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Found 5 results

  1. WoW WotLK Warrior Class Guide - Fury Two two-handed mean meat mincer. Greetings dear reader! Few years past I have started writing Warrior Class Guide Compendium for Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and here you'll read the Fury part, though its a bit different than in the original document. Like all of my guides, the emphasis lies on the word detailed. If you're looking for a pocket guide that will tell you in short order what to take without any explanations of why, then either stop reading right now or be smart about it and look at the most important bits - bolds and colour. (Being all three spec guides in PvE and PvP alike, the complete length of the entire document is over 120 word pages long...so yeah, no way I will post all of it under one topic!) True teaching lies not in telling what to do, but in periodically asking questions and giving examples until the student comes to the real conclusions themselves. It “etches” differently in our memory and it becomes our instinct, and more. I cannot be there for you so I have given reasons and provided examples, which that is the very reason why this guide is “long”. If you do something without in-depth awareness it's all for naught if you truly want to become serious. Before we begin, I’d like to emphasis that this is a guide. The way of doing things I will present to you is not the only way. If you have found this guide helpful and/or think I should change or add explanations on something, do contact me! All feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated! Now let’s begin, we all know warriors slash & smash and don't read. Note: Due to wrong version save, BiS gearsets are not complete. Table of Contents *Use [keyword] to quickly navigiate to wanted section. [F0] Basic Fury Warrior information [F1] Fury talent spec For 80 PvE raiding [F2] How to DPS [F3] Your place in the raid group [F4] WotLK Warrior Macros [F5] Addons [F6] Race, Professions & Gearing [F7] Best in Slot Gearsets (incomplete) Basic Fury Warrior Information [F0] (and some general class stuff as well) This is actually important. To say it short, you’re plate mdps that has AoE ability inside a rotation; you can interrupt spell casts, maneuver fast around the encounter area; and you can act as an “emergency tank” (as I like to call it, ET). Fury belongs to specs that heavily rely on their gear in order to give out an efficient performance. Being a warrior you use a lot of macros, even as Fury; and if you're walking around without a shield in your bags I'll bitch slap you like Shiva! To be more detailed: By the word "plate" I mean to say that you can take some punishment unlike cloth that gets one shotted (but even you cannot survive a single "slap" on hardmode/HM without CDs). Additionally, you can reduce healing strain by using Shield Wall (65% damage reduction total); Shield Block and Enraged Regeneration help too. By having AoE ability inside your rotation, I meant to say that you should watch out when you must not break CC or when your allies are mind controlled. No one likes seeing warriors’ Whirlwind crit on them and no one likes it when someone wipes the raid doing something as stupid as that. It's an instant lootban or worse. You can interrupt casts with Pummel or Shield Bash, so never go below 10 rage on encounters where your interrupt is important! Utilize your Intercept, Intervene and possibly Heroic Fury to maneuver fast around the encounter and lose as little dps time as possible. Additionally, Intervene reduces target's total threat by 10% from all mobs in the battle (and intervenes one physical attack done against them), so keep that note somewhere in the back of your mind, it can be useful on encounters such as Sindragosa. Emergency Tanking aka "ET"-ing is when the tank either dies or you are able to take over the tanking role for a short period of time. This behavior will be covered under its own section. It's worth saying that it's nothing that expected of you to do, merely that your class is capable of doing. What is Rage? How does it work? Rage is warrior’s ability resource. Rage is generated by doing damage with auto attacks, getting damaged from any source, or by using rage-generating abilities or talents. Additionally, Rage is an unlimited resource – meaning that warriors don’t get “exhausted”, not needing (mana) breaks. Warriors stop when they DIE! However, reckless ability usage & stance dancing leads to rage starvation, a point when you can’t do anything until some generation occurs. You avoid doing that by thinking in advance. Worst-case scenario(s) you can find yourself in is not having rage, having no rage-generating abilities available and are unable to attack. You. Do. Nothing. Excluding normal melee weapon attacks – and getting damaged – there are several talents and abilities helping us with rage. Bloodrage and Charge are your only two default rage-generating abilities. You can increase your rage gain from physical sources for a small amount by using Berserker Rage, but that cooldown is ideally saved to prevent fears and other effects from affecting you. That being said, special notice goes to two offensive abilities – Heroic Strike and Cleave. They change your main hand auto attack into special attack, preventing rage generation from auto-attack source (fury has offhand weapon to generate rage with). It’s why they’re called rage dumps. Lastly, there’s stance dancing to be mentioned (changing your stance to use special abilities and losing extra rage). This term is mostly for PvP, but even in PvE, a badly timed stance dance can lead to bad results (e.g. Fury Warrior going to Rend and losing rage generated by auto attacks, that’s bad!). Warriors keep 10-25 rage per changing stances depending on Tactical Mastery talent (passive Stance Mastery is learned on level 20). Unless the situation you find yourself is “now or never”, you aim to dump any excess rage before swapping. Goal is to avoid finding yourself rage-starved – or rage capped. There’s nothing wrong in having 100/100 rage, but any rage you “lost” over the cap or to stance swap should have ideally been going into HS/Cleave or any other viable ability usage; whereas having small amount of rage can leave you handicapped for the moment. Learn when it’s ideal to change stance for different ability usages and pay close attention to your weapon swing timer (via addon, I'm using Quartz myself). There is an equation which determines just how much rage you are generating when you hit or are hit, but I won't be bothering you with it and simply state that the harder you hit and the harder you are hit, the more rage is generated. If you want to know just how much you generate, go hit a target (not a dummy) and take note. Fury Talent Spec For 80 PvE Raiding [F1] Fury Warrior - How to DPS [F2] I stick them with the pointy end, right? Your place in the raid group [F3] I will crush! I will destroy! I will…oooh, shiny! WotLK Warrior Macros [F4] To access macros, type /m or go to game menu and select Macros. Addons [F5] Dem useful gadgets! Fury Warrior – Race, Professions & Gearing [F6] Best in Slot gearsets [F7]
  2. Subtlety Rogue PvP Guide [WotLK]

    Table of Contents: Introduction Talents Glyphs Stats Enchants Gems Professions Poisons Races Macros Play-style INTRODUCTION While making this guide I was trying to create something universal. It should work not only if you have access to endgame content gear but for the previous WotLK PvP seasons aswell. Even though there are many things that are a "must-have", there also are things that solely depend on the player's play-style. Many things can be better in specific situations but worse in other situations. That's why in this guide I will leave a lot of room for YOUR personal customization and make it more interactive. TALENTS This is the build that I like the most. It's not a big deal if you change up a but stuff or two as long as you keep the main talents. Assassination Talents - 12 point(s) Improved Eviscerate - 3/3 - Boosting the damage of your main damaging finishing move. Malice - 2/5 - Critical strike rating is good but not worth taking all the way. Ruthlessness - 3/3 - More combo points, who doesn't want them? Puncturing Wounds - 3/3 - Boosts your main combo point building ability when out of Stealth/Shadow Dance. Vigor - 1/1 - 10 energy is always good for the moments when you burst. Combat Talents - 3 point(s) Improved Gouge - 3/3 - Pretty much allows you to Gouge and reStealth when fighting 1v1. Subtlety Talents - 56 point(s) Relentless Strikes - 5/5 - Helps you alot with not being out of energy all the time. Master of Deception - 3/3 - Getting opener or getting opened on has a huge importance in the outcome of a fight against other stealther. Opportunity - 2/2 - More Backstab/Ambush damage. Dirty Tricks - 2/2 - It's actually so hard to Sap a moving target without this talent. Camouflage - 2/3 - Without this talent your Stealth has a 10 sec. cooldown which makes alot of tricks impossible. Elusiveness - 2/2 - It reduces the cooldowns of 3 of your main abilities so its very helpful. Serrated Blades - 3/3 - More damage, the main reason you take this is because you can't get Hemorrhage without it. Initiative - 3/3 - More combo points! Improved Ambush - 2/2 - More Ambush damage! Preparation - 1/1 - Yes, please! Dirty Deeds - 2/2 - Great for executing targets. Hemorrhage - 1/1 - You should always keep Hemorrhage's debuff on your target. Deadliness - 5/5 - More attack power! Premeditation - 1/1 - You can macro this with other abilities since it doesn't have a global cooldown. Cheat Death - 3/3 - This will save your life more times than you can count. Sinister Calling - 5/5 - More damage! Waylay - 2/2 - You might aswell drop one point here since your Crippling Poison already does the slowing. Honor Among Thieves - 3/3 - That talent feeds you combo points with a big spoon. You even proc it yourself. Shadowstep - 1/1 - The reason you can't get kited as much as Assassination rogues. Filthy Tricks - 2/2 - If you use Tricks of the Trade constantly, as you should, this becomes even better. Slaughter from the Shadows - 5/5 - Makes your main abilities more spammable. Shadow Dance - 1/1 - The reason you went for Subtlety at the first place. This is the game changing ability. Great for burst, great for control. GLYPHS Major Glyphs Glyph of Shadow Dance - That's a must-have glyph for a subtlety rogue. Not much to say about it, it's just very powerful for obvious reasons. Glyph of Preparation - That's another very powerful glyph thats very high in my priority list. The double Kick is very strong against holy paladins and resto shamans. The glyph allows you to Dismantle warriors to bait out their Bladestorm and then Dismantle them again. Glyph of Sprint - Even though people underestimate this glyph I find it very useful. The 70% speed you usually get from Sprint is easily negated by most of the slows in the game. Having 100% speed means that even if you get slowed you will be able to outrun your enemies. Glyph of Gouge - Gouge is an ability that is used pretty much on cooldown in arenas, therefore being cheaper is a big deal. Glyph of Tricks of the Trade - Very efficient glyph for arenas when playing with another DPS that you can use Tricks of the Trade on constantly. Minor Glyphs Glyph of Vanish - That's pretty much the only must-have minor glyph. Glyph of Distract - Can be useful, nothing better to take. Glyph of Safe Fall - Useful in battlegrounds and world PvP. Useless for arenas. Glyph of Blurred Speed - Useful in battlegrounds and world PvP. Useless for arenas. STATS Hit Cap: 5% (164 hit rating) - This is pretty much the only stat you should pay a close attention to as a PvP rogue. Missing an ability in PvP can be the difference between winning or losing. Resilience - It's hard to tell the perfect amount of resilience you should have considering that the amount obviously changes depending on the PvP season you are in but you shouldn't really drop below 700 resilience in Deadly gear (season 5) and below 900 resilience in Wrathful gear (season 8). While dueling or playing 2v2 with a healer you can go for a lower amount of resilience. You should go for more resilience while playing 3v3, 5v5 or a double dps 2v2 composition. Attack Power - This is the go-to stat that you should gem after you've covered the other stats above. It's superior to gemming agility. It's very good for killing targets with low amounts of armor but not that good for killing targets with high amounts of armor. Armor Penetration - This is a stat basically opposite to attack power. It's very good for killing targets with high amounts of armor but not that good for killing targets with low amounts of armor. Unfortunately, to be worth gemming you need to be able to reach atleast 40% armor penetration (including the gems) without sacrificing too much resilience in the process which is pretty much impossible without mixing your gear with PvE parts from ICC. ENCHANTS Not taking into consideration the profession self enchants and upgrades the best standart enchants are: Head - Arcanum of Triumph Shoulders - Inscription of Triumph Back - Enchant Cloak - Major Agility or Enchant Cloak - Shadow Armor Chest - Enchant Chest - Exceptional Resilience Bracers - Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Crusher Belt - Eternal Belt Buckle Legs - Icescale Leg Armor Boots - Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality Main Hand - Enchant Weapon - Berserking Off Hand - Titanium Weapon Chain GEMS Relentless Earthsiege Diamond - That's the best meta gem you can get. Swift Skyflare Diamond - You might have to use this meta if you have Nitro Boosts enchant which means you are missing the movement speed from Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality. Bright Cardinal Ruby or Fractured Cardinal Ruby (check Stats section) - Those are the gems you should put pretty much everywhere. Empowered Ametrine - You can put those gems into yellow slots if you need resilience and also to get the socket bonus. Nightmare Tear - You should use this only to activate Relentless Earthsiege Diamond. The good thing about it is that you can put it into blue socket slot and get the bonus. Choose the item with blue socket that has the best socket bonuses (usually it's the legs). Once you have it, ignore the socket bonuses of any other item with blue socket and just put red gems. Obviously if you don't have access to epic gems you can always go for their rare equivalents. PROFESSIONS It's hard to say which professions are the best, as it all depends on what you prioritize. Let's go over all the professions and see what each one of them gives only to it's owner. I'm going to put them into 2 categories - ones that give you rough constant stats and ones that give you activatable effects: Professions with rough stats Blacksmithing allows you to add extra socket slots into your gloves and wrists where we can afterwards put +40 Attack Power gems and get a total of +80 Attack Power (or x2 +20 Armor Penetration gems for a total of +40 Armor Penetration). Good thing about those extra socket slots is that you can put any color gem in them and not worry about ruining your socket bonuses. Jewelcrafting lets you craft 3 unique gems. If you replace 3 standart Attack Power epic gems (+40 Attack Power) with those upgraded Attack Power gems (+68 Attack Power) you get a total of +84 Attack Power (68 - 40 = 28 x3 = 84) or you can replace the standart Armor Penetration epic gems (+20 Armor Penetration) with the upgraded Armor Penetration Gems (+34 Armor Penetration) and get a total of +42 Armor Penetration (34 - 20 = 14 x3 = 42). Jewelcrafting is even better if you don't have access to the epic gems as the upgrade from the rare gems is even higher (e.g 68 - 32 = 36 x3 = 108). Enchanting allows you to enchant your both rings with Enchant Ring - Assault each for a total of +80 Attack Power. Even though you can say you get the same stats as Blacksmithing let's not forget that you are basically stuck with the Attack Power here and you can't potentially change to a more necessary stat. In other words Enchanting is very limited. Inscription gets you a Master's Inscription of the Axe. If we ignore that compared to the standart enchant this one gives critical strike rating instead of resilience, you also get +80 Attack Power bonus. Just like enchanting it's not very flexible. Leatherworking gives you an unique wrist enchant called Fur Lining - Attack Power which gives you +80 Attack Power more than your standart enchant. It's again very limited as you can't change the attack power to any other worthy stat. Mining gives you Toughness. It can be good for a tank, however +60 Stamina is worth very little to a rogue. Skinning gives you Master of Anatomy. +40 Critical Strike Rating is good for a rogue, however not as valuable as attack power or armor penetration. Alchemy lets you make a flask that gives you +80 Attack Power for 1 hour. The flask can be reused so it basically acts like a passive with the exception that it's annoying and you have to use it every hour. It's usable in arenas. If you're outside of an arena you can use the regular flask that gives you +180 Attack Power that replaces this one and technically you get no extra stats as everyone can use the regular flasks. Cooking teaches you how to make food with variable bonuses that however is usable by everyone, outside of the arenas, so you dont get any extra stats by having it. Professions with activatable effects Engineering is the most versatile profession as it not only gives you rough stats but useful effects aswell. You get three major upgrades: Nitro Boosts - it's not worth taking over the standart feet enchant if you focus on arenas as it doesn't work in them. Other than that it's a very fun perk. Flexweave Underlay - it's worth taking for the agility itself but the effect is not for arenas aswell. Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket - it's the only engineering upgrade good in arenas. It's actually pretty good since it has a huge range and it can help you keep targets in combat, as well as it can be macro-ed with something like Eviscerate and help you do bigger bursts since it doesn't have a global cooldown. Additionally, engineering gives you access to a big variety of bombs which again cannot be used in arenas. Overall it's hard to estimate the value of all those effects as they can be very useful or very useless depending on the situation. One thing is for sure and that's the fact that it's more of a battlegrounds/duels/world PvP profession and not that much of an arena profession. Tailoring allows you to embroider your cloak with a Swordguard Embroidery. Unfortunately this effect procs randomly while attacking so it can be very useful if it activates while you burst a target or very useless if it activates while you are in a CC, kite or run away from an enemy. It has a 45 sec. cooldown which means it has 1/3 uptime if you are constantly fighting. Herbalism lets you use Lifeblood. It can be used in arenas and cannot be dispelled. Taking herbalism helps with survivability but reduces your damage output since you could take a profession that provides combat stats on its place. First Aid is a must-have profession for rogue as it's the only source of healing a rogue can provide itself with other than eating. Very useful when fighting 1v1 as you can Blind the target and heal yourself while waiting for reStealth. Sap into Heavy Frostweave Bandage into reStealth is also a good alternative. Usable in arenas. POISONS Let's first start with the weapons. You need a dagger on main hand so you can use Backstab and Ambush. The slower the dagger is the better. The slowest dagger you can get is 1.8 attack speed. The off hand weapon, on the other side, must be as fast as possible. Even though there are daggers with 1.3 attack speed you shouldn't go for them since their stats are too low for it to be worth. Usually the best options are weapons with 1.4 attack speed. Weapons with 1.5 attack speed also work if you don't have a better option. It's not necessary for your off hand weapon to be a dagger since you would still be able to Backstab and Ambush if you have dagger on your main hand. A faster off hand weapon also makes your Shiv cost less energy. There are two types of poisons when it comes to proc chances: The first type's proc is fixed (Crippling Poison, Mind-numbing Poison, Deadly Poison, Anesthetic Poison) which means that it has the same chance to proc on both slow and fast weapons, therefore a fast weapon would work better. The second type's proc scales with the weapon speed (Wound Poison, Instant Poison) so it would be more logical to put it on a slow weapon so it has a higher chance to proc. Weapon Speed - Proc Chance 1.3 - 46.43% 1.4 - 50% 1.5 - 53.57% 1.6 - 57.14% 1.7 - 60.71% 1.8 - 64.29% In conclusion: Wound Poison is the poison you should go with on main hand. Instant Poison can also be used on the main hand if you are sure your enemy has no heals (e.g when dueling rogues and hunters). Crippling Poison is the best poison for your off hand since it gives you best control over your target. Mind-numbing Poison is a very handy poison that you should keep on an extra off hand dagger in your inventory and swap with your Crippling Poison dagger when fighting casters. Deadly Poison is not really useful. The only situation I can think of it being useful is if you are trying to kill a target as fast as possible, without caring about CC and having a friendly player slowing him for you. Anesthetic Poison also has very few applications (e.g dispelling The Beast Within, Savage Roar, Berserker Rage). RACES Human - Gives you Every Man for Himself that acts as a PvP trinket which allows you to equip an extra trinket instead of it as they share cooldown. Arguably the best race for PvP in WotLK. However by not having a PvP trinket you sacrifice a little bit of extra resilience. Dwarf - Gives you Stoneform. It can be very useful against enemies like warriors, ferals, hunters and other rogues and not really useful against classes like mage, shaman and paladin. Gnome - Gives you Escape Artist. It basically serves as a mini PvP trinket that removes only soft CC like roots, novas and slows. It doesn't share cooldown with the PvP trinket which means you can get out of 2 different CCs in a very short window of time that can surprise your enemies. Night Elf - Gives you Shadowmeld. It can be paired with Stealth to basically get you an improvised Vanish. Additionally, night elves get Quickness. Undead - Gives you Will of the Forsaken. It doesn't share it's entire cooldown with the PvP trinket but when used they each put the other on 45 sec. cooldown. This means you can use both of them but with a 45 sec. period inbetween the uses and that makes it good for long fights rather than short skirmishes. Undeads also get Cannibalize that can be useful in battlegrounds and world PvP. Orc - Gives you Blood Fury. It's a nice little bonus that can be macro-ed with you Shadow Dance for extra burst. Additionally, orc gets Hardiness which can be useful when fighting other rogues for example. Troll - Gives you Berserking. It can be used similarly as the orc racial for bursting. Additionally, trolls get Da Voodoo Shuffle that can be handy. Blood Elf - Gives you Arcane Torrent. Obviously useful against casters and not that useful against melees. Additionally, blood elves get Magic Resistance. Overall blood elves seem better for fighting casters. MACROS This first type of macros is pretty straightforward. You press the macro -> casts the ability at your target, you press the macro while holding shift -> casts the ability at your focus target. I use this type of macros for my Blind, Kick, Sap, Dismantle and Shadowstep. #showtooltip /cast [nomod] *ability name here* /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] *same ability name here* I call this other type of macros "Dual Ability Macro" since it casts an ability when pressed, and casts a different ability when pressed while holding shift. I use this type of macros to pair together Eviscerate + Rupture, Hemorrhage + Backstab and Cheap Shot + Ambush. #showtooltip /cast [nomod] *ability name here* /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] *different ability name here* This is probably my most complicated macro. Even though it's weird for many people, I can't play without it. When you press it out of combat it just Stealths you, if you press it while in combat it will use Shadow Dance, if you press it while holding shift and being in combat it will Vanish you, if you press it while holding shift but being out of combat it will just Stealth you. The last row is pretty much for making sure you don't press it in the very moment when you get out of combat and waste Vanish when you could of just Stealthed. It will also not unStealth you if you spam it after getting in Stealth. #showtooltip /cancelaura *your flying mount name here* /cast [nomod, nocombat] !Stealth /cast [nomod, combat] Shadow Dance /cast [mod:shift, combat] Vanish /cast [mod:shift, nocombat] !Stealth And here's the traditional "Spam Sap macro" copy-pasted from internet. #showtooltip Sap /console targetNearestDistance 5.000000 /targetenemy [noharm][dead] /console targetNearestDistance 10.000000 /cast [harm][nodead] Sap This is the "Preparation macro" that will pretty much make sure you waste your abilities (if you haven't) before it resets their cooldown. #showtooltip Preparation /cast Sprint /cast [nostealth] Evasion /cast Preparation You can also make this simple "Tricks of the Trade macro" to make sure you don't worry about who you cast it on. #showtooltip /cast [target=*insert the name of the person you want to use it on here*] Tricks of the Trade This macro Kidney Shots the target and makes you stop attacking it. When you stun the target for 6 seconds and stop attacking, you get out of combat after 5 seconds and are able to reStealth before they get out of the stun. #showtooltip /stopattack /cast Kidney Shot /stopattack Finally, I got an universal macro upgrade. You need to add 3 more rows to your macro which will make it stop giving voice and text errors (e.g when you are too far away, when you dont have enough Energy etc.). Thats great for the macros you are constantly spamming. /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 *your standart macro here* /console Sound_EnableSFX 1 /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() The "showtooltip" row must always be first. Let's give an example. You have this standart macro: #showtooltip /cast [nomod] Blind /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] Blind When you put those extra rows inside it will look like this: #showtooltip /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [nomod] Blind /cast [mod:shift, target=focus] Blind /console Sound_EnableSFX 1 /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() To be continued ...
  3. World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King Mage PvE Class Guide Contact: vaxsysl at gmail dottity com Table of content *Use [keywords] to quickly navigate to wanted section. Arcane Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Arc1] 2. Arcane dps rotation and CD usage [Arc2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Arc3] Fire Talent Spec 1. Talent spec - detailed explanation [Fire1][FFB1] 2. Fire dps rotation and CD usage [Fire2] 3. Gearing up, gems, enchants [Fire3] Mage and You 1. Race and professions [Mage1] 2. Mage in Raid [Mage2] 3. Macros [Mage3] 4. Addons & Interface [Mage4] 5. BiS item lists [Mage5] BiS gearlists for both specs *Check [T7a], [T7], [T8], [T9], [T10a], [T10]. • Pre-Naxx gearing (for progressive realms) • Tier 7 (Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, Obsidian Sanctum) • Tier 8 (Ulduar) • Tier 9 (Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia’s Lair) • Pre- ICC gearing (for standard 3.3.5a realms) • Tier 10 (Icecrown Citadel, Ruby Sanctum) Information Greetings, fellow practitioner of Arcane arts! Before we begin, I’d just say it out loud that it’s best when one discovers things on their own. It etches in our memories differently and we know things by heart rather than from memory. It would be best for one to build specs and do all other things step by step on their own, and have someone ask questions until one comes with the final answer. This guide is version 3.15, the 3.0 core finished on February 27th 2015 with many, many edits and lengthily postpones since I started playing mage in early 2012. It holds all the information necessary for one to come to know how Mage works in WotLK expansion! Have fun raiding and enjoy the game! If you have any questions or remarks, send me an e-mail and I’ll reply when I can. Last edit happened in July 2017. Because it is mostly inexperienced players looking for guides to check their knowledge, I filled this guide with many explanations. To ease up your reading, I have written *very* important things in bold, certain details will be underlined, and it may be in italic – and then the details are written in plain text. Type the [keyword] in the search box to read what you need The point is, this is not a pocket guide. If you're looking for one, well, either be smart about it or look elsewhere. I will help you with any questions regarding either of the two mage specs. To mention it first, I unfortunately am not so fond of Arcane’s way of dpsing and I stopped playing it quite soon. Therefore, some of Arcane relevant information is more of what I know from theoretical point of view rather from practical, but you can be sure that it is right! If you have something to add about Arcane, please contact me so we may discuss it and thank you if you do so! So! Let's have a chat about Mage dps, shall we? What spec(s) to get, explanation why the spec looks like it does, what gear to hunt, how to gem it, enchant it, and how to play mage in the raid environment. Basic Mage Class Information Mage is a pure dps class and is there to dish out the numbers. You bring Intellect buff to everyone, free food, portals to save HS after the raid as well as opening one during a break for players to quickly do something before it’s over. Mage can interrupt casts (although it has a long cooldown of 24 seconds it’s not really ideal but more like an emergency interrupter), slow or freeze adds, Polymorph one add or one raider that's being mind controlled (polymorph regenerates HP, that's the thing!), help with de-cursing and Spell Steal fun buffs (or to troll your fellow mind-controlled raiders in fun farm raids and taking away all of their buffs and lose them later after 2min are out). When it comes to dps, both Arcane and Fire have their juice, so play what you find fun the most. So what’s better, Arcane or Fire? It depends on your raid group and gearing – and raid encounter. Arcane is not gear reliant, so it will perform well even with weak gears and limited raid buffs (you can't have ideal setup in 10man). That being said, Arcane gives +3% damage buff to the raid, shared only with Retribution Paladins. While it has a simple two button rotation, Arcane is one of the burstiest dps specs in the game, so if there is an add that needs to be dpsed down asap, Arcane Mage is the player that’s to be supported with raid CDs – provided the mage doesn’t need to move a lot AND is top caster dps for that encounter/situation. Because of the incredible scaling with haste, this is easily achieved. The more the raid needs to move, the more dps is lost. Fire is quite gear reliant – its fire you see, fire needs to be fed – and it performs good only with “high” gears, and all the raid buffs as well. It has three-four abilities to dps. It has no rotation, but priority casts. Fire has a really steady dps and since two abilities out of three are instants, Fire can “cast and move” quite often, so it’s not as hindered on movement heavy encounters, making it perform better than Arcane in such situations. The longer the fight lasts, the more damage Fire will do with its 12% more damage on enemies at or below 35% HP. And as for Frost… it's a leveling / PvP spec, it's way behind both Arcane and Fire in dps as all talents focus on some control rather than damage increase - but if the situation is so dire that raid has enough dps and no replenishment or needs massive add slowing, one could go Frost but it's sacrificing a lot of dps and its simply not worth it for serious raiding. All information written is based on private WoW experience. By “private wow” I mean to say that some information might not be entirely „as true as it should be“– but unfortunately are like that on the servers that I am or was playing on. In other words, private server without bugs is something that does not exist. It had a chance, but I won’t bore you with donation greed that killed TrinityCore’s progress to make a stable and bug-free server free for all. Let's begin. First come spec specific Arcane & Fire details, then general mage information, followed by BiS lists at the end. Happy reading! Arcane Mage Talent Spec Details [Arc1] Arcane DPS rotation in WotLK [Arc2] Arcane Mage Gearing [ARC3] Fire Mage [Fire1] Fire Mage DPS Rotation in WotLK [Fire2] Fire Mage gearing up in WotLK [Fire3] Mage and You – Race & Professions [Mage1] Mage in Raid (Arcane & Fire) – Your place in the group [Mage2] Macros [Mage3] AddOns & Interface [Mage4] BiS Gearsets for all raiding tiers (25man) + pre-raid [Mage05] The End [INFO2] Wow, we’re done! I hope this guide has been helpful! Even though WotLK is at the end of its private WoW era, I still respond to emails and find time to edit some missing points. Please contact me if you have any observations or want to say thanks – or are interested in some of my other WoW class guides. Stay safe and enjoy the game! Change Log is below. Bye bye!
  4. Guide: Fury Warrior

    Fury Warrior PVE Guide 3.3.5 by Dolice (Horde) Talents + Glyphs https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#LGbc0fhZhxe0Vbu0eRVzAo:oGMoz0 No exceptions on the glyphs there is a talent build with Enrage but it's pretty useless since you never want to take damage it's only useful on festergut and another thing to not the Enrage effect from the talent Enrage overwrites the Enrage effect from your Death Wish CD and you will end up losing 10% damage because of this, that's why it's only useful for festergut as the loss of the 10% damage over the duration of Death Wish (30 Seconds) outweighs itself since you will have 10% damage from the Talent Enrage almost all the time and over around a 3 minute fight that's more dps than an extra 10% damage once for 30 Seconds BiS List (end Game) Notes: Some of the items are Leather and One Ring and also the Hunter Weapon From LK 25 HC as your Ranged slot these are correct and don't let anyone tell you different however do not take Fal'inrush, Defender of Quel'thalas off a hunter that needs it, only roll on it if it's going for offspec or if nobody needs it your 2nd BiS Ranged Slot Item is Gluth's Fetching Knife from 10 Heroic (HC) Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Helmet (HC) Penumbra Pendant (HC) Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Shoulderplates (HC) Vereesa's Dexterity (HC) Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Battleplate (HC) Toskk's Maximized Wristguards (HC) Aldrianna's Gloves of Secrecy (HC) Coldwraith Links (HC) Sanctified Ymirjar Lord's Legplates (HC) Apocalypse Advance (HC) Frostbrood Sapphire ring Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance (HC) Sharpened Twilight Scale (HC) Deathbringer's Will (HC) Shadowmourne (HC) Glorenzelg, High Blade of the Silver Hand (HC) Fal'inrush, Defender of Quel'thalas Gemming + Enchanting In regard to gems: Gem strength until you hit around 50-60% passive armor penetration rating (arp, once you get to that amount, gem arp in EVERY SLOT (and I mean EVERY slot) until you hit 1400 arp (100%). When you get to the point that you are going ABOVE the arp cap, start gemming strength, strength/ crit, and/or strength/ hit (if needed) Personally, I keep arp gems in blue and red slots, I like to go for socket bonuses when I can. After 100% arp, if below hit cap, put str/ hit gems in yellows until you get hit cap. After you have hit cap and arp cap, put str/ crit in yellows when the socket bonus is 6 or more strength. Other than that, strength wherever you can. You need at least 1 Nightmare Tear in somewhere in your setup, put it in the blue socket in your chest. You need it to activate the meta and it helps that you get that socket bonus. Don't use any other blue gem. Stat order is: 5% hit> 26 Expertise> 1400 arp> Strength> Crit > Haste. -Meta: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond -Red: Fractured Cardinal Ruby/ Bold Cardinal Ruby - Yellow: Etched Ametrine/ Inscribed Ametrine -Blue: Nightmare Tear Enchants Helm: Arcanum of Torment Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe Back: 22 Agility Chest: +10 all stats Bracers: Assault Gloves: Crusher Belt: Eternal Belt Buckle Legs: Icescale Leg Armor Boots: Icewalker (if below hit cap) / 32 Attack power Weapons: Berserking on Both Professions Jewelcrafting for your 3 JC only gems (Priority Profession) Blacksmithing for an extra 2 Sockets (engineering is also viable with the haste on-use enchant on your gloves) No exceptions if you don't have enough gold to buy mats for Blackmithing / Engineering or can't be bothered farming, stop playing wow Rotation your rotation is fairly simple. Spam heroic strike, SPAM IT!!!! NEVER LET IT NOT BE UP. HS is your top damaging ability, you want to use it as much as possible. While doing that, use Bloodthirst and Whirlwind EVERY time they're off cooldown, using slam on every proc. When the boss is below 20% hp, just use your normal rotation, but use execute in fillers. Do NOT spam execute, it deals less damage and drains rage. If you are getting into very high end raiding, you will start putting rend into your rotation in frees, when you have bloothirst, whirlwind on cooldown, and no bloodsurge proc. The macro will be provided at the bottom. This is the priority list: Heroic Strike > Bloodthirst > Whirlwind > Slam(proc) > Execute. Rotation: Bloodrage > Queue Heroic Strike > Bloodthirst > Queue Heroic Strike > Whirlwind > Slam (if Procced) > Queue Heroic Strike Tips / Cheese DPS Deathbringer: Don't be afraid to wait 1-3 seconds to use WW if blood beasts are coming out soon. then replace Heroic strike in your rotation with cleave and cleave the fuck out of them, don't stop to target them, target saurfang and do your rotation while cleave spamming the blood beasts then once there down go back to your normal rotation Always make sure BT + WW is on CD before using Slam Procs also keep in mind they use your Global Cooldown - don't rage starve yourself by using Heroic Strike at lower gear levels it'll take some time to get used to but try to think outside the box and think "can i fit in a heroic strike here and not starve myself" and you'll know if BT, WW, Slam Proc or Offhand Whites will generate you enough rage to fit in an Heroic Strike after some practice, another thing to note is your offhand whites will ALWAYS generate you rage no matter what even if it is dodged or parried the only difference is if it it actually hits or crits it'll give you more rage than if it's dodged / parried but that won't be as big of a deal if you are behind the boss as you should have 26 expertise in your Main hand and offhand so the boss will not be able to parry. Macros BT Macro #showtooltip Bloodthirst /equipslot 16 your mainhand here /equipslot 17 your offhand here /cast Berserker Stance /cast Bloodthirst Slam proc macro #showtooltip Slam /stopcasting /cast Slam /stopcasting Shield Wall Macro (for Blood Queen Lanathel) #showtooltip Shield Wall /equipslot 16 your mainhand here /equipslot 17 your shield here /cast Defensive Stance /cast Shield Wall /cast Battle Stance Rend Macro (needs to be hit 2 times) #showtooltip Rend /cast [stance:1] Rend; Battle Stance /cast Berserker Stance Slam Proc Heroic Strike Macro (very rage intensive use at 50+ rage) #showtooltip Slam /startattack /cast !Heroic Strike /stopcasting /cast !Heroic Strike /cast Slam /cast !Heroic Strike /stopcasting /cast !Heroic Strike /cast !Heroic Strike Heroic Strike Execute Macro (very Rage intensive, use at 80+ Rage and only as filler at when WW, BT is on CD and no slam Procs) #showtooltip Execute /startattack /cast Execute /cast !Heroic Strike Thank you for reading this guide feel free to whisper me in-game for any questions
  5. Hey guys, I was hoping to see if any of you were experienced Fury Warriors and could provide me with guide that incrementally outlines the skills to choose while levelling as a Fury Warrior. If you have located a correct guide to work off of, I would love to check it out too! Additionally, a max level rotation would also be great! There is a lot of information online and I have trawled through a lot of it. However, it is difficult to determine what is correct and what is relevant to the 3.3.5a patch. Any other tips, tricks and guidance would be hugely appreciated! Cheers! Syn