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Found 22 results

  1. Tomcat

    [H-PvE] Time Walkers

    ENG: Time Walkers is a fresh project created by few friends from old HellGround, WarGate, and finally Ares. Ye... We are truly TBC lovers ❤️ . We wanna Time Walkers to be focused on PvE, but good PvP Premade will be always welcome. We don't wanna use typical DKP loot system, we prefer more democratic ways to handle it . Our main goal is create the comunity with out isolated officer castes. Here, every one will have have oportunity to say what he thinks and his voice will be heard. About future of Time Walkers... well, we decide about it together. Who is our target: Mostly Polish ppl but if you are English speaking player we will welcome you as well. And Ye... You dont have to be pro, we all do mistakes. But we require you to have an open mind, good attitude and open to suggestion. After server lunch i will edit this post and paste here some nickname you can whisper to. For now just PM me or do some post in this topick. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PL: Time Walkers to nowy projekt stworzony przez grupkę przyjaciół z starego dobrego HellGrounda, później WarGate i finalnie z Aresa... Tak TBC lovers ❤️ . Guild docelowo ma być nastawiona na progres PvE, ale dobrym Premade BG też nie pogardzimy. Z założenia chcemy oderwać się od sztywnego DKP i przejść na bardziej... hmmm... demokratyczny sposób rozdawnictwa lootu. Chcemy stworzyć Gildię z nastawieniem na graczy, bez sztywnych odizolowanych zamkniętych kast oficerskich. Tutaj każdego zdanie będzie się liczyć, a o przyszłości Gildii zadecydujemy wspólnie. Kto jest naszym targetem: Polsko języczny gracz, który nie boi się odezwać na Discordzie, najchętniej pełnoletni i koniecznie zrównoważony psychicznie - przynajmniej w stopniu minimalnym. Jeżeli nie jesteś pro ogarem, to nic, każdy kiedyś zaczynał... uszy do góry! Mimo wielu lat gry na TBC sami też się ciągle uczymy. Co jest kluczem? Wymagamy zarówno od siebie, za czym idzie będziemy z pewnością wymagać również od Ciebie odpowiedniego nastawienia, otwartości na sugestię, chęci testowania swojej klasy i ciągłego podnoszenia przysłowiowej "poprzeczki". Są wśród nas ludzie pracujący, studenci... dyrektorzy banków, osoby z rodzinami, nawet jest jeden hodowca grzybów i innych dziwnych paskudztw - więc raczej z założenia nie maniaczymy 24/7 w grze. Bawimy się wspólnie i wspólnie jak już dobijemy do 70tki ustalimy godziny raidowe. Po otwarciu servera i założeniu postaci - zedytuje ten wpis i potam informacje do kogo można whisperować w Grze. Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany/a już teraz to możesz mi wysłać PM na tym forum, lub napisać komentarz pod spodem. Aha... tylko jeżeli chcecie skorzystać z opcji komentarza w tym topicku to piszcie po Angielsku - polityka servera tego wymaga. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Regards, Pozdrawiamy, ekipa Time Walkers. Discord: ... (comming soon, after server lunch)
  2. Julie

    LF Causal/Lvling NA Guild

    Hi, I'm new to the server and will be leveling a shadow priest! I have a lvl 33 druid and a lower level mage. I'd like to join a guild to talk to people and run dungeons with.
  3. BanturLoShammo

    <A> >Made In Italy>

    Ciao a tutti Abbiamo appena creato la gilda italiana Made In Italy lato Ally. Siamo in pieno levelling ed accettiamo tutti. Wispate Bantur, Milfcatz, Sbrodolina per essere addati. Ci si vede in game e vi aspettiamo numerosi, bellaaaaaaa
  4. I'm looking for a RolePlay guild. My skills as a roleplay'er are on a very low level, but I'm gonna try my best!
  5. bomba

    < K H A L I L>

    When you going to read our topic please play this song while you reading our topic thank you so much. International Core Guild EU > K H A L I L < LF Players know what to do with their classes to fill our core group on Friday ( For now ) 7.20 PM ST Mins GS 4.5K , Must have Discord+Mic Also we're using EPGP,and no Council Loot.
  6. Hi Guys, Currently I am based in Malaysia and I look for a raiding guild who has suitable times for me. Raidstart should be between 12pm - 3pm Servertime. My main is a fdk with 4664 GS and I have exp in the entire wotlk content (including all HCs / HMs) I am looking forward to find a suitable guild.
  7. Your name: CelarionReported player's name: Guild Memory. Ninja looter: Rapids, Item receiver: NatoxzDate: 10-17-2018 23:12:34Rule that was broken: Ninja looting.Description: I spent 8 hours of total time with this guild in Ulduar, just to end up finally killing Vezax and getting a fine feral tank weapon get ninja'd before my eyes. I was at their discord, and they refused to give me the item regardless me rolling the highest. In the end what happened, happened I just wish everyone to be aware of the guild memory and I hope any GM would be able to intervene and at least remove the item from Natoxz.Evidence:
  8. GREETINGS, <Epidemic> is an efficient 25-man North American raiding guild that plans on coming to Sunwell’s Angrathar realm. We are currently recruiting players that plan to strive for the absolute best in terms of performance, efficiency, commitment and rationality. As far as performance goes, we expect you to research your class religiously and to perform your best when it comes down to all aspects of raiding. There is no reasonable excuse for you to not have the ability and time to simply put forth the effort required to learn your class. In terms of efficiency, we ask these simple questions: Will you be early to raid or on time? Help others when needed? Can you take constructive criticism as a factor that benefits you and others? Etc. ATTENDANCE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO US! If you are the kind of player that is late to raid or doesn’t show up without letting somebody know, understand we have no patience for that kind of cancer. You will be demoted and benched if no reasonable excuse is given. We just simply don't have the patience and time to have people that will flake after two weeks of raiding. We hope to recruit players that will have impeccable attendance and will stick with us through ‘thick and thin’ situations including progression, strategy changes, and accommodating to buffed content. This is where commitment comes in. We raid three days a week, three hours each raid. As far as rationality goes, please use your brain (hoping it's a healthy one you have) to cause little to no drama if possible, don't be toxic towards others. PERIOD. The last thing we want our guild to have is a bad name that screams "Cancerous guild." *WARNING* - If you are a very sensitive person in general and can't handle banter / joking around then this guild is likely not for you. When we aren't raiding, we tend to have a laugh here and there and although our conversations can be quite amusing and funny, others may find it offensive. If you absolutely CANNOT handle words over the internet, please search for another home. In our discord, an NSFW channel is there for a reason and if you wish to view it you can either accept or decline it if you click on it. Simple as that! PROGRESSION: #1 NA guild on the server *NA First NAXX 25* *NA First EOE 25* ULDUAR 25 - 13/13 ULDUAR 25 HM - 1/9 WHAT ARE WE RECRUITING?: SHAMAN - CLOSED WARLOCK - CLOSED HUNTER - CLOSED DEATH KNIGHT - CLOSED DRUID - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - RESTO] PRIEST - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - SHADOW] PALADIN - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - HOLY / RET] MAGE - OPEN [HIGH ON DEMAND - ARCANE W/ FIRE OS] LOOT SYSTEM: Loot Council RAID DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday TIMES: 7:30 PM EST – 11 PM EST (1AM – 4 AM GMT) EXPERIENCE: <Epidemic> isn’t our original guild name. We are players from several guilds from several different servers. We all were previously in <Pull Your Weight> on Twinstar’s Hades realm. We have extensive leadership from Warmane’s Lordaeron realm. Our guild on Lordaeron was <Envy>. WHERE CAN I APPLY?: http://epidemicguild.shivtr.com/ DISCORD INFO: Add Kev#8652
  9. Shadownib

    Zero Wipes

    Hello everyone! New PVE Guild < Zero Wipes > Is looking for decent & Active ppl, who can manage to meet with us in Discord.Don't worry about gear or lvl, there is something more important.You can learn more about us on https://zerowipes.shivtr.com/ Then you can Apply. Characters in game : Shadownib , Howtobuff ( you can whisper also : Krewella , Wrathpulse )
  10. Who Are We? We are a small group of friends that have played on various other private servers and games for several years. Our goal is to share the sense of community that our guild enjoys to the server at large, with a focus on tackling challenging content in the spirit of mutual fun and respect. We're currently looking for all dedicated players to help build up our 10 and 25 man rosters for Ulduar. What-to-Expect An active raiding core that is prepared to tackle all content that WotLK WoW offers led by leadership experienced in HC raiding. A relaxed, patient and mature raid environment that aims to help players get to a raid-ready standard while also expecting results. Fair treatment. Nobody is favoured based on previous friendships or rank. This is reflected in our democratic loot council system which is based on attendance, performance, gear upgrades and personal dedication. Raiding Schedule Thursday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 Server Time Tuesday: 00:00 - 3:00 Server Time These times may be subject to change if we reach a consensus in wanting to push the raid. How to Apply We initially prefer in-game contact if you are interested in joining us. If you cannot find any officers online however, you can refer to our website to submit an application showing your interest and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Contact Information Officers: Sylvain (on Discord as Danny#1598) + Szopa (on Discord as Szopa#5213)
  11. Nakiri

    <West Coast> [NA] 25m

    <West Coast> About: West Coast is a legacy guild currently playing on Sunwell's 'Angrathar' wotlk server. We have a dedicated & active core who has recently been playing & clearing content on Elysium / Light's Hope Vanilla WoW servers, as well as a little bit on Ares TBC server. Some of our roots even go back as far as original retail Vanilla WoW. Our focus is on developing a positive team-oriented atmosphere with active Raiding and Progression through all the legacy content at the forefront of our accomplishments; with fun times, PvP, and more in between. We are a family style community with a strong core, always looking to grow & strengthen our community, and progress on to new challenges! Having fun with our crew and progressing through epic content is the #1 goal. 25 man raid focus, w/ optional 10 mans. NA based raid times and events (West Coast / PST focused). Current Progress: OS25: 1/1 +1 Drake Naxx25: 10/15 Raid Times [NA]: Sundays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) Tuesdays @ 6:30pm, PST (9:30pm, EST) * Extra raid nights for 10 mans or extra 25 man progression during content releases may arise (likely on Monday or Wednesday evenings). Duration: Raids typically last about 3.5 hours, more or less depending on content and speed (break time included). (Always meet at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time for Invites. Allow extra time to prepare as necessary. Our raid time is our start time, aka zoned in and getting ready to pull.) Loot System: Loot Council What is expected from Raiders: - Play your role efficiently; put in the effort to get optimal gear and maximize your potential! - Maintain excellent raid attendance, generally 80% or above (IRL happens - we understand! Just communicate & notify us if things come up.) - Arrive on time and fully prepared with consumables & reagents for scheduled raid content - Bring a positive attitude (we are here to have fun!) - Be around & active... we are not just a raid-logging guild, we are a family! We do not identify ourselves as a "hardcore" guild, but everyone in our raiding roster is expected to do their part on a daily/weekly basis for the guild to progress and succeed. All members need to be coming prepared with all the required knowledge and consumables to every event in order for us to complete all content smoothly within our scheduled raid hours, and make progression less of a headache. We like to get stuff done while having fun, and so we raid with a semi-hardcore mentality. Slacking and a lazy attitude is not tolerated within our raids. Outside of raids we stay active and have fun hanging out together. Recruitment: High Need Shaman (Enhancement) Feral Druid Medium Need Rogue Warrior (Fury) Shaman (Resto) There is always room in our community for motivated players of all roles, with room to grow regardless of current status. Please do not hesitate to contact any guild leadership in-game or inquire about any further info, and apply if interested! Cheers Contact: Guild Leader - Nakiri Officer(s) - Laralette, Fazerz
  12. Hello, I am looking for players to create a guild based on a social game. Our main assumptions are: 1. No power leveling and multiboxing 2. We do not use Heirloom items 3. Focus on collecting achievements 4. Moving the classic-bc-wotlk content with the level stop / for achievements and future transmogs 5. Invasions to strategic horde villages 6. Guild Battlegrounds 7. Instances and raids at weekends 8. PvP events with cash prizes 9. Maximum 1 alt per one person 10. Active help and a common game Our expectations: 1. Be friendly and have a positive attitude 2. 100 Quests Completed 3. Become an Artisan in a profession It will not be a massive guild - the number of seats will be limited to 30-35 for the start. All interested please send a private message to the forum.
  13. Tronalddump

    [DK][H] Copenhagen Girls

    Copenhagen Girls is a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded by 6 IRL friends experienced from vanilla to legion mythic raiding. We recently arrived from another WOTLK server called Dalaran-Wow where we also had our own guild and cleared ICC HC. We are now seeking to fill another danish packed guild with experienced raiders who strive to optimise their wow performance. We dont have any gear requirements for you, other than to optimise what current gear you have. Know your class, be available for raid times and stay enthusiastic. We raid twice a week (Sunday + tuesday) from 19.30-23.00 ST. Visit us at our Website or /W any of the officers in-game Love Tronalddump, Jizzineye, Cumonback, Didgeridoo, Drudidu, Bagsag.
  14. Fram

    Guilda <Cenaclu>

    Salutare, Dacă sunt pe aici doritori, avem o guildă românească Horde side, numită Cenaclu. Pentru invitație intrați în contact cu unul dintre membri (care cum e online), lăsați un reply pe aici sau /w Fram. Avem Discord și destul de activi cu toții. Numai bine, ne vedem ig.
  15. Glommer

    Looking for guild

    Hi, I'm actually looking for guild as 62 lvl orc demolock. If any questions ask them below
  16. Bonjour à tous ! La toute nouvelle guilde - Cuisses De Grenouille - recrute coté Horde Nous venons de créer la guilde il y a 7 jours et nous sommes déjà une dizaine de lvl 80. Il y a aussi une dizaine de personnes en phase de leveling Nos membres sont âgés entre 22 et 40 ans et même si nous ne sommes pas nombreux pour le moment, une bonne ambiance s'y est installée et elle n'attend plus que vous ! Notre but. Nous avons pour ambition de poursuivre le contenu PVE de WoW-Wotlk ensemble et avec vous-même pour créer une guilde soudée qui nous permettra une avancée consistante dans le jeu. Nous désirons aussi réunir une "communauté" de FR / QC et créer une bonne ambiance au sein de la guilde ainsi que sur notre discord, mais aussi pour permettre l'entraide si vous avez besoin pour vous optimiser ou demander des conseils sur votre classe. Recrutement Nous acceptons tous les joueurs FR / QC matures ayant une bonne motivation,mentalité et le respect d'autrui Les rosters n’étant pas complets, Les jours de raid ne sont pas encore fixés et un vote sera établi. Nous rejoindre C'est très simple, il suffit de nous contacter en jeu sur: Blzork - Nolo - Jordans - Dtll Je suis disponible pour toutes questions et je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de lire ce post Cordialement. Blzork
  17. Hey all! Addiction Therapy is a newly formed PvE focused guild with plans which we will execute step by step. Right now our goal is to create a decent 10 man core which will be progressing HC Ulduar 10 man when it comes out. Until Ulduar we will be pugging 25 man Naxx around this core and try to recruit people who we think perform well in the pugs. Gearscore or achis that you currently have does not concern us. However we would like to have a 5 minute Q&A on discord to see if our goals and needs match. The key elements we are looking for upon recruiting is your knowledge about your class and decent communication! For detailed information about our plans exc. feel free to contact us in-game!
  18. <Rebirth> is a semi-hardcore, competitive guild formed at the very start of Angrathar. Our goal is to create a healthy raid environment which is capable of competing for Realm First achievements on Sunwell's newly opened server. Guild is currently closed for recruitment. Guild Community Rebirth is a group of very experienced WoW players, both in Retail and Private server (WotLK) environment. Our core members come from various top Alliance guilds on Warmane's Lordaeron server. We originate from Lordaaron's guild <Rebirth>, which was top Alliance guild during server's opening of Ulduar. Both leadership and membership are committed to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, free of any kind of discrimination, which is focused on competitive raiding while enjoying your favourite game. We are looking for like-minded people who are ready to become a part of this long-lasting community. Raiding schedule All 25-man raids will be held on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 7:00 PM CET (19:00 ST), while 10-man raids can and will be discussed internally between attending players to fit every raider's free time perfectly. This ensures that both Europe's and North America's players can find their spot in our raiding system. Requirements - Extensive knowledge of your class/spec/role - Fluent English - PC that can handle a normal 25-man environment + a stable Internet connection - Ability to attend a raid mentioned in Raiding schedule paragraph, with a will to invest extra time when progressing until we polish our coordination to perfection - Friendly, helpful and positive attitude with a capacity to get along with other members - Ability to accept constructive criticism when needed to improve our raiding experience - Ability to agree with and accept guild rules Contact Questions regarding recruitment or anything else can be answered by our ingame leadership: Boss, Drbiceps, Squatbooty, Empathy. For more information, you can reach us via posts below or at our Discord channel. Kind regards, <Rebirth>
  19. nekomi15

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA]

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA] Recruiting one off tank for our first 10 man group as well as a full Group 2 Core(All Classes) including a raid lead. The guild is focused on 10 man semi-hardcore raiding with the intent to hit 25 mans as well. We intend to raid Wed/Thurs from 830est-1130est roughly. We are a tight-knit skilled group looking for more players to simply enjoy Wotlk and all of its content. We approach the game in a casual and fun manner (as per our guild name) , but have full intentions of progressing through the content fast with a competitive mindset PST me in discord (Nekomi#7153) or Nekomia in game! IF you are looking for a laid back guild that is still committed to raiding.
  20. Max-Dose

    <Team Ice> (NA)

    Team Ice is a North American semi-hardcore guild of experienced and skilled players with a great passion for the game. We value strong relations within our guild and the community we play with. The goal is to have a relaxed and fun raid environment, where the raid leader doesn't have to tell you to move out of the fire (ofcourse we will call you out if you consistently don't). It is expected that you'll optimize your own performance and adapt to raid mechanics without someone holding your hand the entire time. This especially holds true for t7 content since it's incredibly easy, however in Ulduar the raid environment will be a little more strict during the initial progress. This is a guild for players who don't take themselves too seriously and can take a joke/banter whilst being able to play at a high level in raids (again, without someone holding your hand telling you what to do). Merged with <Retro>
  21. Reptution

    <Order of the Odlid> is recruiting

    <Order of the Odlid>[A] international PvE focused guild who aims for a strong and serious core group of players interested in beating sunwells buffed content and being one of the top Alliance guilds on the server! The Order will be raiding on: Thursday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Sunday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Tuesday 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 Looking specifically to recruit: 1 Druid (Balance) 2 Priests (Shadows) 2 Mages (Arcane/Fire) 1 Warlocks (Affliction and/or Demonology) The Order is looking for you! To apply to the guild, simply head into our forums and send in an application today! If you got questions or want to contact us for further information message me or any of our officers ingame or discord! We are always active in discord and respond very frequently! Link to forum: http://orderoftheodlid.shivtr.com/ Link to discord: https://discord.gg/2uZHdNB
  22. Oxer

    LF Guild

    Hello guys, really am excited bout the launch of of this new server. What i'm asking maybe impossible or non-existent but are there any guild that raid on GMT+8 or SEA players? I'm also open to suggestion or alternatives if what i'm asking is just too much. Thank you in advance.