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Found 8 results

  1. Akamystick

    Ninja Report - Moonkiss

    Your name - ImbheazleReported player's name - Moonkiss , SoshanDate - 11.02.2019 Rule that was broken - MS>OS> DE without reserved items at allDescription - TOGC back from 50/50 Cloak of Serrated Blades Was given to the Frost DK who have BIs Back is Cloak of the triuumphant Combatant Even thoe he win the roll it's not in the BIS list for a frost dk in patch 3.3.5 There are some Screenshoots here --- > https://imgur.com/a/BnDdH1d --- > https://imgur.com/a/Hg0x6LF --- > https://imgur.com/a/Z4sQqG7
  2. Necromyrez

    Ninja Looter - Blacklizzard

    So this guy was a jerk in general the entire SM dungeon. Then at the end, I roll need on a staff, he kicks me from party, then rolls need on it to be the only person with the need roll. I couldn't put this in the ninja looter thread, didn't have the option. So placing it here. You can see the entire chain of events in the chat log. Thank you,
  3. anmisyeah

    [Report] Jackboot

    Jackboot all time looting lether with agility. But in last boss he loot rare cloth with mana regen pls do something.Hope for your quick response. P.S. Sorry for my bad eng.
  4. The system guarantees 2 free ninjas. Anyone seeking to ninja loot knows that if and only if they're successfully reported, they can just ride it out, TWICE, until they are removed from the list, and no longer trigger the detection system. The worst part is, no one will ever be the wiser for it, and even if this subhuman of a player were never to be reported and subsequently banned for a ninja move again, all they have to do is rename their character and unless enough people have been keeping track to make sure everyone knows about it, no one will ever know of their debased deeds. Thus, a true piece of dirt of a player could simply save their 2 free ninjas for whatever gear they feel is worth it, and then after the 60 day listing period is over, it's like it never happened. I don't think anyone here wants real, confirmed ninjas, to be able to simply get away with it with both their accounts and reputations unscathed. I would suggest that ninja records be permanent with some caveats. 1. If the circumstances were kind of iffy and it can't really be proven, it should stand only as an accusation. Unsuccessful accusations, on their own, would not add a player's account to the ninja list. Instead, they would simply reside in their "case file" as it were, for future reference, in case these unresolved accusations become a pattern. 2. In cases where, let's say the player who was accused of ninja'ing an item actually legitimately lost power or their connection, or had some kind of unforeseen difficulty in life preventing them from returning for a while, all preventing distributing that loot and resolving the matter, in this case the piece of loot should be destroyed and a record of all that transpired added to their case file. 3. Two ninja lists, confirmed and unconfirmed. Confirmed will permanently flag in-game on the same account, but reformed ninjas can say that the incident happened X time ago and they have changed. Unconfirmed will not be added to the detection system until enough of a pattern is established, in which case they will be flagged as unconfirmed ninjas with a pattern of accusations. This flag will have a limited lifespan determined on a case by case basis. 4. Accusation patterns can also be used against the accusers if it turns out to be an attempt to falsely ban or tarnish the reputation of a player. The case file will help maintain a timeline history of this in case of further issues. This may sound rather complicated, but it's actually pretty simple, in my opinion. The only problem is that it might add more workload and use more electronic storage space. However, based on the solution already being implemented, it doesn't sound like a huge step up from that.
  5. saw

    ninja loot

    hey a leader of a raid called Nidia he give an other person my item when i was wining by the roll and i got proff AS U CAN SEE PPL ON THE RAID WAS SHOCKED OF MY ROLL COZ I WIN IT AND THAT GUY CALLED deluxe was shocked coz i win him on the roll and the leader give him the item calling it for ms when its was a weapon
  6. Miniskrrt

    Eye of Eternity 10 | Druidlul

    Hey. I was just in a 10-man Eye of Eternity raid where I rolled highest on a chest. But the raid leader decided to give it to the second-highest roller. I marked my dissatisfaction with "OK.", and before I had the time to write anything else, most everyone in the raid had already left. Imgur album showing what happened can be found here. This whole ordeal made me sad, because that chest is pretty neat.
  7. GUILD { FRIENDS } is a ninja looters Fredzx, Bamboocutter, Babaganoush and Shrike they do a ninja loot on [Embrace of the Spider] naxx 10 when the trinket drop i miss clicked need on it and i said i swear it;s was a mistake and i will give for the top on roll if i win it but he instantly kicked us from the raid and ignored us . so,if he kicked us from the raid before the item roll we will be not able to take that item and only who in the raid will roll on it he kick me and 2 of my friends and he give that trinket to his guild . Guild 'Friends' i want to say somthing for you Ulduar verry soon and not worth to ninja loot on trinket 200 ilvl from naxx 10 i really hate you , peaple like gonna destroy the server i'm one of the too many players who quit the server from the ninja looters. i hope the admins do somthing for them and give the trinket for who really worth it who WIN it .
  8. dole monkey

    Ninja loot Lilyfe

    Your name - ZoidburgReported player's name - LilyfeDate - 26/04/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninja loot, queing as healer and needing dps lootDescription - Lilyfe qued as healer for gundrak ID 2191, and proceded to need on the [Hemoraging circle] a melee dps ring without having warned the group at the time or before hand thus wasting everyones save by stealing the loot. Evidence -image one the loot roll Image 2 player lilyfe admiting that they were not there in dps spec and thus sholdn't get dps loot that others need I feel that Lilyfe has abused the dungon finders need before greed loot system in order to steal this ring. Thanks for your time.