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Found 1 result

  1. The official TBC client for macOS doesn't work on Intel-based (x86) machines, because it was made for the no-longer supported PowerPC architecture. EDIT: The PowerPC client appears to be working again (with a trick), however from my own tests, the client is buggy (mission control), the performance has been terrible and you can't max out the settings as you can with this solution, so I still do recommend the solution from this guide. However you can still play TBC on a Mac by using the Windows version with Wine, but this solution isn't as elegant and easy-to-setup as it could be, so I've decided to make a proper macOS app (bundle), that behaves just as a normal macOS application and it doesn't require any installation or additional software (Wine is already bundled with the app). You literally just have to start the app. I have used Winebottler for this purpose, however I've modified the package quite a bit, because Winebottler is meant for packaging installers (the original package copied its entire content to a hidden location and used that, which meant that the install size doubled and also accessing the addons folder or the config was pretty annoying). So here's how it works: Download the Disk Image from here Launch the image and Drag&Drop "The Burning Crusade" inside the Applications folder. Unmount the disk image and launch "The Burning Crusade" from your Applications folder, from Launchpad or from Spotlight. And that's it. The realmlist is already set to logon.sunwell.pl. If you want to change the realmlist, config or just install some addons, simply right-click (or ctrl+left-click) on the app and choose Show Package Contents. Then double click on the GO TO WOW DIRECTORY link. The game works perfectly fine. I've tested this on a Hackintosh with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, with an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU and an AMD RX 570 GPU. You can remove this app by simply dragging it to the Trash.