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Found 15 results

  1. Guywithlags

    53. Mattse

    Your name - GuywithlagsReported player's name - MattseDate - 4 February 2019Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - TOGC25 - Raid leader Mattse told me to soak, was doing my job, but when "cry of the valkyr" dropped he decided to give it to someone else because i was doing less damage. There was no rule about having minimum DPSEvidence -
  2. Sunwell staff, why are you ignoring legit reports? What's wrong?
  3. Your name - SinstralisReported player's name - SarokhDate - 05/01/2019Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Guy kept all of the loot saying he will roll after last boss, others got nervous some even said he's ninja and got kicked. After that I said that everyone can report if smth goes wrong with looting and provided link - got insta kicked and insulted.Evidence - Screenshots attached
  4. Your name - Wi4n Reported player's name - Sarogh Date - 30-01-2019 Rule that was broken - RL ninja loot all items from 1st boss ToC25 Description - Sarogh RL wrote that all items is on roll. After 1st boss of ToC25 he takes all items from boss and write that it will be rolled after Anub. While we was fighting 2nd boss he changed to group loot so after boss there was many ppl that hit need on items (Bala dudu win Solace ot the Fallen and quit raid). After that RL started 3rd boss , we wiped (someone stand on fraction so it pulled instantly) and most of players left raid. Only about 10 ppl stays (from RL guild) so a asked twice to roll loot from 1st boss as we are ending. After that they wroted some vulgar words and kicked me from raid. Evidence - 1.JPG-raid loot rules, 2.JPG and 3.JPG- RL takes all items from 1st boss, 4.JPG and 5.JPG they kicked me after i asked them to roll items from 1st boss.
  5. breesix


    Your name - Breesix Reported player's name - Ghede Date - 1.1.2019 Rule that was broken - roll and ninjalooting Description - I won roll on muradin spyglass and maghar staff in ICC10n and master looter gave both items to warlock who didnt win roll. On screenshots u can clearly see who won the roll. Evidence -
  6. Good evening Sunwell Team, today in a Pug Naxx 25m Guildrun lead by Saykey from Method he ninjalooted. I was in this Raid with my Boomkin Phxy Targeting Player for this Report: Saykey Reason: Ninjalooting Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/8oPaCWF Screenshots of my Chatlog: basicly the Raidlead ignored my until i asked him twice for the item. He and some other guy from the same Guild tried to convice me that a Ret Paly had need on it for OS, but since he dced, the dced person didnt write anything in the Chat. So there is no evidence of his Guild that the Person had need on this Item. The dced person came back around 30 minutes later but still hasnt gotten item since then. I wish you a good evening / good night and ty for your great support
  7. Bew


    Your name SinstralisReported player's name CliffburtonDate - 28/12/2018Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - I won the roll for item, but Cliffburton decided to give the item to his friend, as you can see many rolled higher than the guy item was given toEvidence - Screenshot attached
  8. Unexpectable

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Hbic

    Hbic ninjalooted the EPIC item loot from trash after we discussed the EPIC items going for RAID MS ROLL - he took the item and left the raid. the rules the ninja loot keeper asking for raid roll for MS loot as we talked the answer of the guy for MS loot epic question as we discussed at the begining of the raid is that so hard to respect the raid rules? ....
  9. Remmireth


    My nick: Remmireth from guild "Two Steps From Hell" nick of raid lider: Bilgratex nick of person who get mount : Madamme We went for OS 25 3D i helped to RL to get full raid group. After second try we kill Sartharion next RL start to giveing loot in regular way that mean ms--> os by typing /roll. He gave all items by this way but .... when he type Mount on /rw after 1 s he "missclick" like he said and use autolooter , so he change rollrules after he gave mount for roll !!!! My roll was 98 and that was the higher roll in all raid but he gave that mount to a player called Madamme and i dunno why i will paste ss under this text u can see there that even if he used this addon but he shouldn we dont see #1 name and roll after that he was confused but finally he gave that mount to Madamme telling me "iam sorry that was my faul " I propouse to make reroll and that will be fair enought but Maddame just dissapear from raid group I dont want to make shity storm but i tryed to get this mount since 4-5 mounths and when I finally won it someone just steal it becouse of misstake of RL Please do something with that .
  10. (As the original post is soon to be three days old, and other reports since seem to be responded to, i will assume that mine has fallen off the radar. As thus, here's a repost. Mods feel free to delete it and post on in the original one if required.) Your name - Windranger Reported player's name - Lenna / Papartank Date - 24/07/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting in Naxxramas 10p PUG / Rudeness Description - Stating that all BOE's are "Reserved", despite having stated no such thing during the start of the run. (Lenna). This was harder reinforced by Papartank, who threatened to kick anyone who was opposed to this rule, going so far as to call me, and i quote "A little bitch" staying for the items i needed. This statement is further proved by the reaction of the other players in the raid. Evidence - See attached screenshots. (I apologize in advance that i cannot extend my chat window further than this, as my UI does not allow it. As thus there are 3 screenshots put together. Removing the add-on caused the chat logs to vanish.)
  11. Your name - DelfinaReported player's name - ChoochooripDate - 26.07.2018Rule that was broken - Rooling rule MS>OSDescription - We did the EOE25. The healer head (cloth) was the item we were rolling for. The highest roll was from player Genesis (resto druid) and my roll was the 2nd highest. Despite the fact that I am a priest (only cloth items) the item was given to the druid.Evidence -Attached pictures, cinsisting: Rolling rules written by the leader and the ML. Item being rolled and the rolls.
  12. OS 10 m 2 D, I won The " Majestic Dragon Figurine" with a Roll of 99 and Bubblebee gave it to his buddy Ashali claiming it's not good for me. Ps : Loot rules were not announced so I would assume we went with the default ones.
  13. Zultahn

    [Report] Asqrtfuu

    Topic content: Ninja looted [Mantle of the eternal sentinel] to his friend ElvarezYour name - FlashheaalReported player's name - Asqrtfuu and ElvarezDate - 5th of May 2018 Rule that was broken - Giving item to his friend even though not the winner of the roll Description - Item was given to Elvarez even though he was nowhere near highest roller. I whispered him kindly to trade me the item after Asqrtfuu said it was an accident giving him the item, he ignored me and they went on rolling for more items. Evidence - Screenshots of the item being given out is all I can give as the loot rules werent stated other than MS>OS ML.
  14. Hello all, our story begins this day around tonight. We got invited by RDF to Hellfire Ramparts. We got one protect warrior as tank. He was named Fyrchikopter. From start he just telling us every second something about kick. We dont agree, bcs waiting for tank is too long and mobs in dungeon was green for him (he was 66lvl). So there was not problem for doing it. After our disagree with his crying, he start ruining our dungeon. Role of tank need take one of dps (thanks a lot). We was facing to ninja pulls and inactivity of this person. Finally if we decide to kick him, he pull all mobs to avoid votekick. Second issue was ninjaloot. He took caster staff. Just grief, like a little kid. Screenshot on attachment. I need ask, why GMs tolerate those peoples on server? On ticket i got only answer like "kick him and ignore him". But thats not solve for our fail dungeon, waste of time...and he is now somewhere smiling like kid bcs he grief our dungeon. Thank you for your time. In addition for GMs reply: Punishment? Maybe death? No, fun :-D . Maybe some modification in RDF. It often happens that tanks joins the instance where he has a low lvl trash. Its little less strict bcs long wait time?
  15. Your name - Icelegend Reported player's name - Lyadrinn, Maomaoluan, Laohei https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Liadrinn Disc priest who got the ring with his Ninjalooter friends. https://imgur.com/a/MdX63 In case she unnequips the item. https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Maomaoluan The warrior. https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Laohei The pally. Date - ‎16‎ February ‏‎14:13:12 (time screnshot was taken)Rule that was broken - 23. Ninjalooting is not allowed Description - This 3 ninjas, all from Peters daddy guild ninjalooted Annhylde's Ring from me, all needed the ring with the intention of give it to his friend priest. Hope you remove the item and ban all of them of course this is not the first time they do this, probably they do in each HC, and is a very toxic behaviour, if you dont ban them you are promoting this same behaviour, a ninjalist is not enough, they can just ninjaloot everything in HC disturbing other players game and then just raid with his guildies, a ninjalist is useless. Me and my guild are very upset with this kind of behaviour. Evidence - Screenshots.