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Found 38 results

  1. Your name - Logicxx Reported player's name - Mlynasek Date - 6.11.18 Rule that was broken - Ninja Loot Description - Normal ToC25 raid with MS>OS>Diss, with Death Choice reserved leaded by Mlynasek. On Jaraxxus the 2-Hander "Dual Blade Butcher" dropped and was rolled for. Happily rolling for it even tho i just rolled a 16, knowing that no one in this raid is needing this 2 Hander, until the Frost DK " Timakrisz " decides to switch his " MS " from Frost Dualwhield to Blood and rolling on that item. Even after people spoke up for me telling him he is Dualwielding Frost and cant just change MS whenever his desired items drops, the Raidlead still gave it to him. Evidence - Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/tTczTtW
  2. Your name - NeberalReported player's name - AcrydragonisDate - 2018-11-08 21:29Rule that was broken - Not following loot rulesDescription - I won roll for swordEvidence - https://imgur.com/a/qzfuCe0
  3. Hej ! so i can just tell we killed this boss, then lider ninja loot the other war and give him wrong item / ninja all other loot to him, i whrited to Raghed and asked him for roll between us because lider ninja to him, and then raghed didnt answer and left raid, tried reinvite him and scare with forum but he didnt belive me or just didnt care. I hope gm take care of lider and warrior who did also accept liders ninja loot and didnt want to roll with me so her
  4. Your name - Nizz Reported player's name - Yester Date - 09.14 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Raid leader didn't look at that the best roll for AP trinket had priest and he give it to him. After that the priest went offline(?) and after kel died he log in. I just said "Hey Yester", he left raid so I tried to whisper him - ignored. So I asked my computerfriend for help. Maybe we have some polish GM's to translate last SS. I don't give a damn about this item but his behaviour is very toxic. I could give him this 60g for abyssal crystal or w/e. Evidence - Screens.
  5. Mira


    Rolled the same roll on the head token, then we reroled and I won it. First he suggested to give me money for it, and the He wanted gold in order to trade. I wanted the head so I gave him 300 gold........ [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: roll ms [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: [Crown of the Lost Vanquisher] [18:32]Treebearowl rolls 72 (1-100) [18:32]Partyzantx rolls 96 (1-100) [18:32]Sorryforgarg rolls 10 (1-100) [18:32]Caylris rolls 96 (1-100) [18:32]Szpilka rolls 50 (1-100) [18:32]Hildegarda rolls 74 (1-100) [18:32]Partyzantx receives loot: [Crown of the Lost Vanquisher]. [18:32][R] [Hildegarda]: lol [18:32][R] [Caylris]: hello? [18:32]Sorryforgarg has left the raid group. [18:32][R] [Hildegarda]: reroll [18:32][R] [Caylris]: i also rolled 96 [18:32][R] [Caylris]: mr rogue [18:32][R] [Caylris]: do reroll pls [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: omg [18:32]Partyzantx rolls 26 (1-100) [18:32]Caylris rolls 27 (1-100) [18:32][RL] [Partyzantx]: no sh1t [18:33][RL] [Partyzantx]: [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: can i give u some gold [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: i really need the item :-/ [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: sorry. got gold [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: 1k / [18:33][W:To] [Partyzantx]: geting my 4p [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: mehh [18:33][W:From] [Partyzantx]: can u gimme some gold then? ; <
  6. Svettpeis

    [Ninjalooting] Partyzantx

    Hi, Supplement to the other report: Partyzantx initially ninja'd a cloak (I didn't notice this when it happened), which is detailed in xyn's post. We moved on to Instructor Razuvious where Spaulders of Egotism dropped. Xyn rolled 33, Partyzantx rolled 30, and Xyn was kicked for not allowing the RL to take them. It took several minutes between the boss dropping and (I think) the druid (Xyn) got his item and got kicked. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the entire context since chat log isn't that long, but this is only meant as a supplementary post to Xyn's. Some screenshots from raid chat: 1. (taken after i Tele'd to Dalaran, scrolled up in raidchat) 2. 3. 4.
  7. The system guarantees 2 free ninjas. Anyone seeking to ninja loot knows that if and only if they're successfully reported, they can just ride it out, TWICE, until they are removed from the list, and no longer trigger the detection system. The worst part is, no one will ever be the wiser for it, and even if this subhuman of a player were never to be reported and subsequently banned for a ninja move again, all they have to do is rename their character and unless enough people have been keeping track to make sure everyone knows about it, no one will ever know of their debased deeds. Thus, a true piece of dirt of a player could simply save their 2 free ninjas for whatever gear they feel is worth it, and then after the 60 day listing period is over, it's like it never happened. I don't think anyone here wants real, confirmed ninjas, to be able to simply get away with it with both their accounts and reputations unscathed. I would suggest that ninja records be permanent with some caveats. 1. If the circumstances were kind of iffy and it can't really be proven, it should stand only as an accusation. Unsuccessful accusations, on their own, would not add a player's account to the ninja list. Instead, they would simply reside in their "case file" as it were, for future reference, in case these unresolved accusations become a pattern. 2. In cases where, let's say the player who was accused of ninja'ing an item actually legitimately lost power or their connection, or had some kind of unforeseen difficulty in life preventing them from returning for a while, all preventing distributing that loot and resolving the matter, in this case the piece of loot should be destroyed and a record of all that transpired added to their case file. 3. Two ninja lists, confirmed and unconfirmed. Confirmed will permanently flag in-game on the same account, but reformed ninjas can say that the incident happened X time ago and they have changed. Unconfirmed will not be added to the detection system until enough of a pattern is established, in which case they will be flagged as unconfirmed ninjas with a pattern of accusations. This flag will have a limited lifespan determined on a case by case basis. 4. Accusation patterns can also be used against the accusers if it turns out to be an attempt to falsely ban or tarnish the reputation of a player. The case file will help maintain a timeline history of this in case of further issues. This may sound rather complicated, but it's actually pretty simple, in my opinion. The only problem is that it might add more workload and use more electronic storage space. However, based on the solution already being implemented, it doesn't sound like a huge step up from that.
  8. Your name - Alexandaria Reported player's name #1 - Lushen Reported player's name #2 - Muklock Date -23/7/2018 20:48 Rule that was broken - Warlock and a Druid needing on a shield. Description - Hello, I was tanking SM: Cathedral and a druid (Lushen) and warlock (Muklock) were constantly pulling mobs, while I noticed the healer was struggling (no BoA's equipped) keeping up. I told them to please stop pulling multiple times. The druid started QQ'ing and whispering I was "a bad tank" for not pulling fast enough. He went ahead and started tanking himself in bearform and pulled Darion Mograine. As I thought it would wipe us, due to the fact half of the Cathedral wasn't cleared yet, we survived mysteriously enough. After Darion died both Muklock as Lushen rolled 'Need' on the shield he dropped (why is it even possible they can roll on a shield?). Lushen won and continued his shittalking when I mentioned I would make a ticket about this incident; he said he didn't give a shit to get banned etc. Update: GM whispered me ingame very fast after I made a ticket about this. Unfortunately I believe there is nothing to do about this behavior of these players, nor can I retrieve the shield in someway. So let this post just be a warning to other players who cross paths with Lushen and Muklock. Evidence - SS
  9. Your name: CelarionReported player's name: Guild Memory. Ninja looter: Rapids, Item receiver: NatoxzDate: 10-17-2018 23:12:34Rule that was broken: Ninja looting.Description: I spent 8 hours of total time with this guild in Ulduar, just to end up finally killing Vezax and getting a fine feral tank weapon get ninja'd before my eyes. I was at their discord, and they refused to give me the item regardless me rolling the highest. In the end what happened, happened I just wish everyone to be aware of the guild memory and I hope any GM would be able to intervene and at least remove the item from Natoxz.Evidence:
  10. Your name BlowyamindReported player's name - RottenpiecesDate - 04.07.2018Rule that was broken -Description - Ninjalooting Helm of the Lost Conqueror Naxx 10Evidence In Form of a Screenshot
  11. Your name - Aeonzerg Reported player's name - Minatt Date - 09 July 2018 Rule that was broken - ninja looting (Somehow, a mage is able to roll need on a shield! and also seen a priest rolling need on a polearm so group loot is definitely broken) Description - Minatt, an undead mage that was on our dungeon group for RFK decided to roll need on Heart of Agamaggan shield and insta leaved the group, just to be an asshole after using polish language in group chat all the dungeon). Evidence: and Thank you! Kind regards, AZ
  12. Druuz


    Your name DroozReported player's name - KarsDate - 03.07.2018Rule that was broken -Description - Ninjalooting obsidian greathelm in 25man OS2D - Item which is still BIS for the majority of plate dps classes.Evidence - Backstory: Kars was making a pug in world for 25man OS2D, we filled up nicely and went on with the raid, nowhere, either before during or after raid were there any stements regarding certain pieces beeing reserved. Boss dies, loot dropps, Kars hands out loot as normally, and does all the loot before ending up at the item in question "Obisidian Greathelm", the then proceeds to loot this item directly into his bags, leave the raid so I get picked as raidleader, and HS into logging off without saying anything. Classic ninjalooting behaviour and should be punished accordingly. Edit: Anyone present in the raid should be able to back up this story, both me and Darkstyler was dumbfounded when he looted the helm directly into his own bags, keep in mind he also was tanking the fight and never said he would be rolling as DPS
  13. Draerii

    Report - Xleb, Deluxe

    Your name - Draerii Reported player's name - Xleb, Deluxe Date - 04.07.18 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - I was on pug OS25 3D hosted by Xleb, I rolled the legs won the roll(screenshot below) and leader just gave item to the rogue Deluxe who wasn't even 2nd in roll. I asked them both if I can get them (screenshot below) none of them answered. For me it is purely ninjalooting behavior. Hope to see them on a ninjalooters list PS. There was no special rules from leader so I assume that rolling for my MS wasn't forbidden on this raid Evidence -
  14. skynyrd

    Report Zhana, Valdenar

    Your name - SkynyrdReported player's name - Zhana - ValdenarDate - 07 juneRule that was broken - ninjalootingDescription - On KT 25, I rolled and won the mace, but ML gave it to his guildy because "heal priority". No rules like that were announced. The mace is an ele weapon, nothing else available for us in T7. (and he gave mp5 item to one of his boomkin 2 boss before, without any problems cause its his guild ofc).Evidence -
  15. beefsauce

    Is this Ninja looting?

    Killed KT and this lock won the roll, which I understand it isnt ninjalooting or stealing. Yet he said he was only taking it for 4 piece. When you look at his gear RN on armory he only has two tier pieces equipt. Cowl of Icy Breaths 219 Thunderstorm Amulet 213 Valorus Plagueheart Shoulderpads 213 Disguise of the Kumiho 213 Raiments of the Corrupted 219 Combustion Bracers 219 Constructor's Handwraps 226 Plush Sash of Guzbah 200 Valorous Plagueheart Leggings 213 Spellslinger's Slippers 226 Lost Jewel 213 Band of Channeled Magic 213 The Egg of Mortal Essence 200 Darkmoon Card: Death 200 The Soulblade 213 Surplus Limb 213 Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand 174 (This is all based off of the Sunwell Armory) https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Siinn
  16. Basically, we were doing the Flame leviathan 25 , 4 of us, Me Rogue (Rukhal) Paladin (Meeke) Death knight (Nosnogard) And priest the ninja (Deadic) Pally agreed to only roll on mail and non tank plate gear, me obviously leather and priest for cloth. A BoE that shoulda went to aither DK/Paladin dropped, so we said just greed so we can reroll to distribute it to aither of them. I waited in suspicion that hes gonna go ahead and ninja it, which he did. He needed on a BoE Plate, after which i needed after him to try and prevent the ninja, After which we all called him out on it, he agreed to re-roll, after which he lost by nosnogard winning, and then proceeded to say hes keeping it any left the raid. I have timestamps and screenshots and both nosnogard/meeke can provide confirmation on this. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/KWhMA3K This is an imagur album with every screen of it, left side is chat and right side is loot chat with timestamps.
  17. Hey, I really enjoy playing on your server, it's my first private server and WotLK is the expansion I started playing WoW which makes this server even easier for me to enjoy. There is one problem though which is plaguing this server heavily, ninjalooting. I get that you game masters have a lot to do and can't handle every report of ninjaloot, but some of these cases I see reported on this forum and being rejected by you guys are just hilariously tragic... Like this dude He advertised his raid as "Nothing reserved", gets happy randoms to join thinking no loot is reserved, and then he goes ahead and steal the item that for many casters is the only reason they joined the group for. He is then reported with 100% evidence of ninjaloot and you reject it saying "Ninjalooting is taken into consideration only in the case of 25-Man raids of the highest content. Ninjalooting in 10-Man raids, Normal / Heroic dungeons and raids below level 80 is not taken into consideration. Obsidian Sanctum isn't highest content raid." This is just completely bullshit, ZERO effort is required by you guys to further investigate this, all the evidence is in the report and still you reject it. These are 226 items (The same god damn Ilvl that drops in Ulduar 25man) which most people would consider loot "of the highest content" and yet you let this go on. The guild Show is in, "Era" has had cases of this almost every week and nothing is done, it almost looks like you guys have tailored the rules so some people can ninjaloot with no consequences... Like what is the reasons for guilds to even form guild runs in raids like OS25 and EoE25 when every person can just make their own group, saying "Nothing reserved" then proceed to take all the loot for themselves. You announced some weeks ago that a ninja list will come, this is great but it's not enough at all.. These players deserves to be banned, they are ruining the experience of many players and damaging the reputation of your server, the fact that you ignore this is beyond me. This shit has scared me completely away from joining a pug where I'm not 100% sure the leader won't suddenly ninja loot items for himself or others... Luckily I haven't had any serious loot taken away from me in this way yet, but when it happens, and I report it only to get rejected, then it will be a major reason for me to quit this server and I'm sure it is for many others aswell.
  18. Cazzert

    Unfair loot

    Hello , so after finishing the boss in OS 25 the leader said roll for loot , he said roll in 3 seconds which means , as known ( 3 , 2 , 1 , 0 or no more ) and my mate had the highest roll but he just wanted to give the item for his mate i think , and he didnt care about the rules nor who have the highest roll . His name is Cartmenez
  19. Your name - Blopzonko Reported player's name - Alaq, Picasa Date - 5/18/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting in OS25 2D Description: Healer rolled on gear (Leggings of the Honored) that was not his mainspec. Raid leader gave him this loot despite being aware of this. Neither the healer (Alaq) nor the raidleader (Picasa) made any effort to fix this. From what I know, Alaq gave the item to Homicide, whom I was told is his friend. Both myself, Sinne, and Benjoren tried to talk to Alaq, but had little or no success communicating with him. I was supposed to receive the item, as I had the highest roll for Mainspec (despite them being leather, they are very good pants for plate DPS). No alternate loot rules were established during the raid, and all previous items were rolled MS>OS. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/ucSe1vx Images courtesy of Remuslupin, who was in the raid. The item ended up on the player Homicide, yes.
  20. Miecz&Kciuk

    [Ninjaloot] Wifon

    Zone: CoS Hc Item: Band of Guile Lootrules: Group Loot & Nothing Reserved Player: Wifon
  21. Your name - Eth Reported player's name - Poep Date - 09/05/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting to a guildy Description - The trinket of maexxna dropped, while i was ressing half the raid he quickly did loot and didnt allow the rest of the raid to roll. According to him it was after the timer, the other raidmembers can proof that this was illegitimate. Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/ol4Chps
  22. Tarimo

    [Ninja] Paride

    Your name - Holymo Reported player's name - Paride Date - 03/05/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjaing Description - Guy needed on the epic tank sword on UP HC and won it. I /w him asking for it but he wouldnt reply. I didn't take a screenshot fast enough before everyone left so my tank tag is gone but as you can see in the second image I have no dps gear on my anyway. Evidence - (screenshots below) Thank you for your time
  23. moathnajeh

    Report Ninja loot

    My Name : Papercut Reported Player Name : Supercuteirl Date 5/1/2018 Player Who Got The Item : Javascript Description: Supercuteirl ninja loot the item giving it to his alt who was doing nothing on the raid , he said at the beginning of the raid to Rodrigo that the alt was only there for the buff. I was the main tank and Supercuteirl give the item to his alt who was sitting with 2.2 GS greens and blues. nothing was said about the loot rules. so by default its MS>OS The dk "Javascript" wasn't there as one of the tanks he was there just for the buff as Supercuteirl said when the boss was killed, the dk rolled on the item (which is a tank item,he shouldn't roll on it anyway) ,that won the roll and gave him the item. Edit:the item was https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=40446 This is a screen shot from Rodrigo with Supercuteirl saying its just for the buff
  24. Freshbtw

    Ninja by Bl and Blackeyas

    Hello, So we did Voa 25 and 2 priest items dropped. T7.5 legs and deadly legs for priest. As you can see in the screenshots I agreed with player Blackeyas(MVP guild) that he'll take the PvE legs and I take the PvP legs. However Raid Leader Bl(MVP guild) decided to give both items to his guildie. Apparently this is not the only ninja they did today, while making my report, I saw that 1 hour ago there was made another ninja report by someone about Bl. Please do something about this. Thanks in advance, Freshbtw Sources: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3
  25. AxeCell

    Ninja by Hornoob

    - Slanesh - Hornoob - 30.03.18 - Rogue rolling need on mail shoulders and giving it to his hunter friend. - I Went into an Obsidian Sanctum 25 2d run hosted by Dlingfive with group loot on. Raid leader spesificed MS > OS which is irrelevant considering Hornoob needed on an unusable item. I patiently confronted him about it as I was 2nd on the rolling and he said what's in the first Image. On further questioning he ignored me after 2 whispers as seen in the 2nd and then 3rd Image. He obviously gave it to his hunter friend "StringCarina" as seen by the 2nd link. I lost the roll logs due to an abundance of auction house items expiring at the time, but I have memorized the rolls with the rogue rolling around 70, me rolling around 35 and the other 2 hunters rolling around 23. The 3rd hunter's name was "Niusa". - https://imgur.com/a/ZcMIT - https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Stringcarina