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Found 7 results

  1. dzimbad

    Scryers issue

    Hello guys, i'm desperate. I don't get next quest after https://www.wowhead.com/quest=11039/report-to-spymaster-thalodien , and I have done "City of Light" quest which needs to be done. I wrote in game ticket to GM, he told me to go to bugtracker IF i think that it's a bug? There is something similar to my problem https://github.com/SunwellWoW/Sunwell-TBC-Bugtracker/issues/3650 , anyone else with this kind of problem? I'm a dranei btw, and i've switched from Aldor to Scryers.
  2. Hi, I will include a screenshot below. Every time I kill something, it pops a message on screen saying "You can't send a message of this type until level X". At first it was level 10, now it says 19.
  3. Hi, Can someone please provide information on what addons will be compatible with the Nightbane client? Thank you!
  4. hello i am a priest that has some questions about the rotation of a shadow priest. i have read alot of forums about the rotation/opener. but one thing i see is that all the openers are different. i have played around with a handfull of openers as for now i use: (VT > MB > MF > SW.P > DP) or (VT > DP > MB > MFx2 > SW.P) but before i start that i usually use Renew a few sec before pull, to proc trinkets etc, then i use Inner Focus > Shadowfiend > Opener i have 4.150gs and i get at max 3.8dps on a dummy with only my own buffs(no flask or potion). however i did get 4k dps on a dummy(my buffs) once back when i had worse gear(i think i had around 3.8/3.9gs) i just think that i got lucky with procs or whatever, but i believe my class has more potential. Bonus Damage(spellpower) 2267, (2077 unbuffed) Hit Rating: 266(Im Draenei) Crit chance: 11.06%/193 Rating Haste: 607/18.51% what im asking is if other shadow priests or someone who knows the class would like to share their opener, dummy dps, and stats and additional helpful information im not sorry for bad english
  5. chazz100

    My account got hacked

    Hey I logged off last night with no problem(None have my password),I woke up this day and I found my password has been changed I restored it but I found that the account is frozen too and my character has been deleted "Tatya" (level 80 shaman) and I found another one called "Sunweeq" can a gm look into this problem and check If someone else logged into my account I'm from Tunisia so you can check if another IP address is involved last night. much appreciated Sunwell player Tatya
  6. Excedere

    Help Getting Set Up

    So I'm trying to set up for the Angrathar server and I'm having a really hard time. I downloaded the client as instructed, but when I go to find the realmlist, there isn't one. I created one in the data folder but it doesn't seem to be changing anything. At this point I'm kind of stumped and there is NO information about this anywhere online. I've tried a number of old fixes but nothing seems to be working. I'm kinda disappointed because I was really looking forward to playing on a WoTLK server again but I don't know how to get around it. Thanks, and cheers!
  7. CapnDiego


    I could really use some help. I've spent hours trying to download and get onto this server and I'm completely lost. Tried the normal windows download, torrent version and the legion remastered version and none of them are working for me. Read only is off, no write protection on and I'm just clueless at this point.