trinkets, weapons and tokens to make sure we balance our gear out to progress faster. Raiding day(s): Friday 8pm-12am server time (Going to add some more days after our first guild meeting). Would you want to enjoy raiding with friendly people, a lot of jokes and become a part of the Khalil family? You can either leave us a message here on the forums or message Papartank,or Lenna in-game for more information or a straight guild invite. Currently in need of: Hpala+ C/A-rouge+ Tank. Regardless the class situation, knowledgeable and nice people are always welcomed.
  4. [EU] [Horde] SKRA

    SKRA is an EU guild looking for exceptional PVE players. Ulduar 10man and 25man (Yogg Saron down) plus all content on farm. Main raids are held every Thursday and every Sunday at 21:00 ST. We also work on 10man (5/9 HM), also we are starting to progress on 25man HM. We are in need for Holy paladins, Restoration shamans, Holy priests and Restoration druids.
  5. <A> >Made In Italy>

    Ciao a tutti Abbiamo appena creato la gilda italiana Made In Italy lato Ally. Siamo in pieno levelling ed accettiamo tutti. Wispate Bantur, Milfcatz, Sbrodolina per essere addati. Ci si vede in game e vi aspettiamo numerosi, bellaaaaaaa
  6. hello i am a priest that has some questions about the rotation of a shadow priest. i have read alot of forums about the rotation/opener. but one thing i see is that all the openers are different. i have played around with a handfull of openers as for now i use: (VT > MB > MF > SW.P > DP) or (VT > DP > MB > MFx2 > SW.P) but before i start that i usually use Renew a few sec before pull, to proc trinkets etc, then i use Inner Focus > Shadowfiend > Opener i have 4.150gs and i get at max 3.8dps on a dummy with only my own buffs(no flask or potion). however i did get 4k dps on a dummy(my buffs) once back when i had worse gear(i think i had around 3.8/3.9gs) i just think that i got lucky with procs or whatever, but i believe my class has more potential. Bonus Damage(spellpower) 2267, (2077 unbuffed) Hit Rating: 266(Im Draenei) Crit chance: 11.06%/193 Rating Haste: 607/18.51% what im asking is if other shadow priests or someone who knows the class would like to share their opener, dummy dps, and stats and additional helpful information im not sorry for bad english
  7. Welcome Sunwell Team, First of all my english is not the best but i will try my best. So let start my problem at the beginning. I am new player here, I came here from Elysium (vanilla server). I am really happy when find a new private server 1x and wotlk content. I start playing as a shaman and my plan to leveling in restoration talent tree. When i hit 15 lvl I joined to Dungeon Finder as a healer. After the first dungeon my observation is that I can not click on "NEED" button because it is grey and the item is "Cloth" that contains +spirit and +stamina. My question is the next, is it server option or something like this that i could not need on healer specific cloth items only just leather. I play this game so long time I know what is ninjalooting and greedy behavior, but it is a bit annoying that i click only on "GREED" button and no cloth wearer class (warlock/priest/mage) in the team and a tank warrior got it. As I mentioned I was playing on Elysium and Nostalrius. In Vanilla it is typical that healer wear cloth items such as paladin/druid/shaman for healing. Time changes in Wotlk content but under 70 lvl dungeon not drops new class special items. So my main question is Is it server option that i can not need items what i could wear? or What is the wrong with Dungeon Finder system? Thanks for reading P.S. Maybe better not to leveling as a healer if it is server option Greetings, Ironia
  8. Hello, I am looking for players to create a guild based on a social game. Our main assumptions are: 1. No power leveling and multiboxing 2. We do not use Heirloom items 3. Focus on collecting achievements 4. Moving the classic-bc-wotlk content with the level stop / for achievements and future transmogs 5. Invasions to strategic horde villages 6. Guild Battlegrounds 7. Instances and raids at weekends 8. PvP events with cash prizes 9. Maximum 1 alt per one person 10. Active help and a common game Our expectations: 1. Be friendly and have a positive attitude 2. 100 Quests Completed 3. Become an Artisan in a profession It will not be a massive guild - the number of seats will be limited to 30-35 for the start. All interested please send a private message to the forum.
  9. Assassination Rogue LITE Guide

    Hello, my name is Xemni, and I've been playing rogue for quite some time now (about 10 or so years). I intended to type this up initially and send it to a friend whom requested information on how to play the class, but seeing as I've seen a few players on the server doing questionable things, I figured i'd make this thread instead for those that would like some quick information to get the ball rolling playing what I consider one of the most fun classes in the game. 1. Talents You have two talent trees you typically play with, as a Muti rogue, and you'll likely end up using both if you're progressing through content. The first one you take is: 51/13/7 You're going to take this talent build earlier on. Mainly because your gear isn't in enough shape to put out enough energy return, or the damage to go deeper into combat as apposed to sub, so 5 points in relentless strikes helps you keep that energy flow going a bit, but this talent does start to lose its usefulness as your crit and haste get a bit higher up there. The haste from the combat tree starts to get more appealing to take, once you start getting more attack power as well. At about 4k - 4.5k GS, you can start running something like this: 51/18/2 At this point with your gear, you should have sufficient enough stats that you can drop the 5 points you had in Relentless strikes, and pick up the other 2 points in imp dags for that crit, and lightning reflexes for that haste (calculator doesn't show it, but check your talent tree in game to see what it offers) 4k - 4.5k is an estimate, if you find your self with more than enough energy, and you aren't feeling starved, you should be fine to take this build. You'll also want the haste as your attack power starts getting to 4k, as the EP value for Haste shoots up once you get that amount of attack power, you should be nearing that amount unbuffed around 4k - 4.5k GS. 2. Stat Priority You're a rogue, your main stat is of course agility. I'm not going to go super in depth in this, but keeping to the following, you should do alright: Get your hit to 315. Spell cap for your poisons. You don't need more than this, and considering you have a good raid comp, you may even be able to run less, but 315 is the magic number. 26/26 Expertise. Once you've met both those criteria, you next focus is your attack power. Don't gem straight attack power, 1 point of Agility will be typically worth more than 1 point of Attack Power, but you're aiming for about 4000 or so attack power unbuffed . Once you hit this, you're going haste. Crit is more valuable than armor penetration, so the items you're looking for should have a combination of Attack Power, Haste, Crit, also Hit and Expertise, assuming you aren't capped. Do keep in mind, this isn't in depth. If you want a better of idea of what stats you should be aiming for, I recommend building a spread sheet, and running simulations. I feel around 4k Attack power is a pretty safe area to switch to haste focus, but if you want an exact answer, you're going to want to sim. 3. Glyphs You want: Glyph of Hunger for Blood. Pretty straight forward, more free damage. This is a must have. Glyph of Mutilate. Reduces the energy cost of your main combo point builder. This is also a must. Glyph of Fan of Knives. Great choice to help with AoE, this isn't required, but I recommend it if you're the only rogue in your 25 man, other wise you can take.. Glyph of Tricks of the Trade. Ideally, you and the rogue are going to be trading this for the 15% damage boost it gives you guys. This glyph reduces the cool down. I'd say this is a must have when you get 2 piece T10, or if you have a rogue in your 25 man. As far as minor, take what you want. I recommend both Glyph of Safe Fall, and Glyph of Vanish however. I also like sprint, but its up to what you like. 4. The Basics Instant Poison on your main hand, and Deadly Poison on your off hand. You want the faster weapon in your off hand. Your damage is going to primarily come from your instant poison damage, and you apply it often through your Envenom buff. The idea behind this class is to keep Hunger for Blood up 100% of the time, SnD up 100% of the time, and to keep Envenom rolling for as long as possible. With your talents, Envenom refreshes SnD to its 5 point maximum, so keeping this buff up requires no effort. Hunger for Blood requires a bleed on the enemy target to use this ability. If you have classes in your raid that can toss a bleed up, then you don't have to worry about bleeding the target your self, but if you do not have a class that consistently applies a bleed to the target, you'll usually just use a 1 point rupture to refresh this. It is important to note that this is the only use for Rupture you're going to have. I know the set bonuses all increase your ruptures damage in T7 and 8, but this is a noob trap for Muti rogues. Just don't. To start a fight, assuming your raid is doing pull timers, wait for a second or two before pull, pop a potion of speed, and stealth. From there, you can do the following openers: With someone in raid applying bleed - Hunger for Blood, Mutilate, SnD, Mutilate, Envenom, Trinkets (if on use), Mutilate up to 4 or 5 Combo Points, Cold Blood, Envenom. wait for Envenom buff to get to 0 seconds, before you envenom again. You'll be doing your best to keep envenom up as often as you can, while keeping Hunger for Blood up. You have a talent called Overkill, which increases your energy regeneration for a set amount of time. When this expires, you can vanish and just continue doing your rotation, as vanish will pop overkill back on for a few more seconds, in some cases, it can also reset your haste potion as well, meaning you have the opportunity to use 3 per fight on some occasions. Doesn't always work, but when it does, its nice. If no one in your raid can apply a bleed - Open with Garrote, Hunger for Blood, SnD, Mutilate, Envenom, trinkets (if you have on use), Mutilate (1 or 2), Cold Blood, Envenom. Then continue along with the rotation from the first bullet point. The only difference here is every 60 seconds, you're going to have to throw up a 1 or 2 point rupture, and reapply Hunger for Blood. You do not want to let your energy cap, and you do not want to waste combo points. What I mean by wasting combo points, is if you're sitting at 4 points already, don't mutilate. You're wasting 1 - 2 Combo points, as it generates 2 non crit, and 3 with crit. Just Envenom at 4 combo points if you get it to 4. Its not worth using another ability to get the 1 combo point either. Just Envenom and continue on. If you have an envenom rolling still, and you have 4 or 5 cp's ready for another Envenom, just wait for the buff to fall off. Overlapping the buff is just wasting energy, and time on the buff. The idea is to stretch it out as long as possible, to get more instant poisons in. If you're required to use another poison, other than Deadly and Instant, Drop instant and apply the poison you'll be needing to your main hand. Like using Anesthetic poison to help with Gluth enrages, if you need your hunters working on Zombie Chow. Something to note, as mentioned by someone in the comments, you can try picking up a 1.3 swing speed dagger on the AH, and put the poison you'll need on that, and use a weapon swap macro and either auto attack the buff off Gluth, or Shiv it. As I commented right after, a death knight in our guild was playing around with this concept with their runes, to see if it was worth stacking Razorice and switching to Cinderglacier, and he found that when he did this, his runes stopped proccing. You may wish to try this on a dummy before you take this idea into a raid just to make sure your enchants and poisons still proc when you swap weapons, as I haven't tested this my self yet. 5. Misc. and Closing Some rogues will say Double Berserking is the way to go, while others will say Berserking on the main hand, with Mongoose on the off hand is the way. Numbers are comparable, with double berserking pulling ahead. Double berserking is also typically cheaper than grabbing Mongoose, but if for whatever reason Mongoose is just that much cheaper than Berserking, you're probably fine to grab one mongoose if you're struggling to make money. Shoulder enchants from Hodir Honored, and Wintergrasp are comparable. Hodir honored is obviously better, and exalted Hodir is most definitely better, but if you're in a pinch and need a quick enchant, the Wintergrasp shoulder enchant is not that much worse than the Hodir Honored enchant. I'm not going to leave a BiS list here, as I firmly believe in making your own, and what i'd consider BiS may differ from what another person may consider BiS, as if you're doing your best to min max, you would be considering things like raid comp for how much hit you're going to prio on your gear, which may open up for more damage oriented items, or maybe if you don't have things like Misery or a Draenei, you have to take more hit over straight damage items. That being said, there are some typical obvious choices for some items, like Fury of the Five Flights, as an example. So as you're looking at BiS lists, try and consider why it is they chose the items they did, and figure out if thats going to work for you. I'm not going to leave gems here, because i'm lazy. However, you can check this site out for ez gem research http://www.gemfinder.ga/ you ideally are going to gem Hit, and Expertise, to cap, and then Agility and Haste. You also want a nightmare tear to complete your meta requirement, or whatever the blue equivalent is called. I dont' remember the name, but I believe you want the agility and crit damage meta. Relentless Earthsiege Diamond, I believe its called. With all this being said, I find success with this class, with this information. This should be enough information for you to play this class reliably. If you're ever in need of a question being answered about Rogue, Xemni on the alliance, is always down to answer a question or two!
  10. <Nihilus Gaming> We are a group of semi-casual gamers who are coming together with one goal in mind: Progression! Our officers are experienced and know what it takes to manage and run a raiding guild. As for raiding times we look to the weekends, for availability purposes. !!CURRENTLY NEEDED ROLES!! -Melee DPS -Ranged DPS -Plate Healer -Cloth Healer We're not really in total need of tanks but, a few extras would be nice. WE WILL FREQUENTLY UPDATE THIS LIST AS WE BUILD OUR 10 AND 25 MAN ROSTERS. If interested, contact me on Discord: CorvOnTheCob#9255
  11. Closed

  12. World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Mage PvE Class Guide Contact: vaxsysl at gmail dottity com Table of content *Use [keywords] to quickly navigate to wanted section. Arcane Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Arc1] 2. Arcane dps rotation and CD usage [Arc2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Arc3] Fire Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Fire1][FFB1] 2. Fire dps rotation and CD usage [Fire2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Fire3] Mage and You 1. Race and professions [Mage1] 2. Mage in Raid [Mage2] 3. Macros [Mage3] 4. Addons & Interface [Mage4] 5. BiS item lists [Mage5] BiS gearlists for both specs *Check [T7a], [T7], [T8], [T9], [T10a], [T10]. • Pre-Naxx gearing (for progressive realms) • Tier 7 (Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum) • Tier 8 (Ulduar) • Tier 9 (Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia’s Lair) • Pre- ICC gearing (for standard 3.3.5a realms) • Tier 10 (Icecrown Citadel, Ruby Sanctum) Information Greetings, fellow practitioner of Arcane arts! Before we begin, I’d just say it out loud that it’s best when one discovers things on their own. It etches in our memories differently and we know things by heart rather than from memory. It would be best for one to build specs and do all other things step by step on their own, and have someone ask questions until one comes with the final answer. This guide is version 3.16, the 3.0 core finished on February 27th 2015 with many, many edits and lengthily postpones since I started playing mage in early 2012. It holds all the information necessary for one to come to know how Mage works in WotLK expansion! Have fun raiding and enjoy the game! If you have any questions or remarks, send me an e-mail and I’ll reply when I can. Last major edit happened in July 2017 and last tidbit explanation polishing happened in September 2018. Because it is mostly inexperienced players looking for guides to check their knowledge, I filled this guide with many explanations. To ease up your reading, I have written *very* important things in bold, certain details will be underlined, and it may be in italic – and then the details are written in plain text. Type the [keyword] in the search box to read what you need The point is, this is not a pocket guide. If you're looking for one, well, either be smart about it or look elsewhere. I will help you with any questions regarding either of the two mage specs. To mention it first, I unfortunately am not so fond of Arcane’s way of dpsing and I stopped playing it quite soon. Therefore, some of Arcane relevant information is more of what I know from theoretical point of view rather from practical, but you can be sure that it is right! If you have something to add about Arcane - or any part of the guide – please contact me so we may discuss it and thank you if you do so! So! Let's have a chat about Mage dps, shall we? What spec(s) to get, explanation why the spec looks like it does, what gear to hunt, how to gem it, enchant it, and how to play mage in the raid environment. Basic Mage Class Information Mage is a pure dps class and is there to dish out the numbers. You bring Arcane Intellect buff to everyone, free food/drink via Ritual of Refreshment, portals to save HS after the raid as well as opening one during a break for players to quickly do something before it’s over. Mage can interrupt casts with Counterspell (although it has a long cooldown of 24 seconds it’s not really ideal but more like an emergency interrupter). You can help dealing with adds by applying slows (Cone of Cold, Frostbolt) and rooting them in place (Frost Nova). You can cast Polymorph to CC either one mob or one raider that's being mind controlled (polymorph regenerates HP, that way the raiders can survive!). You can assist the raid with Remove Curse, so when healers have their hands full go ahead and assist. On occasion you can Spell Steal fun buffs in encounters (or troll your fellow mind-controlled raiders in fun farm raids and taking away all of their buffs...and you yourself losing them later after SS's 2min buff limit wears out). When it comes to gameplay, Mage is one of the most carefree casters in the game. You can move around instantly with Blink, which greatly reduces your casting downtime. Fire Ward and Frost Ward can be used to soak some damage (two talents can make this talent regen you mana and increase your spell power). Ice Block can be used in many ways, be it to guard against over-agrro, removing that one deadly encounter debuff, and it can also be used to guard against an incoming damage source that's aimed at you or you being in its way, saving you from death - once. Mirror Image has similar use - while it's a dps cooldown per default (and a potent one with T10 (4) set bonus!!), it also "pauses" your threat for as long the images are alive. Once they die or the duration expires, all the threat you did meanwhile will be added back, so keep an eye out on those threat meters. Invisibility does a similar thing - for as long as you are invisible, your threat is "paused" until you are revealed again. This is your third guard against over-agrro. However, Mage as a class is the most fragile of all on its own - cooldowns aside, the point is that our health pool is low and our armor is the lowest. You can get nuked easily and a single attack from any mob in raids has a potential to one-shot us. That's why we have powerful cooldowns and learning how to use them best is one of the more important homeworks to do. Above mentioned "carefree" comes after you've mastered it. So what’s better, Arcane or Fire? It depends on your raid group setup and your gear – and raid encounter. Both Arcane and Fire have their juice, so play what you find fun the most. Arcane is not gear reliant, so it will perform well even with weak gears and limited raid buffs (you can't have ideal setup in 10man). It's expected to outdps Fire in stationary fights. That being said, Arcane gives +3% damage buff to the raid, shared only with Retribution Paladins. While it has a simple two button rotation, Arcane is one of the burstiest dps specs in the game, so if there is an add that needs to be dpsed down asap, Arcane Mage is the player that’s to be supported with raid CDs – provided the mage doesn’t need to move a lot AND is top caster dps for that encounter/situation. Because of the incredible scaling with haste, this is easily achieved. The more the raid needs to move, the more dps is lost. Fire is quite gear reliant – its fire you see, fire needs to be fed – and it performs good only with “high” gears (the higher your crit is, the better), and all the raid buffs as well. It has three-four abilities to dps. It has no rotation, but priority casts. Fire has a really steady dps and since two abilities out of three are instants, Fire can “cast and move” quite often, so it’s not as hindered on movement heavy encounters, making it perform better than Arcane in such situations. The longer the fight lasts, the more damage Fire will do with its 12% more damage on enemies at or below 35% HP. And as for Frost… it's a leveling / PvP spec, it's way behind both Arcane and Fire in dps as all talents focus on some control rather than damage increase - but if the situation is so dire that raid has enough dps and no replenishment or needs massive add slowing, one could go Frost but it's sacrificing a lot of dps and its simply not worth it for serious raiding. All information written is based on private WoW experience. By “private wow” I mean to say that some information might not be entirely „as true as it should be“– but unfortunately are like that on the servers that I am or was playing on. In other words, private server without bugs is something that does not exist. It had a chance, but I won’t bore you with donation greed that killed TrinityCore’s progress to make a stable and bug-free server free for all. Let's begin. First come spec specific Arcane & Fire details, then general mage information, followed by BiS lists at the end. Happy reading! Arcane Mage Talent Spec Details [Arc1] Arcane DPS rotation in WotLK [Arc2] Arcane Mage Gearing [ARC3] Fire Mage [Fire1] Fire Mage DPS Rotation in WotLK [Fire2] Fire Mage gearing up in WotLK [Fire3] Mage and You – Race & Professions [Mage1] Mage in Raid (Arcane & Fire) – Your place in the group [Mage2] Macros [Mage3] AddOns & Interface [Mage4] BiS Gearsets for all raiding tiers (25man) + pre-raid [Mage05] The End [INFO2] Wow, we’re done! I hope this guide has been helpful! Even though WotLK is at the end of its private WoW era, I still respond to emails and find time to edit some missing points. Please contact me if you have any observations or want to say thanks – or are interested in some of my other WoW class guides. Stay safe and enjoy the game! Change Log is below. Bye bye!
  13. <West Coast> [NA] 25m

    <West Coast> About: West Coast is a legacy guild currently playing on Sunwell's 'Angrathar' wotlk server. We have a dedicated & active core who has recently been playing & clearing content on Elysium / Light's Hope Vanilla WoW servers, as well as a little bit on Ares TBC server. Some of our roots even go back as far as original retail Vanilla WoW. Our focus is on developing a positive team-oriented atmosphere with active Raiding and Progression through all the legacy content at the forefront of our accomplishments; with fun times, PvP, and more in between. We are a family style community with a strong core, always looking to grow & strengthen our community, and progress on to new challenges! Having fun with our crew and progressing through epic content is the #1 goal. 25 man raid focus, w/ optional 10 mans. NA based raid times and events (West Coast / PST focused). Current Progress: OS25: 1/1 +1 Drake Naxx25: 10/15 Raid Times [NA]: Sundays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) * Extra raid nights for 10 mans or extra 25 man progression during content releases may arise (likely on Monday or Wednesday evenings). Duration: Raids typically last about 3.5 hours, more or less depending on content and speed (break time included). (Always meet at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time for Invites. Allow extra time to prepare as necessary. Our raid time is our start time, aka zoned in and getting ready to pull.) Loot System: Loot Council What is expected from Raiders: - Play your role efficiently; put in the effort to get optimal gear and maximize your potential! - Maintain excellent raid attendance, generally 80% or above (IRL happens - we understand! Just communicate & notify us if things come up.) - Arrive on time and fully prepared with consumables & reagents for scheduled raid content - Bring a positive attitude (we are here to have fun!) - Be around & active... we are not just a raid-logging guild, we are a family! We do not identify ourselves as a "hardcore" guild, but everyone in our raiding roster is expected to do their part on a daily/weekly basis for the guild to progress and succeed. All members need to be coming prepared with all the required knowledge and consumables to every event in order for us to complete all content smoothly within our scheduled raid hours, and make progression less of a headache. We like to get stuff done while having fun, and so we raid with a semi-hardcore mentality. Slacking and a lazy attitude is not tolerated within our raids. Outside of raids we stay active and have fun hanging out together. Recruitment: High Need Shaman (Enhancement) Feral Druid Medium Need Rogue Warrior (Fury) Shaman (Resto) There is always room in our community for motivated players of all roles, with room to grow regardless of current status. Please do not hesitate to contact any guild leadership in-game or inquire about any further info, and apply if interested! Cheers Contact: Guild Leader - Nakiri Officer(s) - Laralette, Fazerz
  14. Hey all! Addiction Therapy is a newly formed PvE focused guild with plans which we will execute step by step. Right now our goal is to create a decent 10 man core which will be progressing HC Ulduar 10 man when it comes out. Until Ulduar we will be pugging 25 man Naxx around this core and try to recruit people who we think perform well in the pugs. Gearscore or achis that you currently have does not concern us. However we would like to have a 5 minute Q&A on discord to see if our goals and needs match. The key elements we are looking for upon recruiting is your knowledge about your class and decent communication! For detailed information about our plans exc. feel free to contact us in-game!
  15. Level 60 Twink

    Hello, anyone interested in lvl 60 twinking, with later progression to 70, and later to 80? (69/79 levels too .. both pvp/pve ) EDIT: For any of you interested in lvl 60 / 70 twinking, join me in guild Valar Morghulis (GuM : Zesu) - ALLIANCE SIDE! Let's make a community grow!
  16. Greetings, fellow players! Our raiding guild "Missed Lethal" is recruiting everyone interested in raiding in the future with us and establishing a stable core to progress even into the Icecrown Citadel! Our past expirience comes from many successful raids on private Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath servers, and we seek equally capable players to join us. Recruiting: We are currently recruiting players from the European playerbase, all ranged classes(Mages,locks, warlocks) and healers except paladins (resto druids, priests, shamans) Our raiding times are as follows : Thursdays / Saturdays / Sundays : 18:30 Server Time (with the first raid being the moment naxx opens, aiming for trash clear + instructor razuvios and a couple more) Loot rules: Main spec/off spec rolling for the first phase of raiding, DKP implementing if most of the playerbase agrees on it.
  17. Greetings everyone, Not sure where to post this, so I'll just put it here. I've compiled a list of most pre-raid items for every class/spec categorized by armor & stat type, along with which instance/boss drops them, which quest they're from, or which reputation they belong to. Feel free to use it to plan out your gear progression pre-Naxx. Cheers! http://energy-angrathar.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2801359 Source: I used Joana's "Pre raid gear emporium" post for a general list of items. However, this list was completely typed by myself, no copy/paste, and I am inserting all links into the list. PM me if you'd like the original link (be warned that all the links I tried in Joana's post no longer work).
  18. <Order of the Odlid> is recruiting

    <Order of the Odlid>[A] international PvE focused guild who aims for a strong and serious core group of players interested in beating sunwells buffed content and being one of the top Alliance guilds on the server! The Order will be raiding on: Thursday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Sunday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Tuesday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Looking specifically to recruit: 1 Druid (Balance) 2 Priests (Shadows) 2 Mages (Arcane/Fire) 1 Warlocks (Affliction and/or Demonology) The Order is looking for you! To apply to the guild, simply head into our forums and send in an application today! If you got questions or want to contact us for further information message me or any of our officers ingame or discord! We are always active in discord and respond very frequently! Link to forum: http://orderoftheodlid.shivtr.com/ Link to discord: https://discord.gg/2uZHdNB
  19. RP Interest

    Would anyone be interested in forming an RP-PvX style guild? I'd like to foster RP on this server for those who enjoy that aspect of the game for both Alliance and Horde (cross faction RP) though I admit to personal Horde preferences. I'd like to gauge what potential RP partners might like to have in a guild and build from there.
  20. [A]/[PL] <Blackwing League>

    ***We are POLISH speaking guild, mostly PVE oriented, which decided to move on this server from 4.3.4 expansion. Our members are dedicated, devoted and very ambitious people who aim as high as possible. Besides all the game aspects, our raids are led in friendly environment and if u wanna be one of us - be prepared for a group that can always have a good laugh . We have our own TS3 channel on which we spend a lot of time (while or not) playing. There's always someone doing blablabla .*** Our progress on Cataclysm server: What we offer? Experienced guild management which knows and plays with each other for many years on many serwers. Help in every aspect of the game. Raids 7 days / week at regular times both 10m & 25m raid versions. Place for both casual and hardcore players. TeamSpeak3 channel where something is happening 24/7 . BG's and RHC's with guildmates all the time. Council & bislist loot system. What makes us so special? Professional leading of raids in nice (and even very nice ^^) atmosphere. We are very active in the game, as well as on TS3 where we spend a lot of time, even outside the game. Each of us has a specific sense of humor, perversions and others of this type . Requirements to join us: MINIMUM 2,5k GS to participate in raids (10m) and 3,5k GS (25m). <- this section doesn't concern casual players -> Knowledge of tactics and mechanics (at least in theory) of every encounter in current content (T7). <- this section doesn't concern casual players -> Availability on TS3 with active microphone. <- this section doesn't concern casual players -> Actvity on the game and guild chat as well. Raid times: Weekdays (start) 19:00 pm st - 22:30 pm st (end) Weekends (start) 19:00 pm st - 23:00 pm st (end) Class & specs with high prio atm: Dudu (bala, feral dps, tank) Hunter Mage (arcane) Priest (shadow, holy) Shaman (enh) *If you play a different class / spec but you know how to do nice numbers - we can make an exception* *Progress* NAXXRAMAS: 10m - 15/15 + undying (3 groups) 25m - 14/15 OBSIDIAN SANCTUM: 10m - Sartharion + 3D alive 25m - Sartharion + 2D alive Eye of Eternity: Malygos 10 - 1/1 Contact via priv message on forum or whisp to one of our officers in game: Synyster Silnychlop Mizune Dreakeris Jerry Our support in all it's glory