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Found 6 results

  1. it was my 20 attempt to get the Black Heart as tank in ToC5, and finally this trinket was dropped but this balance druid decided that trinket is yours, he get it and immediately leave from the party
  2. Reported player's name - Loxar Hello. I have a problem. I was doing an icc 25man with pug raid. As soon as Deathbringer came,and we killed it, dbw dropped. Suro rolled 95,but he got lootban for afk on this boss.I won the roll with 88,but the leader Loxar didnt give it to me,becouse I didnt have enough dmg into the adds. At the start he typed :"0 dmg into adds =no loot." first of all.I'm a melee class,and im never supposed to kill the adds,It was always the job of the rangeds. so it was absolutely not clear enough.On the other hand,my damage into adds was not zero. So the fact that he wrote 0 dmg into adds provide the opportunity to say, 2500 is not equal to zero. He didnt tell us about the numbers, so he could type for example that "minimal dmg into adds" or "lowest dps into adds" - can get lootban, but he told us "zero dmg into adds = no loot" so I'm asking, Is 2500 equal to 0? Why did someone else(Majkpajkson) got the item if I won the roll? It was absolutely unclear and unfair. If the leader want to be this strict with the people, first he should be strict with himself, and at least share his will nice and clearly, before forcing people to do it. After the situation, You can tell anything, it doesn't influence the fight which is already finished. Majkpajkson got the loot what i won. What can I do about this situation and how can i get my loot? (I dont know why but i saw on general only "changed loot to grp loot" and general didnt wrote to me,when loxar looted DBW.) Date : 27.01.2019
  3. Your name - Muus Reported player's name - Trigi Date - 14/07/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja Looting Description - As shown in one of the screenshots, this elemental shaman (with resto offspec, I might add) rolled on, and won, the Blue Aspect Helm dropped from Malygos 25. Evidence - Screenshots below As you can see on his armory, he isn't Enhancement specced, yet he stole the helmet. https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Trigi If the loot rules do not apply if the raid leader forgets to use Master Looter, I apologize and ask that you disregard this report.
  4. Beware of Malenka btw, ninjalooter
  5. GUILD { FRIENDS } is a ninja looters Fredzx, Bamboocutter, Babaganoush and Shrike they do a ninja loot on [Embrace of the Spider] naxx 10 when the trinket drop i miss clicked need on it and i said i swear it;s was a mistake and i will give for the top on roll if i win it but he instantly kicked us from the raid and ignored us . so,if he kicked us from the raid before the item roll we will be not able to take that item and only who in the raid will roll on it he kick me and 2 of my friends and he give that trinket to his guild . Guild 'Friends' i want to say somthing for you Ulduar verry soon and not worth to ninja loot on trinket 200 ilvl from naxx 10 i really hate you , peaple like gonna destroy the server i'm one of the too many players who quit the server from the ninja looters. i hope the admins do somthing for them and give the trinket for who really worth it who WIN it .
  6. Queued up for RDF as healer on my alt, and ended up with some guys from the guild <West Coast>, which seemed pretty nice at first. That wasn't the case though, when the caster ring dropped, which both the ele shaman and healer (me) needed. Unfortunely, the nice guys scheme stopped, when they decided to try to ninja it, so they could give it to their shaman friend instead of doing a fair roll between me and the Shaman. They were all from the same guild, <West Coast> and from Coxxucker statement, it seems like they wouldn't mind doing it again.