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Found 4 results

  1. Should dynamic respawn come back? I think it should since theres not 1000 people in a single zone anymore it wont be as hectic or crazy, and itll make leveling alot more bearable when you dont have to wait for mobs to respawn.
  2. Now it's time for the most controversional tools that are functioning on Sunwell, but are fantastic for the economy (no gold inflation) and minimize scam, because no server is free of account trading, be it legal or not. Bazaar it's a tool that allows you to buy Sunwell Coins for gold or sell gold for Sunwell Coins. This makes Sunwell Coins being available not only for donations, but also for in-game activity (something like WoW Token on retail). Pros: Healthy economy, no inflation, you can check it out on Feronis; Killing off illegal gold farmers, selling gold is a large problem on other servers; Players always wanted to buy gold and characters. Doesn't matter if Bazaar / Slave Market will be enabled or not, players will still do that. SM/Bazaar allows us to control it and make it safe; 100% safety; Mounts, pets, tabards and premium bags won't be reserved only for players that donate, you will be able to buy that for gold. Slave Market It is a tool that allows you to sell or buy a character for virtual currency, Sunwell Coins. Characters that go through Slave Market have wiped achievements (they look like fresh 80 achievement-wise). We do that, because you may buy the character with items, but you cannot buy the achievements. Pros: Safe character trading, when you're bored of your character, you can sell it and buy a new one; You can buy the character for gold, not only donations; It's great for players that have no time to level another character, for example a lot of PvP players use it; Good source of getting SunwellCoins: when you have a character you don't want or didn't leveled it yet, you can sell it and use Sunwell Coins in the shop or buy gold in Bazaar.
  3. Here's an explaination! Nearly every weekend Feronis players were getting bonuses such as free x2 Experience Boost, x2 Honor Boost, sometimes even x1.5 Reputations and x2 Professiosn (50% of getting 2 skill-ups instead of 1). The bonuses were motivating the players and helping those with little time. Feronis players are very fond of them, but Angrathar? It's up to discussion, hence the poll. The choice is yours!
  4. Hi Angrathar Community! Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting our forum and interest in context of releasing our new progressive realm: Angrathar. Big thanks! This poll gives you the chance to eliminate or save specific services in the shop. Our Polish players are eager use all the services, because it's the perfect way to save your time during leveling. None of these services give you advantage in a clash with other players. The services of experience boost, character changerace, character rename and character customise will be preserved, but we'll enable them after reaching all Realm Firsts achievements. They do not affect the game except experience boost, however we are aware that many people are fed up with WotLK leveling, so if they want to make it faster, they will get such the option. Brief description of the services, which are the topic of the poll: Teleport 7 days - active; allows you to teleport your character to selected locations that are listed below. For Horde players: .premium teleport orgrimmar .premium teleport undercity .premium teleport silvermoon .premium teleport thunder For Alliance players: .premium teleport stormwind .premium teleport ironforge .premium teleport exodar .premium teleport darnassus Both factions: .premium teleport shatt (required 60 level) .premium teleport dalaran (required 75 level) .premium teleport gadgetzan (required 40 level) .premium teleport booty (required 30 level) No Sickness 7 days - passive; you no longer gain Ressurection Sickness after reviving your character at Spirit Healers No Durability 7 days - passive; your items no longer gain durability loss. Instant Flying 7 days - passive; traveling via flight masters is instant. The choice is yours guys!