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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. For a few months now, i've noticed a trend regarding glyph prices, or rather, the crashing of glyph prices. For reference, this is what i'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/TLjeFlY https://imgur.com/a/sjt4NYI https://imgur.com/a/g1lYE8J https://imgur.com/a/Ic8Ymk8 https://imgur.com/a/A2cLugy https://imgur.com/a/8wCanRd Now, i'd like to go on a record and say that i am not here to rant, only to have a constructive discussion as to why this is happening. So please refrain from trolling or bringing in useless arguments. First off, this perplexes me to no end. I've tried contacting these players but none are ever online. I've only ever been able to speak to one and this particular one was confused, probably didn't look at the prices while using an addon to post auctions with an automatic undercut. I would love to find out why people do this because it is in no way profitable (in some cases it costs more to make the glyph and put it on the AH than the sale price). I've seen some glyphs posted for as low as 2 silver. The first category of undercutters seem to try to do a hefty undercut (from 40 to 15 gold for example) most likely in an attempt to get a quick sale. While a pretty stupid practice, i can at least understand the effort. They also most likely don't understand that they are setting off a chain reaction that will crash the price, or simply don't care. But it's the second category of "undercutters" that i'd like to understand. These outright destroy the price and bring it down to below 1g (like the ones displayed in the links above, those are merely a few examples, i have more but i didn't want to spam the thread with links). The only realistic explanations i can think of are faulty addons or people deliberately doing this for some reason. So if anybody could help enlighten me, i'm all ears. The glyph market has been unstable for a while now. A reasonably priced glyph can drop to a few silvers in mere hours. All that said, i would also like to know if the market for any other item has been affected like this but i'm not noticing it. The prices for gems and enchanting mats has stayed pretty much the same since launch. EDIT: I know it may seem like an obvious solution, but buying out their stock and reposting it for a normal price has had poor results in my experience. If anything, it only seems to encourage them to keep doing this.