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Found 4 results

  1. hello i am a priest that has some questions about the rotation of a shadow priest. i have read alot of forums about the rotation/opener. but one thing i see is that all the openers are different. i have played around with a handfull of openers as for now i use: (VT > MB > MF > SW.P > DP) or (VT > DP > MB > MFx2 > SW.P) but before i start that i usually use Renew a few sec before pull, to proc trinkets etc, then i use Inner Focus > Shadowfiend > Opener i have 4.150gs and i get at max 3.8dps on a dummy with only my own buffs(no flask or potion). however i did get 4k dps on a dummy(my buffs) once back when i had worse gear(i think i had around 3.8/3.9gs) i just think that i got lucky with procs or whatever, but i believe my class has more potential. Bonus Damage(spellpower) 2267, (2077 unbuffed) Hit Rating: 266(Im Draenei) Crit chance: 11.06%/193 Rating Haste: 607/18.51% what im asking is if other shadow priests or someone who knows the class would like to share their opener, dummy dps, and stats and additional helpful information im not sorry for bad english
  2. I have a questions to angrathar's staff, where is the meaning of progresive?, the same day that you opnened naxxramas 10 man, also opened 25 man raid , is not logic that 25 man raid should wait for release, after 10 man have released? like a couple weeks or a month of release 10 man? i mean at this progress speed all content will be released in this year? and then what? and not only realeased naxx also OS and 10/25 , i don't see the mean of a really progresive server here, and guest what? first man 10/25 achievement already got... i hear that, correct me if i'm wrong. So staff is gonna keep realeasing content like on naxxramas did? Sorry for my bad english.
  3. Epic Corrupted Ashbringer must LIVE ;D

    As i know, first raid on Angrathar will be Naxxramas and as i know Angrathar is progressive realm. SO Naxxramas TILL 3.0.2 version was ORIGINAL raid and there was a drop chance for Corrupted Ashbringer and on version 3.0.2 there were Death Knights that could obtain Ashbringer, and here we can't obtain such a legendary item. I don't ask for leaving Old Naxxramas in Plaguelands, but maybe you should add this item to drop table to Four Horsemen chest for sometime? For moths or two? Whis will give players a challenge to obtain it and become more legendary player in future patches on Angrathar. There is no Corrupted Ashbringer now on Angrathar in droptable because Naxxramas is 80 lvl raid now. Source: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Naxxramas_(original) VOTE on Straw poll : http://www.strawpoll.me/14962453/r
  4. GREETINGS, <Epidemic> is an efficient 25-man North American raiding guild that plans on coming to Sunwell’s Angrathar realm. We are currently recruiting players that plan to strive for the absolute best in terms of performance, efficiency, commitment and rationality. As far as performance goes, we expect you to research your class religiously and to perform your best when it comes down to all aspects of raiding. There is no reasonable excuse for you to not have the ability and time to simply put forth the effort required to learn your class. In terms of efficiency, we ask these simple questions: Will you be early to raid or on time? Help others when needed? Can you take constructive criticism as a factor that benefits you and others? Etc. ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO US! If you are the kind of player that is late to raid or doesn’t show up without letting somebody know, understand we have no patience for that kind of cancer. You will be demoted and benched if no reasonable excuse is given. We just simply don't have the patience and time to have people that will flake after two weeks of raiding. We hope to recruit players that will have impeccable attendance and will stick with us through ‘thick and thin’ situations including progression, strategy changes, and accommodating to buffed content. This is where commitment comes in. We raid three days a week, three hours each raid. As far as rationality goes, please use your brain (hoping it's a healthy one you have) to cause little to no drama if possible, don't be toxic towards others. PERIOD. The last thing we want our guild to have is a bad name that screams "Cancerous guild." *WARNING* - If you are a very sensitive person in general and can't handle banter / joking around then this guild is likely not for you. When we aren't raiding, we tend to have a laugh here and there and although our conversations can be quite amusing and funny, others may find it offensive. If you absolutely CANNOT handle words over the internet, please search for another home. In our discord, an NSFW channel is there for a reason and if you wish to view it you can either accept or decline it if you click on it. Simple as that! PROGRESSION: #1 NA guild on the server *NA First NAXX 25* *NA First EOE 25* ULDUAR 25 - 13/13 ULDUAR 25 HM - 1/9 WHAT ARE WE RECRUITING?: SHAMAN - CLOSED WARLOCK - CLOSED HUNTER - CLOSED DEATH KNIGHT - CLOSED DRUID - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - RESTO] PRIEST - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - SHADOW] PALADIN - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - HOLY / RET] MAGE - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - ARCANE W/ FIRE OS] LOOT SYSTEM: Loot Council RAID DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday TIMES: 7:30 PM EST – 11 PM EST (1AM – 4 AM GMT) EXPERIENCE: <Epidemic> isn’t our original guild name. We are players from several guilds from several different servers. We all were previously in <Pull Your Weight> on Twinstar’s Hades realm. We have extensive leadership from Warmane’s Lordaeron realm. Our guild on Lordaeron was <Envy>. WHERE CAN I APPLY?: http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com/ DISCORD INFO: Add Kev#8652